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Query: Applying for OCI Card for Minor while N600 for minor is still in-process
Hi guys, I got naturalized couple months back and applied for N600 for my child. BTW, my child's US Passport will be delivered in a week. While the N600 still in progress, is it possible to apply for OCI Card ? If yes, What documents can we submit to India Consulate to establish my child's US citizenship (Just the child's US Passport is enough (or) we have to submit the parents Naturalization certificates along with the application ? Thanks in Advance !!
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OCI Minor : New York
Apr 21, 2022 => Package shipped date from New Jersey
Apr 22, 2022 => Delivered VFS
Apr 27, 2022 => VFS acknowledged
Apr 28, 2022 => Indian embassy acknowledged
May 26, 2022 => OCI Number generated and Document Printing Status Processed
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Applied for son oci.
Vfs wanted citizen ship naturalization certificate. Wanted photo again. Then it went to processing on Apr 29 2022. Then documents oci printed on May 24.

Vfs customer service not good
Make sure you supply all documents to the letter and spirit. Missing documents means your application will be returned mercilessly. They make money when you miss a document. They charge for collecting missed documents.
They request unnecessary documents and photos to make more money.
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No I797 for OCI card

My spouse's employer is not giving I797, I have a copy of FOIA response containing approved H1B I-129 petition and I-94 can I use this for OCI card application?

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US citizenship and OCI process/experience
I am sharing this for anyone who is going through these processes. It took me a lot of research to decipher everything since there isnt one authority/source who will tell you this. I have also included my personal timeline for each step. 

I am not here very often so may not be able to answer any follow up questions. 

Original citizenship: India
US location: Washington DC/Virginia
Goals: Obtain US citizenship, obtain India OCI card

Everything below has to be done in this particular order since the next step is dependent on the previous item. 

1) US Naturalization process:

- Submit the N-400 application online as soon as you are eligible - May 2021
- Interview - January 2022
- Oath Ceremony - February 2022 - receive naturalization cert at the oath ceremony 

2) Obtain US passport

- get the naturalization cert
- apply for US passport (I also applied for the optional passport card for a small fee) - you will mail the original copy of naturalization cert (make copies beforehand) 
- once you have the US passport (took two weeks) - apply for India passport renunciation cert (requires US passport info)

3) Indian citizenship renunciation cert 

- apply on the govt website first - get the application number. When it asks for passport information - it usually means your old Indian passport information (not the US passport info)
- then apply on the vfs site (requires the application number from the govt website application) - choose their FedEx shipping service, pay with credit card, it will give you a renunciation cert template, will provide shipping label
- send package to vfs (include documents listed in the checklist - make sure to sign all necessary docs, include original passport and photocopy of it)
- receive the renunciation cert and cancelled passport in mail - two weeks in March 2022

4) Apply for OCI (requires renunciation certificate)

1. fill out the form on the govt website. Make sure you have a digital version of the SAME picture you will send in the mail to VFS later to upload to this site. Make sure all PDFs and picture are less than 1M in size (painful). This form asks for a lot of information and will take a lot of back and forth to finish. This time - when it asks for passport information - it usually means your US passport information. Naturalized US citizen documents needed: canceled indian passport, US passport, US naturalization cert, indian citizenship/passport renunciation letter, address proof (utility bill), picture, self written consent letter for VFS to make edits
2. fill out the application on the VFS site
3. Mail the whole application package
4. Status is checked on
5. The OCI card is delivered around 2 months from the date of application (May 2022)
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OCI Minor : Washington DC
Mar 22, 2022 => Package shipped date
Mar 23, 2022 => VFS delivery
Mar 29, 2022 => VFS acknowledged
Mar 30, 2022 => Package sent to Indian embassy after VFS review
Mar 31, 2022 => Indian embassy acknowledged
Apr 01, 2022 => Indian embassy application status changed to Under-Process
May 13, 2022 => OCI Number generated and Document Printing Status Processed
May 19, 2022 => VFS FedEx tracking number received
May 20, 2022 => OCI Delivered

Note: The OCI tracking site still says "Processed on May 13"
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OCI Minor SFO Timeline
March 17: VFS received son’s OCI application and asked for more documents regarding mother’s legal status in US
March 20: sent the required documents
March 23: VFS received application and is under process
March 25: Processed at VFS and in transit to the consulate/embassy
March 29: Acknowledged on OCI’s website

Processing was slow and have travel plans so emailed VFS SFO and embassy in SFO on 5th of May

May 06: Status changed to processed
May 10: Dispatched from Delhi MEA
May 18: Document received in SFO and FedEx mail generated
May 19: Received OCI
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VFS processing of photos
Anyone can comment on this.

When VFS demands new photos for any reason, do they scan and upload the new picture on the application?
My experience is whatever digital photo that the applicant has uploaded is kept the same. The new physical copy of the photos were never used (might be only on file), but the OCI card printed is with the original photo uploaded on the application.
or it might have happened only with my application.

Update: it just happened for 1 of the kids case for me, I just got other kid's OCI card and they shipped the card with the new photo. (I did not upload it)
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OCI Minor Timeline - SFO
Date Of Acknowledgment 23-MAR-2022
Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On 25-APR-2022
Dispatched From MEA (OCI ) NEW DELHI On 26-APR-2022
Document received At SAN FRANCISCO On 17-MAY-2022
FEDEX notification 17-MAY-2022
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OCI Minor Washington DC
Hi All,
My son's OCI application is UNDER PROCESS at Washington DC for more than 6 weeks. Date of acknowledgement is April 2,2022. Tried contacting the embassy multiple times but no response. Can anyone please help.
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