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OCI Passport Updates - Washington DC CGI
Six in a family. New Passport Updates and one over 20 re-issuance.

Incompetent slow as molasses DC Embassy.

#1 & #2 the grand parents

29-Nov-2021 - Filed online application for passport updates
01-Dec-2021 - Online application acknowledgment
05-Jan-2022 - Online updates approved

#3 Parent
05-Dec-2021 - Filed online application for passport updates
18-Jan-2022 - Online application acknowledgment (8 days after sending an email to the embassy for no progress on acceptance)
22-Feb-2022 - Online updates approved

#4 Parent
05-Dec-2021 - Filed online application for passport updates
21-Jan-2022 - Online application acknowledgment
14-Mar-2022 - Online updates approved

#5 Child 1 (age 17, online passport details update)
05-Dec-2021 - Filed online application for passport updates
21-Jan-2022 - Online application acknowledgment
14-Mar-2022 - Online updates approved

#6 Child 2 (age 21, OCI Reissuance)
19-Dec-2021 - Filled online Misc Service request and uploaded all documents on Embassy site and VFS registration online
20-Dec-2021 - VFS confirmation of documents and labels received
20-Dec-2021 - Documents mailed to VFS via VFS pre-paid overnight label
21-Dec-2021 - Documents delivered to VFS
27-Dec-2021 - VFS acknowledgment
28-Dec-2021 - VFS Processing complete in transit to Embassy
29-Dec-2021 - Embassy acknowledgment
17-Feb-2022 - Documents printed
02-Mar-2022 - VFS Documents dispatched email
03-Mar-2022 - Fedex email for package in transit
04-Mar-2022 - New Updated OCI delivered
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New OCI - Minor - SF
Received OCI in 6 weeks

30-JAN-2022: Application Submission and Documents send to VFS
04-FEB-2022: VFS "Received" application and is "Under Process" at San Francisco
07-FEB-2022: VFS "Processed" application and is "In-Transit" to Consulate
09-FEB-2022: Consulate Date Of Acknowledgment
02-MAR-2022: Consulate Documents Printing Status "PROCESSED"
03-MAR-2022: Consulate Dispatched From MEA(OCI) NEW DELHI
09-MAR-2022: Consulate Document received At SAN FRANCISCO
09-MAR-2022: VFS dispatched the OCI through Fedex
09-MAR-2022: Fedex send tracking notification on email
10-MAR-2022: Fedex delivered OCI
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New OCI card (Adult - Applicant born in US and mother born in India) NY Mission
Jan-22-2022 Electronic submission to government of India website completed
Jan-22-2022 Paper application with supporting documents sent to VFS Global by Fed Ex
Jan-24-2022 Application received by VFS Global
Jan-25-2022 Received email indicating additional documents needed: Mothers proof of Origin (first two and last two pages of the Indian passport)
Jan-26-2022 Document uploaded to VFS website
Feb-02-2022 Application ‘Under Process’ at New York and will be submitted to the Mission for decision making
Feb-04-2022 Application has been ‘Processed’ at the VFS India Consular application Centre and currently is ‘In-Transit‘ to the Embassy of India/Consulate General of India for decision making.
Feb-07-2022 Application received at the Mission
Mar-02-2022 Document printing status: PROCESSED and OCI number assigned per
Mar-07-2022 Your Application has been reviewed by the Embassy of India/ Consulate General of India & will be dispatched using the courier service you had opted.
Mar-08-2022 OCI card received via FedEx

Total time about 6.5 weeks, which includes a one-week delay because an additional document was needed to complete my application.
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New OCI Minor - New York Mission
01-FEB-2022: Documents delivered to VFS
02-FEB-2022: Acknowledgement of receipt of documents from VFS
03-FEB-2022: Application processed at VFS and submitted to the Mission for decision making.
07-MARCH-2022: Document dispatched from VFS
08-MARCH-2022: Received OCI though courier.

Received OCI in 36 days :)
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SFO - New OCI (Adult)
Application Ship Date: 01/04/2022
Rejected due to signature and some other typo: 01/07/2022 (VFS will not correct any errors)
New Application Ship Date: 01/11/2022
Processed by VFS: 01/21/2022
Acknowledged by Consulate: 01/25/2022
Document Processed: 02/21/2022
Dispatched by MEA: 02/23/2022
Received by SFO Consulate: 03/02/2022 (03/03/2022 IST)
Shipped by VFS: 03/03/2022
Received: 03/04/2022
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New OCI timeline - Houston
Sent completed application - 27th Jan 2022
Package received by VFS - 29th Jan 2022
Application processed, sent to Embassy - 2nd Feb 2022
Date of Acknowledgement from embassy - 3rd Feb 2022
Document printed - 2nd March 2022
Dispatched from Delhi - 2nd March 2022
Received at Houston - 3rd March 2022
Received New OCI booklet - 4th March 2022
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OCI- Minor Child- SFO
(VFS)Accepted at vfs global 3 Jan
(VFS)6 Jan: application on hold, photo rejected
(VFS)uploaded photo: 6 Jan, no response
(VFS)mailed photo 18 Jan
(VFS)26 Jan, Application was lost, received notice to resend application, resent application
(GOV)Date Of Acknowledgment 01-FEB-2022
(GOV)Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On 24-FEB-2022
(GOV)Dispatched From MEA (OCI ) NEW DELHI On 25-FEB-2022
(GOV)Document received At SAN FRANCISCO On 03-MAR-2022
(VFS)Your Application has been reviewed by the Embassy of India/ Consulate General of India & will be dispatched using the courier service you had opted. on 03-MAR-2022
(Fedex)Your package will be delivered tomorrow - 03-Mar-2022
(Fedex) delivered - 04-Mar-2022
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OCI - Adult - Atlanta
This is my first time applying for OCI Card

Documents Mailed: 02/01/2022
VFS Acceptance: 02/03/2022
VFS to Embassy: 02/04/2022
Document Printing Processed: 02/25/2022
Dispatched from MEA: 02/25/2022
Documents Arrived at Atlanta: 02/25/2022
VFS Dispatched OCI: 02/28/2022
Received OCI: 03/01/2022

Paperwork is cumbersome but I received in 28 days, which is less than advertised time for processing.
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OCI - Foreign Spouse - New York / NYC
Giving my experience for obtaining Foreign Spouse OCI in New York City. I am an American man married to an Indian woman. As the spouse, I thought it would be easier for me to handle all paperwork beginning to end and get familiar with OCI limitations/restrictions. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Oct 21, 2021 - In-person VFS Appointment
Oct 26, 2021 - Date of Acknowledgment
Dec 20, 2021 - Contacted by Email for Spousal Interview (this interview is required for ALL foreign spouse OCI)
Jan 13, 2022 - In-person Interview at NYC Consulate
Feb 03, 2022 - Documents Printing Status (Processed)
Feb 08, 2022 - Received OCI

**Note: I did NOT mail in my application. I paid for the in-person VFS appointment where they reviewed my entire application to make sure I have all needed documents and all documents completed correctly. This service was great because if you mail in your application and forget something it will drastically delay your OCI process. The in-person VFS appointment has a service charge of $15. Also, I did NOT want to sort out the prepaid postage, tracking labels, and all of those things so I paid for the VFS courier service so they would take care of everything. The service has a charge of $30.
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OCI - Minor - Atlanta
VFS Acceptance : Feb 3, 2022
VFS to Embassy : Feb 5, 2022
OCI Processed : Feb 23, 2022
Received OCI card: Feb 25, 2022
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