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OCI Minor - VFS Inconsistent Rules
This is my second OCI application (second kid).
First one was pretty smooth. Got the card in about 6 weeks.
Here are some details about this one an issues I am facing.

April 6- Shipped All documents
April 7 Received by VFS
April 8- Additional documents required- Address proof not acceptable

I live in an unincorporated area where USPS does not deliver to home addresses to everyone needs to take a mail box. Since VFS does not take PO box as proof.
All my utilities and mails have PO BOX address on them. I called VFS and asked if Deed of the house would work, since it is a public document with home address and my name on it it.
They said yes but came back now with unacceptable.

Fun fact- I have also applied for my passport renewal with same address proof and it was fine - they accepted it.
These guys are weird
Anyways Escalated the issue with them and waiting for response.

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OCI Minor Houston
Completed documents mailed: 03/02/2022
Application received at VFS: 03/04/2022
Application approved and sent to embassy: 03/11/2022
OCI Printed and approved: 04/05/2022
Mailed and received: 04/07/2022

Tip: When you have a question around documents, call the VFS Hotline, pay few bucks and get direct/clear information rather than googling, as instructions change a lot since the onset of pandemic. It's not worth your time guessing and waiting on the slow process.
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OCI application New York consulate
Documents mailed: 04/07/2022 (Philadelphia to NY)
Documents received at VFS: 04/08/2022
Rejected photos 4/15
sent new Photo 4/18
Application in Process 4/20 🌿
Govt website status: UNDER-PROCESS 4/22
Status is still: UNDER-PROCESS : 5/19
Staus changed today: PROCESSED : 19-MAY-2022
Got it delivered today : 24-May-2022
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OCI process Houston 2022
Completed documents mailed: 02/28/2022
Application received at VFS: 03/01/2022
Application approved and sent to embassy: 03/10/2022
OCI printed and approved: 04/07/2022
Mailed and received: 04/08/2022
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I applied for my US born child through my indian citizenship. They emailed me asking for my US born husband's passport. He has lost his expired passport and only has a front copy of it. Renewal will take atleast 5 weeks. I don't want the oci rejected by that time. I need to travel to see my I'll father this summer.
What can I do in this situation?
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My OCI experience
OCI application submitted to VFS : 2/10/2022
VFS confirmed receipt : 2/16/2022
VFS sent to consulate/SFO. : 2/23/2022
New Delhi dt of Acknowledgement : 2/26/2022
Document priinting status/processed : 3/21/2022
Despatched from MEA(OCI) New Delhi : 3/22/2022
Document received at San Francisco. : 3/29/2022

OCI despatched through Fedex/Received: 3/30/2022

Overall time taken to receive the OCI : in 5 weeks.

Satisfied with the overall service of VFS
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New OCI card for 15month minor (New York)
This forum was useful to gauge the timeline for a new OCI card. So I wanted to share my experience for others

Feb 14 - Mailed application to VFS via FedEx
Feb 17 - VFS acknowledged receipt of application
Feb 22 - VFS processed application and sent to NYC consulate
Feb 24 - OCI website shows application under process
Mar 21 - OCI application approved on OCI website
Mar 24 - Embassy received OCI
Mar 25 - VFS received OCI and dispatched same day
Mar 28 - Received OCI card. Received on 28th since FedEx doesn’t deliver on weekend

Overall it was a smooth process and I guess if all documents are in order it is easy.
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Question regarding OCI for spouse -Washington DC consulate
Hello, I am currently a US citizen but formerly held Indian citizenship. I recently received my OCI card . Took about 6 weeks and barring some hiccups the process went smoothly. Now my spouse who is a US citizen by birth is applying for an OCI card under the spousal category. He will be applying to the DC consulate as well. To that end the list of requirements specifies that the Marriage certificate needs to attested/appostilled by the concerned government. Our marriage was solemnized in a court in Michigan and bears that stamp.
However while filling out the form there is a question-
If marriage is solemnised abroad / Outside India, whether the marriage certificate is Apostled / certified by the Indian Mission / Post Concerned? * YES NO

Obviously when we solemnized our marriage we didnt have it apostilled by the Indian Mission there and I think for most couples this wouldnt cross their mind.
Is this just a case of bad wording and are they simply asking whether the marriage has been apostilled by the concerned authorities (if in US - US court, in India Indian government or post)? Folks who have received OCI for their foreign spouses, if you can kindly weigh in on this I would appreciate very much.
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OCI timeline for US born child - SFO
Documents delivered to VFS - Feb 3
Ack by VFS - Feb 8
Request for further docs - Feb 8
Further docs delivered to VFS - Feb 14
Ack by VFS - Feb 16
Processed by VFS, in transit to embassy/consulate - Feb 17
Notification of fedex for shipment - Mar 24
OCI delivered - Mar 25

Status on VFS was updated on the eve of fedex notification for me as well.
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OCI timeline for US born child- Washington DC
Documents received by VFS - 19 Jan 22
Documents processed and sent to embassy - 20 Jan 22
Requested status on DC consulate website - no reponse but application was processed by end of that week
Processed status on GOI OCI portal - 11 Mar 22
Notification from fedex for shipment - 16 Mar 22
Delivered 17 Mar

PS: status on vfs site was updated on eve of fedex notification
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