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F1 to green card issue
I am currently in H1b with i485 applied for green card. I have a valid h1b visa stamping. My finance also has a valid f1 visa, to travel to our home country. Our plan is to visit our country this December and getting married there (outside USA). After the marriage I we will come back to USA and will be adding my wife with my i485 application (called derivative 485). The query is, if she re-enters US after the vacation of December, gets married and then applies for i-485 derivative, after marriage in USA, then is it a violation of F1 intent? Is her I-485 derivative/green card going to be denied due to the violation of intent? What is your suggestion.
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Still administrative processing is pending
I had my visa interview on 3rd july and was given 221g blue slip from then on there is no update in the CEAC website about my case.I don't know what are they doing with my passport
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F1 Visa in India 2019
Hi All, If anyone has attended for F1 visa Interview in 2019 for Spring 2020 or Fall 2019 please post your experiences, questions asked and which location would be better?
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Query on Re-applying for F1 visa
Hello Everyone,
I have an unusual situation and was hoping I could get an advise on it.
My fiancé is working in the US on H1B with PERM in processing. I am getting an arranged marriage and have tried to get the F1 visa on my own but got denied on the grounds of 214B as my parents are retired and I was showing my parents savings for funding. Also, I already have an MBA from India with the same major as the Master’s program I applied in the US. I was asked ,if I was single and whether I was planning to come back to India after Masters ,for both I replied yes as we were not engaged at the time of my interview.
At present, I have an admit to a Master’s program in a different university with a different major for my Master’s in US. When I applied for my Master’s program to this University my marital status in the application is shown as ‘Single’. I am getting married in a week’s time.
As I have an opportunity to apply for an F1 visa again with a different major, I would like to understand whether it would be a good risk to apply for F1 visa after our wedding. With my fiancé as sponsor, and marital status in DS-160 changed to ‘Married’ and attend the visa interview within a span of one and a half month from my last interview.
Any suggestions and help would be highly appreciated.

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F1 visa concerns
Please I have my F1 visa interview next month

In 2010 my mum filed an immigrant petition for me and was denied
Does this affect my visa chances please
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F2 Rejected
Hello everyone,

 My wife is a student in Florida.I applied for F2 in May 2019. I was looking to visit her on vacations.

VO: Greetings. What is the purpose of your travel to USA.
Me: I am looking to visit my wife on EID Holidays.
VO: What Holidays?
Me: Clarified the EID Festival Holidays.
VO: What is your wife doing there?
Me: Studying Aviation from (told him the university)
VO: Do you have Kids?
Me: No.
VO: Scanning through my DS-160 on his computer.
Me: tried to break the silence and told him that i am a Corporate Banker and i have to be back in July to resume my work.
VO: Sorry you are not eligible for the US Visa. (Hands me the yellow letter).

Now i am trying again (2nd attempt). My wife is now pregnant and i have to be there with her. What better can i do this time?

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On Oct 18th attended interview

He asked all my docs he checked whether i provided valid I-20 & Bank statements and asked me regarding my previous universities explained him.

VO said that he needs more information to follow up and gave me 221g and said we will update you in 5 days.he didn't take my passport

I asked him is it on a positive note

He replied hopefully.

Anyone in same situation waiting for an update. Want to know whether it will be approved or not and what would be the processing time.

What do they check for students if we get 221g just curious?
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My F1 Visa Issue- SEVIS Terminated
I got a call from DHS regarding an issue related to my physical address. they asked me to update the address in University portal and I raised a request to update the address it in the portal.

I got another call from ICE and asked where I am. They said they want to update paperwork and they came to office.

Because i did not update my address, they informed me that my Sevis was revoked and they said that I violated the immigration law.

I did not get any communication from my university or Sevis that my sevis will be revoked, everything happened without any notice.

I was taken in to custody and sent to detention center. I was bailed out y paying Immigration Bond amount of $10,000.

When I was in the detention center, I was given few papers on which it is mentioned that I should appear before an immigration judge on September 27 - Chicago. I went there on mentioned date and time but the court informed me that the case is not registered yet. They asked me leave and come back when the case gets registered. There is a toll free number to get the status - as of today there is no update.

I don’t know when will the case be registered and when will I get a hearing date.

I am worried about staying here doing nothing but wait for a hearing date. It has already been a month since I have come out on bond.

Please help me if anyone has ever heard about such an issue. I am trying to reach attorney but they are also not sure when a case will be registered.
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8+ month wait for F1 renewal
Hi, I'm posting mostly to ask about similar experiences to mine that you all might have had, and options you might have considered.

I've been a doctoral student in Computer Science since Fall 2014. Within CS, my research area is Formal Verification (not on the Technology Alert List as far as I know) and during my studies I've done three summer internships (CPT) at Intel, Apple, and Oracle, all related to my field. I returned to India in Dec 2018 for some family stuff and to renew my F1 visa which was expiring in May 2019. I was eligible for the interview waiver (i.e. drop box), but then I got three 221(g) letters. The first was through the post on 09 Jan, asking me to appear for an interview at the Mumbai Consulate. During the interview, on 11 Jan, they asked me about my progress towards my degree, my research area, and a car accident which had occurred in 2015. At the end of the interview (Mumbai) on 11 Jan, they gave me a second letter asking me to submit some documents related to the car accident. I submitted these documents along with my passport at the drop box on 25 Jan, and received the third letter through the post along with my passport in the middle of Feb. Since then, I've been writing to the Consulate often, asking if there are any documents I can provide to speed up the process, and passing on letters of recommendation from professors and staff at UT. Each time, I get the same kind of formulaic response, and when I send any documents they tell me that no documents are required. By the way, the same formulaic response was sent by Consulate staff to a US Senator from the state where I study after I requested the Senator's office to query on my behalf. To be clear, I haven't been approved, and I haven't been denied, I'm just in administrative processing.

I'm trying hard to keep my university's Computer Science department happy by taking care of TA duties remotely and writing research papers of which one has been accepted at a conference. Still, 8 months is an incredibly long time and I'm concerned the department may terminate my student status given that this is my third semester (Spring, Summer, Fall) being away from campus. Have you all ever faced such a long wait and got the visa at the end? How have you managed if your visa is denied after several years in the program? Is there any way to contact anyone in charge of this dysfunctional process? So far I have received zero replies to 3-4 registered post letters I have sent to the Consul General in Mumbai and to the US Ambassador to India in New Delhi.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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F2 to F1 at Vancouver, Canada Yellow slip
Hello everyone!

My wife attended visa interview at Vancouver, Canada on 27 August 2019 for status change from F2 to F1. The US consulate didn't ask her much questions and handed her 221g information. He pasted a yellow slip on her passport and kept it with him. He told her that it should not take more than 5 days.
Now she doesn't have her passport and we cannot even fly back to US.
Anyone has faced the same issue? How long does it take?
Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!
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