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What is the United States Student F-1 Visa and who qualifies for it?
The United States Student F-1 Visa is designed for international students enrolled in degree, diploma, or certificate programs at accredited U.S. educational institutions. These institutions must have approval from the U.S. government to admit international students.

Who is ineligible for the United States Student F-1 Visa?

Individuals who have not been accepted by U.S. government-approved institutions.

Those pursuing non-academic or vocational training, excluding language courses.

Individuals intending to immigrate permanently to the U.S.

What is the purpose of the United States F-1 Visa? The F-1 Visa is a temporary visa allowing international students to study at various academic institutions in the U.S., including language training programs.

It permits academic study within the U.S.

The visa allows for the duration of the academic program, along with authorized post-completion training.

Limited on-campus work is allowed, while off-campus employment is heavily restricted.

How long can you remain in the United States with the F-1 Student Visa?

The duration of stay is tied to the length of the educational program and permits entry to the U.S. up to 30 days before the program's start date.

Following program completion, individuals can stay for an additional 60 days. The visa may grant single or multiple entries depending on the applicant's nationality and unique circumstances.

To learn more about the process of obtaining the F-1 visa to the USA and to get additional information, visit the website
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F2 Visa Approved after 2 B1/B2 Rejections
My husband's B1/b2 was rejected twice under section 214(b) but his F2 visa got approved.
(PS: For his F2 interview my husband gave all answers in detail wherever he got a chance)

Here are the questions asked:

Applicant: Good Morning
VO: Hi

VO: Can I see your passport?
Applicant: Passed the passport

VO: Handover your I-20 too.
Applicant: Both I-20s?

VO: Yes
Applicant: Passed the I-20s

VO: Did some typing on his screen.
VO: What does your wife do?
Applicant: Explained my work profile in detail.

VO: Did some more typing.
VO: When did you get married?
Applicant: Told them the date.

VO: Can you pass me the marriage certificate and photos?
Applicant: Passed

VO: How many people attended the wedding?
Applicant: Gave a detailed answer about the wedding and functions and the number of guests present in each function

VO: Did you get married under Hindu marriage act or special marriage act?
Applicant: Hindu marriage act - We got married in a temple

VO: Do you have pictures from the temple?
Applicant: Showed them photos from the temple

VO: How much do you earn?
Applicant: Told them his salary

VO: Officer went inside for a while

VO: For how long are you going there?
Applicant: 3 months

VO: How will you manage your work?
Applicant: I will be on sabbatical and I also have the sabbatical letter if you want to take a look at it

VO: No need
VO: Place your 4 fingers for fingerprint
Applicant: Placed

VO: Congratulations your visa has been approved
Applicant: Thank you
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F2 visa
F2 rejected
*profile of F1*
He is on his OPT started from dec25 2023
 Interview experience
VO- Is your husband studying master?
ME- No he has recently graduated from the university of cumberlands as now he is on his stem OPT for applied materials as electrical engineer where he earns 123000$ per year
VO- oh his OPT just started
I can’t give you a vosa once he is settled then after you apply to US

Please help what should i do now
Should i apply again
Is there any redusal dates available in delhi ?
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Need advise on F1 immigration
I have H4 visa. And I recently got my F1 Visa stamped, and at the port of entry, I was denied entry on F1 Visa, and the officer asked me to enter on H4 visa. So now my I-94 shows the entry on H4 visa. Because of this, I won't be able to apply for CPT/OPT. Are there any legal options through which I can get entry on F1 Visa?
Please suggest to me, if can I apply for a change of Status or travel to Canada/Mexico and come back on F1 or travel to India and come back on F1? Which one will be a good and easy option to change my I-94 entry to F1.
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F1 visa revoked due to DUI which is dismissed
I came to the USA on Aug 2022 and had a DUI arrest in Nov which got dismissed in Dec leaving me with an Exhibition of Speed VC 23109(c)
Now I have two more semesters to complete. As per my findings, I cannot get OPT on a revoked F1 visa.

a) What are my options? can I get reinstatement, or go back and get a new F1 visa?

I put all my savings on education hoping to get an OPT and regain them, not everything is at stake.
I understand DUI is a bad thing and am so low, I'm losing my mind on this.
I can stay here and complete my education but that would mean ill drain all my money and be left with a job.

If I go back to India, I need to get a new F1 which means I need to make study for 1 year after the visa issue if I get one.
One wrong decision made everything worse for me. Please let me know if I can have any options.

Any help is deeply appreciated.
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F2-Visa rejected 2 times need help
Hello friends!!

I am f2 dependent my husband is pursuing masters in US.

Applied visa on f2 when he is in his 3 semester, everything went well when she consulate (women) asked me about sponsor I said its my father, who works for PSU. She replied your husband is supposed to be Ur sponsor sorry I cant approve .

Again I applied after a month changing sponsor, it was direct being a student how he is going to sponsor you, replied we have savings of sum xxx, my father and in-law both work for PSU. So we can deal our expenses. Consulate was listening and writing something in his computer, handed 214b slip and said sorry.

