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June 24 - Application sent to VFS through FedEx
June 28 - VFS received application
July 01 - Application processed at VFS and sent to Embassy for decision making
July 05 - Date of acknowledgment from NY Consulate. Status is "Under Process"
July 25 - Documents printing status - processed. (OCI number generated)
July 27 - FedEx shipment notification
July 28 - OCI Document received.
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My dad recently became naturalized in the US. He holds an OCI under his UK passport. I was wondering if I have to start a new application for him or if could do it under miscellaneous services. I know he can still go on his UK passport but if he ever wanted to what can he do?
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Need to send passport?
Hi, I was about to send my daughter OCI packet to VFS for processing, but I an little confused if at any point during the process I need to send her US passport to VFS for OCI sticker etc.

We are planning to visit India this summer so I would like to avoid any conflict with the visit and the OCI process.

thanks in advance
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OCI Adult - New York
04/13 - Sent application to VFS
04/16 - Received
04/18 - The application has been processed at VFS & is submitted to the mission for decision making
04/19 - Your application has reached the Embassy/Consulate and is currently under review process
06/10 - Documents Printing Status - Processed
06/13 - FedEx Shipment Notification
06/14 - Received OCI Card
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OCI Adult : Bangalore
Registration at FRRO BANGALORE
25-APR-2022: Date of Acknowledgment
30-APR-2022: Police Verification Completed
01-JUN-2022: Documents Printing Status Processed
09-JUN-2022: Dispatched From MEA New Delhi
15-JUN-2022: Document received at FRRO BANGALORE

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Hope this timeline helps give an idea to folks who plan to apply at FRROs in India.
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New OCI - NYC - Adult
Hi Guys, my wife just got her OCI today and although the documents states our current street address and apartment number, it doesnt note our city or the state. This is the info on the last page of the OCI doc. Any one has any experience with this? We are bound to leave the country for India soon.
Regardless, here is our timeline for NYC which was very quick:

5/21/2022: Fedex sent to VFS
5/23/2022: "Under process"
6/13/2022: Status updated on the govt website to show processed and OCI number generated.
6/16/2022: Received OCI card via Fedex.
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New OCI-Adult-NY consulate
05/19/2022: Fedexed OCI application to VFS
05/20/2022: VFS received documents
05/25/2022: VFS completed verification and shipped to NY consulate. NY consulate received/acknowledged. Status: under process
06/16/2022: Document printing status: processed. OCI number assigned
06/17/2022: OCI document shipped from VFS. Fedex tracking provided.
06/20/2022: OCI received
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New OCI for Minor US national: SFO Consulate
OCI for US Minor at SFO consulate

05/06/2022: Sent Application to VFS
05/09/2022: Application Received by VFS
05/10/2022: Sent to Consulate
05/13/2022: Consulate Acknowledgement
06/06/2022: Printing Status Processed
06/11/2022: Received at SFO
06/12/2022: Received mail from fedex with tracking information
06/13/2022: Received OCI
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Please, find the details -

4/22/2022 - Submitted the docs to VFS
4/26/2022 - VFS Acknowledgement
4/28/2022 - VFS Submitted the docs to NY Consulate
05/02/2022 - MY Consulate Acknowledgement
05/04/2022 - In Process
05/27/2022 - Processed
06/01/2022 - Received the mail from VFS with FEDEX tracking details
06/02/2022 - OCI in hand

Plan your things accordingly ..
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OCI Adult (Houston)
Dispatched : 04/13/2022
Received at VFS : 04/14/2022
In transit/review : 04/18/2022
MEA Acknowledgement : 04/19/2022
Doc printing : 05/26/2022
Dispatched from MEA : 05/26/2022
Received at Houston : 05/26/2022
Dispatched by VFS : 05/27/2022
Received OCI : 05/31/2022

It took 6 weeks from Application to receiving OCI in hand from Houston mission.
Good luck and thank you for sharing your experiences. It helped set expectations as well as created awareness on things to watch out.
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