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Approved and ds5535 is issued
I have given my visa interview on 10th dec and the vo told my visa got approved and issued green slip indicating my visa is approved and passport will be sent to desired location but after 3 working days i got a mail from consulate that my case needs additional administrative processing and sent ds5535 form to fill up and reply back.after that there is no change in the visa status. It is showing administrative processing since 11 Dec. But my college is going to start from 8th Jan. Had anyone seen a situation like this?
Last status update is on 11 dec.
Passport status went to there is no status update on 26th dec and in login of ustravel docs it is showing "document delivery information blank instead of ur passport is with embassy" from 23rd Dec.
Can i expect my visa before 8th Jan???
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F1 Visa
Hello everyone,
Please find my interview experience below,

Date: 12/12/2019
Location: Chennai
Counter: 23
Status: Approved

VO: Please pass me your I-20
Me: Yes certainly, (Passed the I-20 along with SEVIS fee receipt)
VO: After having a look, she told so your are going for --- college to do Masters
Me: Yes Officer, Exactly
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My parents are sponsoring me Officer
VO: What are they doing?
Me: My father is agriculturist and my mother is a housewife
VO: Do you have any Education loan? (I literally forget to say this, even though i have)
Me: Yes Offcer for -- amount
VO: What is your plan after MS?
Me: I want to come back and work for my previous organization
VO: So you are working now?
Me: Yes Officer
VO: Why you are quitting?
Me: To upgrade my skills and to promote my role
VO: What is your current role?
Answered and then asked the expected role and told my expected role

Golden Words
Your VISA got approved

Then I told Thank you so much officer
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F1 student visa, section 221g, pink slip
Hello everyone
My visa was on hold under 221g.
Now it is showing Issued and in final processing. Is that mean my VISA got approved ?
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F1 student visa, section 221g, pink slip
Hello everyone
F1 visa
Going to USA for phd in materials science and engineering.
Interview at: Chennai consultant
Interview date: 6th November 2019
My VISA is on hold under 221g. After interview I was asked to mail some documents which I mailed same day. Till 23rd December it was showing case last update as 6th November. Now It got changed to 23rd December but it is showing in administrative processing. It's been more than 5 weeks. My classes will start from 16th January. I can't even book flight before final confirmation. Too much worried now.
Can anyone share their experience in this issue. How much time it may take to finish administrative processing.

Is change in the last case update good sign ?
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Student vs Fiancee Visa (saved us from disaster)
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share some advice that I received from my lawyer that truly saved my wife and I from disaster. I'm a US citizen, she is Chinese. We'd been dating for roughly 5 years and she had been working in the US on H1-B.

We were both accepted to MBA programs in the US in January, and we'd start classes in September. I thought I would propose to her in February--BAD IDEA. Thankfully I spoke to a lawyer who explained that if we were engaged it would really muddy the waters on her intent in the US. She COULD come on a fiancee visa, but the waitlist time was so long for that it would cause her to miss the first semester of MBA. The advice my lawyer gave was to wait until she was in the US on a student visa so that it was clear that her main purpose was to study. About 7 months into MBA I proposed and we got married about 12 months later, and then followed the process for a spouse greencard (took about 1.5 years).

Other key advice my lawyer gave: Do NOT have her come on a student visa and get married/engaged soon there after-- you need to wait so that it's not suspicious as to what your purpose in the US is.

Good luck!

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ECFMG J1 visa application
Hi everyone, I had a query to ask all of you

If I mention on my application form that my sister (US citizen) filed a green card application with the USCIS a few years back, will it be considered a red flag in my future visa applications? P.S there was no response from the USCIS that they received the application.

Some info about me before you give your opinion

1, I already possess a B1/B2 visa and I made a few US visits earlier without overstaying or at least I've stayed the exact amount that I told the Border Control
2. My J1 visa application will be a legit application since its sponsored by the ECFMG (for foreign medical graduates) which is usually for 3 years
3. I have sufficient funds for my entire duration and I have properties back home
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F-1 Visa Rejection
Hello All,
I would like to share my visa experience.
Date: 19-dec-19 9:00AM
Location: chennai
status: rejected
Interview questions
stood in the queue 7AM but security people confused and sent all the other 10am, 10:15am batches. Along with me,30 people of 9AM waited till 10AM.
VO: please give me your passport and i-20(pace university).
Me: Given
VO:Which year passout
VO: what have you did from then?
Me:Worked for Infosys from the past 4.2 years.
VO:what universities have you applied?
Me: pace university, tamuk, georgia state university, kent state university.
VO: Why you have applied these universities?
Me: To gain in-depth knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Security.
VO: Based on How have you applied these universities?
Me: I just researched on universities through Online. I checked the course curriculum of these universities. I've also checked the professors active research on the courses.
VO: Given me 214b paper and said something(not understood).
Me: Thank You.

What's wrong in my answers. Is there any better answers I can give. I just want to pursue my masters and don't want to stay back post my studies.
Can anyone help me? Whether I can apply again? OR better apply for fall with good scholarship and good gre scores. Actually my gre score is 296.
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H4 to F1 conversion experiance
Hello All,
I would like to share my visa experience of H4 to F1 conversion

Interview questions
VO:plesse give me your passport, i20 and test scores
Me:sure but my university waived off the gre requitemdnt
VO:I see you travelled to USA many times
Me:yes officer.. On B1, L1, H1
VO:are you working now
Me:no officer, taking care of my family in US
VO:is your spouse on H1
Me:yes officer
VO:is your university location same as your spouse working ace
Me:yes officer
VO:what is her salary
Me:xxxx amount
VO:how are you going to manage the expenses
Me:we have xx amount in us bank and xx amount in India bank account
VO:your visa is approved
Me:thank you
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221g geen slip with ds 5535
interview date- 4 nov 2019
Vo said i am approving your visa an took passport
5 nov 2019- got an email from the mumbai saying about 221g and to submit DS 5535
5 nov 2019- submitted ds 5535
7 nov 2019- passport collected with no visa
case last updated 5 nov 2019
its been more than 40+ days and dont know what to do any one ? plz help...!
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F1 student visa, section 221g, pink slip
Hello everyone
i had VISA interview on 6th November 2019 at Chennai US consultant.

interview was fine. I was asked normal questions like What was my major project, when did i finish my 2019), i had any backlog or not (ans was no) what am i doing now, to which University i am going for my phd, is it fully funded (yes) then she didn't ask anything about financial as i got admission in fully funded phd program....then she asked what will i do after completing my phd. In the end she gave me pink slip and said to mail them few documents like my cv, previous projects abstract, previous international travels detail etc. She said my Visa is on hold under 221g and said they will process it as soon as i mail those documents.
it's still in administrative processing.

Is anyone facing same problem and please tell if someone had f1 visa interview around 6th November or after 6th November and visa got approved.
Thank you
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