Now my husband is graduating on may 2023, so planning to apply for visa again abit confused about the sponsor again as he is not in his opt yet. Will cherish if anyone would help me out of these.

Thanks in advance
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F1 Approved then administrative processing
Hi all,

I'm a continuing PhD student. I did my interview on Nov 17th and had the visa approved. I waited for 10 days before having to take my passport for urgent travel. The embassy then emailed me to return the passport via mail. Passport was delivered to them on Dec 22nd. There were no further communication from the embassy until Jan 18th. On that day, they emailed me to bring my passport as soon as possible because my school deadline is Jan 25th. This was disturbing because they are supposed to have the passport with them for the past month. I went to the embassy and they said the passport wasn't delivered and I should check with the mailing company. I went to the mailing company and they said the passport has beeb delivered on Dec 22nd. They also gave me documents showing the embassy has received it (embassy staff signature was there). On my way back to the embassy, they called insisting that the passport wasn't delivered. I told them I have documents from the mailing company showing your signature upon receiving the package. They said we will check and call you again. After 30 mins, they called and said we found your passport, and you should bring a new I-20. I told them I'm a continuing student and don't need to submit a new I-20. They said okay, we will call you back and you don't need a new I-20. They never called, and the only update I got from them was an email saying: we received your passport and it is continuing under administrative processing.

Because of this mishandling, I had to withdraw from the spring semester and take a leave of absence to avoid being discontinued from the program.

I hope administrative processing doesn't take forever 😔 since I need to be back and continue working on my research as soon as possible ( which is now April 15th).

This is in US embassy in Riyadh.
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Change of status - L2 to F1
My son has L2 visa until September 2024. Currently, he is 18 years old. He will be starting his college from Fall 2023.
What is the best way to have hassle free studies.
1.Can he apply for F1 directly and get this stamping at our home country? or
2. should we apply for change of status from L2 to F1 staying in the US. Can the status change happen in US or should he travel back to home country?
3. What is the lead time for Change of status process?
4. Will the college initiate this process or it has to be done through attorney?
I would appreciate if you can clarify
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F1 visa accepted and rejected!. Please suggest
Can someone please guide me what is better thing to do for F1 Visa approval in this complicated situation ---Approved!!! and then refused!!! in my 1st attempt:
Its a bit confusing story happened with my visa interview :
I got i-20 from University-X in 2021 and I got slot for visa interview for 2022 June with this university details in CGI portal.
But i-20 from University-X got expired. So I got another i-20 for university-Y and updated DS-160 with university-Y but by mistake sevis-ID is still University-X. (Sevis transfer done to X to Y)
Visa got Approved!!! But the stamping has University-X college name and sevis-ID of University-X. Problem: University-X i-20 expired!!!
Applied for correction with new i-20 of University-X. I got email asking to appear for interview for this correction! (Sevis transfer done to Y to X)

Visa officer asked question:
Q: Why are you changing university from Y to X?
A: University-Y last date is over for paying deposit fee.

Q: Same question repeated 2 more times.
A: For last time I said university X is better than Y. (reality is Y better than X)
Q: Went inside took 10 mins and came back to say “You already had admission to university X earlier?”
A: Yes, but deferred it as I didn’t get slot that time.
Q: Handed me 214g
I have a slot again for 2nd attempt in 10 days

The only valid i-20 I have is for University-X now

Q: What can I answer if VO ask “What did change from last interview”?

Q: If I answer I am applying for a better one University-X. Is that considered change as I already asked for this change last time ?
Q: What kind of crisp answer I can give if asked about why was it refused last time? It may not be good thing to explain this long story again to VO.
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F1 Visa interview experience - Chennai
First time F1 visa interview experience in Chennai Consulate with work experience.

University: North Carolina state university
Course : MS Computer Engineering
VAV date : 17th June, 2022
VI date and time : 21st June, 8 am
Status: Approved

Me: Good morning. (I was speaking into the speaker (left side)🤦🏽‍♂️)

VO: Good morning. Please pass your I20 and passport. The mic is on your right side. Please speak into it.
Me: Oh! I'm so sorry for that.

VO: NC State. How did you select this university?
Me: I wish to specialise in ____ so when I searched for universities with a good curriculum along those lines I found NCSU.

VO: Why do you want to specialise in ___?
Me: Told about current trends in India so I want to be prepared for future.

VO: Are you currently working?
Me: Yes, I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Bosch.

VO: Are they a good employer?
Me: Yes of course. It is ____ (I wasn't sure if she heard it right cause her tone was like she didn't recognise the company)

VO: Even some well known companies aren't good employers.
Me: That's right. But I love it here. Work life balance is excellent.

VO: Is your masters in the same field as your work?
Me: I program embedded systems and IoT systems at work. They are subsets of my master's specialization.

VO: Tell me about your funding.
Me: education loan from ___ bank for Rs___lakhs + parents' savings Rs___lakhs

VO: What do your parents do?
Me: Told

VO: Please place your hand on the scanner. I'm approving your visa.
Me : Thank you very much!

More love to the immihelp community. All the best.
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