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OCI Application - Mission Location
Hi all,

Per the recent memo, it seems we can now apply for the OCI in any mission in the US. Has anyone in the SF jurisdiction applied to a different location (like NY)? I am going to be applying for my OCI, but I would rather apply to a location with faster processing times.

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OCI Reissue Minor - SFO
Filed - Jan 13th, 2020
Card Dispatched - 2/7/2020
Card will be received on 2/10/2020
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Birth Certificate for minor needs to be apostilled?
Folks who recently applied for OCI card for minor whose parents are both Indian citizens, do I need to upload apostilled birth certificate for the minor? Google search didn't provide a clear answer and am planning to call CKGS tomorrow, but if someone can provide an answer before that, will be very helpful.

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I need to apply for new OCI card due to change of passport no. I was advised by the immigration officer in delhi when I landed in Jan 2020.

I filled the part A successfully.

When I am trying to fill part B, I am getting an SOME ERROR OCCURRED message . I cannot proceed further.

Please advise what to do.
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OCI Application stuck in status - Application ‘Received’ by CKGS and 'Not Verified'.
I submitted my OCI application along with supporting documents via FedEx which were delivered to CKGS San Francisco on Feb 03, 2020. And I got a text confirmation from CKGS about the same.

However, for the past two days, my application is still in status ‘Received’ by CKGS and 'Not Verified'. Looking at the other applicants timeline and my own experience with Renunciation, it generally does not take CKGS more than a day to verify the documents and update the status of verification.

Any other applicant went through this same experience at SF or any other US office? Thanks!
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New adult OCI Card in San Francisco
It took 2 months end to end from receipt of my OCI application in SFO to receiving the new OCI card. Here's the timeline below

Indian Govt Website

Date Of Acknowledgment: 06-DEC-2019
Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On: 24-JAN-2020
Dispatched From MEA (OCI ) NEW DELHI On: 27-JAN-2020
Document received At SAN FRANCISCO On: 31-JAN-2020

CKGS Website

Jan 31, 2020: OCI Card picked up by FedEx.
Jan 31, 2020: Application 'Reviewed' by Consulate and ‘In Transit’ to CKGS Application Centre.
Jan 29, 2020: Your OCI card has been 'Dispatched' from India to the Embassy / Consulate. It will take 1 to 2 weeks before it arrives. Please continue tracking your application status online.
Dec 05, 2019: Passport picked up by FedEx.
Dec 05, 2019: Original Passport ‘Received’ at the CKGS application centre and is at the ‘Sorting Facility’ where it is being processed for delivery.
Dec 05, 2019: Passport 'Reviewed' by Consulate and is ‘In Transit’ to CKGS Application Centre.
Dec 05, 2019: Application is 'Under Process' at Consulate for decision making.
Dec 04, 2019: Application is 'In Transit' to the Consulate.
Dec 04, 2019: Application is ‘Under Process’ at CKGS.
Dec 03, 2019: Application Verification is ‘Complete’. Processing of your application will continue.
Dec 03, 2019: Application ‘Received’ by CKGS and 'Not Verified'.
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OCI Application at CKGS Chicago
I am 19 years old, a US Born Citizen. My father is Indian citizen with US Green card, and my mother is currently US Citizen and she was previously a Indian citizen. However she does not have canceled Indian passport only surrendered Indian citizenship certificate.
Also I do not have my grandparents information as they are not around.

Is it possible for me to get OCI based on my fathers Indian citizenship and my mother has US Citizenship and only Indian Surrendered Certificate?
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oci application
i am going to submit my Oci application on Friday 31st Jan 2020 ...i know it takes 8 to 10 weeks to get OCI card ..i have an upcoming trip on March 9 to Mexico .CAN anyone tell me how long do we get Usa passport back from the Embasy after verification
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USA born kid OCI Card
Can someone confirm if we can directly use government webisite while applying for OCI or still have to use CKGS website.

Can we choose any application center or is it still not allowing?

Also it would be of great help,if someone can help with the mandate documents or list of important things to take care while filing the application.

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OCI submission at CKGS in Washington DC
The paper application submission at CKGS Washington DC office was a pleasant surprise. It was a piece of cake.

I arrived an hour earlier (my wife is extra careful), signed myself in and got my ticket. The waiting area is clean with plenty of empty seats. The staff on the other side of the counter seemed nice and polite. No one was yelling (like in other government offices) at the customers. I was called in much earlier than my scheduled appointment time. I met with a nice lady at the counter. She patiently and politely went through the application packet, screened and processed efficiently. And I was all done in about 10 minutes. She even made a copy of a missing OCI page from my original.

After a rather harrowing experience of submitting online application multiple times, being compelled to cancel for one reason or other, calling the call center seven or eight times and receiving inconsistent information (some agents were knowledgeable; all of them were professional and polite), combing through chaotic and inconsistent online instructions strewn over multiple documents and websites (some, like the background of the passport photo; should that be white or not white? are absolute garbage), I was ready to give up getting my OCI reissued. I honestly thought that I may never visit India again.

Well, not everything appears to be hopeless. The fine lady at the CKGS counter told me that it will take 4-6 weeks to get the OCI back. Let us see what happens. I would like to believe her.

I wish the designers of the online filing system at MEA and CKGS would map the journey of the customers and think about how not to drive them total nuts. While much stride has been made in improving the customer's experience, making the right instructions available still has a long way to go.
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