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Chances of getting F1 VISA
Hi All, I'm currently working in TCS with 5yr experience and now I'm applying for F1 VISA for Spring-2021. What would be my chances of getting F1 VISA? Any suggestions, thanks in advance
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Visa got rejected please help!
Here is my full visa interview experience
VO- Good morning.
I- Good morning sir.
VO- For which program do you plan to go?
I- I plan to go for Undergraduate
VO- please hand over your I-20 as well as passport.
VO- Why did you choose this university?
I- I choose this university because it is ranked first for value for money programs as well as its course load includes subjects in which I am interested like AI and computer graphics also the professor over there are involved in very fascinating research field like Haptic systems and computer vision.
VO- Which all universities do you apply to?
I - I only applied to this university because of the reasons I mentioned earlier as well as my sister is a senior at Tech itself so it would be easy for me to transition over there. Also I was afraid to join to other universities due to home sickness.
VO- okay, why did you choose Cs?
I- I choose cs because I had Cs curriculum in my high school and I got lot of interest in my Cs classes and I have also learned c++ language.
VO - Who plan to sponsor your education?
I- My parents will sponsor my education.
VO- What does they do and what is their annual income?
I- My father is a manager at finance and accounts department in Minda Corporation and his annual income is 18lacs inr/per annum.
VO- What do you plan to do after graduation?
I- I plan to do masters in the field of my interest and after that I will come back to my country for work as whole of my family is here.
VO- sorry I can’t approve your visa as of now.
Please tell me what changes I can make to my application.
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F2 visa got denied 214(b)
I hve my F1 visa and My Wife applied for F2 visa. This are the interview experience/questions

VO:Which type of visa are you applying for?
Wife: F2
VO: What type of visa your husband is holding?
Wife: F1
VO: Which university he is studying?
Wife: XYZ university
VO: Who is your sponsor?
Wife: My Husband.
VO: Who is your husband's sponsor?
Wife: His parents and One of Indian bank
VO:Your husband has currently OPT/CPT?
VO: When did you get married? How many people are present? Has it happened in Punjab or mumbai?
Wife: told date and place and approx. number of people
9. Asking you one more time who is your and your husband sponsor?
Wife: My sponsor is my Husband
under 214 B your visa is not approved.
This was the overall visa experience

How would i overcome such rejection please help me
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Administrative process
I have been assigned an administrative processing in South Korean embassy, with a white slip and passport returned, and was asked to mail some documents. How long does the process takes in this country, any experience?
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F1 OPT denial: Post 60 days Grace Period.
Greeting people,

While filing for my OPT(I-765) I missed the step where I had to receive OPT I-20 from college, and instead, I applied with program completion I-20 which was given to me along with my I-765 form.

I sent my packet with all the documents except I did not have OPT I-20. I did not know about this mistake until I got my OPT denial letter, which was exactly a day before my 60 days grace period after the program end date. Now my college refuses to apply for a new I-20 as my SEVIS status is now in completed status and they are not ready to provide me with a letter of support to file reinstatement.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue or can someone please help me through this?
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Phd visa stamping from india, after completing their masters in USA
I have completed my masters in Manufacturing engineering from CSU, in 2014-2015, I have worked in my opt from 2015-2018, then I have enrolled in Cumberland and have worked for 1 year from 2018 to 2019, in 2019 I came back to India, now I am trying to apply for a Ph.D. what do you think my chances of getting a visa at visa consulate
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F4 Visa Beneficiary applying for F1 Visa
Well, my wife’s F4 visa application was filed a few years ago by her sister (a US citizen). In a couple of years, her ‘priority date’ will be ‘current’.
Spouse is keen to study from US now. Sharing prevailing general perception that in such case when an F4 visa beneficiary attempt to enter in the US either on a visit or F1 visa the local embassy resist sanctioning the visa request. Embassy believes that the F4 beneficiary might not return to his/her motherland. This caveat (that US embassy will reject her study visa due to the above-mentioned scenario) concerns us the most.

Eager to know whether this is true that she can’t enter US before USCIS release her F4 visa or otherwise?

Additional Query: As her dependent of this F4 beneficiary, can I apply for education in US on F1 visa pls? Will this be a wise decision to apply for spouse an F2 visa (assuming that she can’t get F1 visa on her own).

Keen to hear soon.
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F2 visa denied
Hello all,
I am sharing my visa experience with you here. Could you help me what is the better visa to apply in my case.
My husband is in USA with Day1 CPT. I applied for F2 thrice and got rejected with 214(b). I am planning to apply for F1 for fall 2020 intake.
What are the chances of getting my F1 visa approved this time? Kindly suggest.

Thank you in advance.
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Should I post F2 i20 for STEM OPT ?
Currently I am F1 OPT and about to apply for STEM OPT extension.

My wife doesn't live with me in US as of now. I wanted to bring my wife to USA so I got a F2 i20 for her from my college. However, she hasn't scheduled the visa interview appointment yet. And she is still not in US with me.

Now that I am about to send my documents for STEM OPT extension, should I send a copy of F2 i20 in the bundle of documents?
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L2 Visa to F1 Visa question
Hello, I am currently 19 years old under an L2 Visa. I have filed for I485 by October of this year, however my visa expires April of 2021 and my I94 on April of 2022. I will be going to college and have a few questions regarding this:

1) If my parents have to abandon an I485 petition due to moving to another country, can I request a change of status to F1 Visa? Would I be likely to have it accepted?
2) If an I140 or I485 was denied, could I change status from L2 Visa to F1 Visa since I will already have completed almost 2 years of college?
3) What would happen if my I485 was denied after my I94 Expiry in April of 2022 and I was in college? Is there a way to remain for 1 more month, simply to complete 2 years of college, and then go to my country and request to change to an F1 Visa simply to at least finish college?


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