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Converting H4 to F1
      I have completed 1 semester on H4 and have 2 more to go. I am planning to convert to F1 visa just before my last semester as it is complicated to find visa slots right now. What are the odds of approval. Does anyone have similar experience?
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F1 application
1. I’m applying for F1 to study my MSC. electrical engineering in US in fall 2021
2. Previously applied for B2 visa in December 2018 got rejected on 214B (was attending my sisters graduation then...had only UAE as a travel history )

3.Traveling experience from 2018.....Germany, Austria, Switzerland,Italy,UAE & Maldives

4. I’m currently working with 6years working experience in a company in my country
Mom & dad in the USA on .....LPR
Sister married and in USA & a citizen and my sponsor for education in the states

What are my chances of grasping the visa this time ?
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Applied for F1 Visa with 15 year of work experience
Please share your valuable feedback.

I have 15+ year of work experience and have got admit for a masters course in one of the US University. I have applied for F1 visa and wanted to get a feedback on whether i would face any difficulty during interview.
I have had H1B in the past around 16 years back where i stayed in US for about 3 months. Post that I have had a B1/B2 visa but never went or landed in US.

Appreciate if you can help and guide.
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am an f1 visa candidate. I was hired by company xyz and company 123 is the parent company of company xyz. I have to file for STEM OPT Extension, which requires the following details:
1. "Employer name" as in E-verify account and "e-verify id number" of the employer

The "e-verify receipt document" after i-9 was filled and processed was received and it said "authorized to work". This document has the parent company e-verify ID and the case number pertains to the parent company.

The paycheck has the company xyz's name and this is the same for on W2 form. When I checked the EIN it pertains to company XYZ. Somehow the address on both shows the comp. 123 headquaters address and not the local site I was hired by.

Company 123 is registered on e verify program and xyz is not as of now (got terminated).

Since the e verify document i got after filing i-9 has the company 123 (parent company) in it. Shall I proceed with the name and ID of the parent company to fill the forms of my STEM OPT extension?
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F2 Visa Interview Query.
I am on F1 Visa doing my MBA. I will be graduating in May this year and have a job offer to work on my OPT. My wife is planning to come here to attend my graduation ceremony and stay with me during my OPT. She has her visa interview in two weeks.

I am confused what should we tell them as the reason for the visit. Should we tell them that she is visiting for a short duration to attend the graduation ceremony. in that case I would have to give proof of financial capability to sponsor her trip. Or should we tell them that she is coming here to stay with me for the opt period. I have my offer letter that i can show but i am waiting for my ead which will be given after my graduation. Do they specifically ask for ead if she tells them that i will be working after graduation on opt.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!!
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I-20 Reinstatement
I am on F1 visa and I had a problem where my teacher drop me from the class without even telling me. Unable to add another class, I figure there would not be any problem because I was going to pay for this class anyways. Turns out I fell out of status and my student coordinator came to know about too late. She ask me to apply for I-20 reinstatement and it is been a year since we summited that application. Does anybody know how long does it actually take to get a F1 reinstatement?
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Approved F1 Visa Chennai
Biometrics: Chennai
Usual stuff(passport, DS -160 confirmation page, Appointment Letter - took photo and fingerprints(ten printed ) and was out in 15mins

Visa Appointment: Chennai
Time: 8:30am

Me: Good morning Mam!
VO: Good morning, pass me your passport and I-20
VO: Which university are you going to?
Me: University of xxxxxxx
VO: Why this university?
Me: I like the Computer Science course curriculum here and blah blah blah
VO: how many other admits do you have and what are they?
Me: I got 3 other admits. (named them)
VO: Visa Approved!
Me: Thank you!

Done in less than a minute or two.

Was out by 9:00am
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regarding L2 visa holder applying for F
Hi all,

I aspire to study MS in USA. My parent has a L1 visa and I hold L2. Due to covid we have not been able to travel to USA on these visas even once.
My visa L2 is valid till Mar 22. There is high chance that my parent will travel to USA in mid 2021 for work. My queries are:

1>Can I apply for F visa so I can apply to universties as international student irrespective of my L2 visa.
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H1B to F2 change of status

I am
Current on H1b visa maxing out on May 04. My spouse is currently on F1 opt valid till April 30. He is gng to apply for stem opt next month.

My question is, Can I apply for a change of status to F2 Visa when my spouse stem opt is still pending or should I wait till his stem opt approval.

Appreciate your help. Thank you in advance
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F2 requirements?
I am trying to help my friend's daughter to get her F2 visa. Her fiancé is on opt and have F1 visa stamped till sometime in 2022, he is going to India in Feb and plan to get married there. Now he has already visa he does not need to go to embassy to get visa stamped but the daughter will have to go once she get marriage certificate. I have few questions:

1. Can she apply for an appointment before marriage but actual appointment date would be after marriage?
2. Does she need i-20 for herself or would that be her husband's i-20?
3. If she needs i-20, how can she get it? Who should apply husband/daughter and can it be applied before marriage?

Goal is to get married in Fed first week and come back to usa together.

Any help would be appreciated.

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