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Should I post F2 i20 for STEM OPT ?
Currently I am F1 OPT and about to apply for STEM OPT extension.

My wife doesn't live with me in US as of now. I wanted to bring my wife to USA so I got a F2 i20 for her from my college. However, she hasn't scheduled the visa interview appointment yet. And she is still not in US with me.

Now that I am about to send my documents for STEM OPT extension, should I send a copy of F2 i20 in the bundle of documents?
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L2 Visa to F1 Visa question
Hello, I am currently 19 years old under an L2 Visa. I have filed for I485 by October of this year, however my visa expires April of 2021 and my I94 on April of 2022. I will be going to college and have a few questions regarding this:

1) If my parents have to abandon an I485 petition due to moving to another country, can I request a change of status to F1 Visa? Would I be likely to have it accepted?
2) If an I140 or I485 was denied, could I change status from L2 Visa to F1 Visa since I will already have completed almost 2 years of college?
3) What would happen if my I485 was denied after my I94 Expiry in April of 2022 and I was in college? Is there a way to remain for 1 more month, simply to complete 2 years of college, and then go to my country and request to change to an F1 Visa simply to at least finish college?


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I am currently on L1B with validity until 15-Sep-2020 only. My employer will file an L1B extension but I am looking to enroll to an MS (Masters) degree from the coming summer session from a university who is providing day 1 CPT option. Below are my queries for this COS.
1. Can I initiate both L1B extension and L1B to F1 COS parallelly, will the approval granted at later date will be only considered?
2. Does L1B to F1 COS take a good time or it approves immediately as per the college session start date?
3. Does working on CPT/OPT count in maximum work eligibility of 6 years if I get H1B to let's say next year? I already have stayed on L1B for almost 3.5 years now.
4. Are there any complications to move to F1 considering my situation being on L1B and with a very short time left before expiry? My wife is on H1B (However No I140) and I do have an option to continue with current employer how long I can and then later move to H4 and then join college.
Would appreciate if you could provide some guidance/suggestion on my situation. Since my wife is here, so my only target is to be here in the US with her and also trying to just find an option to continue working being here with her.
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Hi Everyone,

Please i will need you help on this topic as do most of other people on stem opt.
i am currently on STEM OPT and i have an urgent matter in my home country. i filled out the application for Calgary but could only get interview appointment for Ottawa on a tuesday.

i have 3 questions i need answers with.
1. which is a better consulate Calgary or Ottawa?
2. do you think going for an interview in ottawa for F1 renewal i will get the passport stamped by Friday is appointment is Tuesday morning ?
3. will i have issues with filling out a calgary application and booking an ottawa location because i called the calgary embassy and they said its ok but on the AIS site it says the embassy must match?

Please if you have any answers to my question i will appreciate an answer. Bless you.
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F2 Administrative Process
Hi Everyone,

My wife went for F2 VISA and VO said your visa has been approved, but still, she hasn't received her passport yet when I check the status it was saying your case is in the Administrative Process.

Can anyone please help me with this.

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F1 visa renewal 221 g
Hi everyone,

I had applied for my F1 visa renewal as my F1 was expiring in June 2020 and I have valid Stem OPT until October 2021. I thought it would be a straight forward thing and took leave from work and applied for an interview at Chennai consulate. Some background, I have Masters is Aerospace Engineering and am working as a researcher at a company in Santa Clara. I had got 221 g when I had first applied for my Masters.

Got 221 g as soon as I informed that I am working as a researcher. Asked me to send a bunch of documents such as travel dates, resume, letter from the company, kind of research, list of paper publications, funding organization. Submitted all the document on Jan 24,2020. Thought it would take a couple of weeks but got approved after 6 weeks on March 6, 2020. All the best to everyone waiting for approval!

Interview date: Jan 22, 2020
Place: Chennai
Documents submitted: Jan 24, 2020
Approved: March 06, 2020
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Visa Refused during administrative processing
I have applied for J1 along with my wife (J2). Visa interview was on January 30 2020. The officer gave pink slip and told us to sent additional documents through email. We have send the documents on January 31. The status was administrative processing after that. On March 3, the status changed to Refusal.
May I know if someone has experienced the same. What could be done now?
Any idea. I am worried now.
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Immigration Attorney
Hello everyone,

I am looking for immigration attorney who can help me regarding my wife's US visa. Last year she applied for F-2 twice. Both the time she got rejected and handed over 214 b form. At that time I was in regular F-1. Currently I am in F-1, OPT. My wife will either apply under F-2 or H-4 category depending on my H1-B visa application-status. However, I would really like to get some in-detailed help from an immigration attorney.

Thank you!!!
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F1 Visa with spouse in US
Hi everyone,

My husband has been in the US for nearly a year now. I did not go to the US with him thinking I will come on F1 Visa. I have a GRE of 326 and TOEFL of 113. And I graduated from BITS Pilani in 2014. My college has offered me a tiny bit of scholarship as well. I have a one-year masters course.

1. Should I even try to get F1 Visa or should I try directly to get H4 Visa? I would prefer to go on F1 but I am very disheartened looking at negative experiences of married students.

2. Will my chances to get H4 reduce if I get F1 rejection?

Please let me know. I really appreciate the help
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Multiple visa application
Hi everyone, mine is a complicated case. Mine is an IT company and I've been here for 4+ years. My company is headquartered in USA and they find me talented and require my skills in the USA from time to time. They applied for my H1B but it got denied in RFE, after two years they needed my expertise as an SME to meet with a client so they applied for B1 visa and it got rejected. They find me very skillful and make sure to pay me well and now want me to travel to the US on an L1 visa as they need my expertise there, they have tried hiring on site and hired a few consultants but they cheated the company, took the payment and never gave the deliverable. I however have the desire to pursue PhD in the us and have been waiting for the right time to do so. If the company applies for my L1 and it gets accepted I would go through it and apply for PhD later but if L1 is denied and I apply for F1 in the coming months, will it impact my chances of getting a visa as I have so many denials. Let me also mention that I do not have any intention to immigrate, I love my country and will want to settle down in India.

Please guide me, this crossroads is completely scaring me.
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