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good family,

i got married to USA citizen on September 2017
got green on November 2020 (10 Years)
when can i apply for N-400, do i need to wait for next 3 years or i am eligible

help me

thanks regards
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Time-frame between Biometrics and Interview/Oath
Hi there,

I am in California and just received the notification that my biometrics will be reused. What is the general timeline between biometrics and the date of the interview/Oath? I was planning some traveling. Thank you all for your help!

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Any San Francisco fillers got interviews scheduled recently?
Any San Francisco fillers got interviews scheduled recently? Please share your experiences.
Applied Dec 2020
Bio Jan 2020
Waiting for interview now.
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Completion time change
Good day friends , I have my interview scheduled for January 2021,but to my surprise my completion date changed from March 2021 to August 2021 and the waiting time says 6 months . Can someone explain this to me pls because I have already got my interview letter for January .thanks
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N400 - Kansas City, MO
Hi Guys, anyone from Kansas City, please share your experience???
Case Was Received And A Receipt Notice Was Emailed still waiting... Estimated case completion time
September 2021 (9 months) I AM TIRED OF WAITING!!!!!!!!!
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Expedite Request on N-400 Interview - Houston Field Office
Hello, I've recently asked and Tier-2 officer agreed to put in an expedite request for my N-400 case under 'urgent humanitarian reasons'. Wanted to reach out to all current and past members of this forum and ask if anybody has had a successful experience or any experience with the expedite request on their n-400 case?

Also, Does anybody have any update on Houston timeline? Latest I found was that the Houston office was scheduling interviews for Nov'19 filers. Any update after that?
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Hi everyone I applied my USA citizenship application last week of January 2020, biometric done on second week of February2020. (Queens, New York). After that online account shows we are taking longer than expected time. Anybody in the same page please response. Thanks in advance
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N-400 Interview - Hawaii Field Office in Honolulu
My N-400 interview was on November 6th. I had applied on Jan 3 of this year (2020). The interview was a bit longer than normal, but I was approved and sworn in on the same day, which was a nice surprise!

Some tips:

*Dress up like you're going for a job interview and not in jeans and t-shirt.
*Apply online, it's easier and faster.
*If you have your own business (self-employed), make sure your paperwork is all in order and taxes are paid.
*If you owe taxes, you should be able to show that you've taken care of it with the IRS and are paying it off. Preferably, if you're able to show a history of your record of payments it will be better than if it's a process you've just started.
*If you have traffic tickets, make sure you've taken care of it and be honest with them, as they can easily find your record on the government website right then and there.
*Bring all of your backup documents as you never know what they'll ask to see.

Good luck everyone!
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biometric appointment
Hello, is there anyone from Fairfax Va got the biometric appointment scheduled? I applied by the end of April and still nothing, is there anyone that applied during this month got the biometrics done or schedule?

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New Orleans N400 Interview
Hey immihelp community, I had my N400 interview today in New Orleans, got approved on the spot and they offered a same day oath. So finally a US citizen, if any one have a question please drop a msg, I can give my input


It was a very easy experience @uscis but do go prepared with all the documents etx
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