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Biometrics Service Request
Hi guys, just wanted some insight from your experiences; I had filed N400 back in April 26,2020 (New York) and have yet to receive a notice for biometrics yet. I waited until end of October to call USCIS and they offered to put in a service request for me but I had to wait 30 days for a response. I waited 30 days and did not receive a response so I call again and was offered to put in a second service request but this time I had to give them a week to respond, which I did, and again, there was no response, so I called a THIRD time, and AGAIN, they put in a third service request and told me I had to give them one more week and if no one answers the request, they would elevate the case higher. I called a FOURTH time just now and was told to wait another 30 days before they can elevate the case, even though the previous agents had told me something different. I'm just a bit lost on why I'm getting conflicting answers from the same organization...anyone with similar experiences? Good luck to everyone out there! We'll get through this!!
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San Francisco Interview, Are cellphones allowed?

I am trying to plan ahead for the N400 interview in January. Are cellphones allowed inside? Want to plan on how to talk to my wife when we are not together. If we were lucky to have same-day oath, do they let us out and back in, or stay inside until oath is done?

Thanks and good luck everyone!
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Hi everyone!

When going to the interview for n400, marriage based, did you bring an original naturalization certificate of your spouse? Or the copy satisfied the request?
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Attended interview at Fairfax VA office
I had my interview last week on Friday and I have passed the interview. I sow an update on my account as “oath ceremony will be scheduled” does it mean they approved my n400 form?

If yes, how long will it take to receive the letter for both in the mail and the account.

And as well if I receive the oath letter how long do I need wait to attend the oath ceremony?

Thank you all,
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Naturalization Taking Too Long
I would like to seek advice from people with experience about what I should do. Below is my timeline:

09/16/2018 Application was received (online)

10/10/2018 Biometrics Appointment (We reviewed your biometrics)

And there has been no update ever since. There was a countdown up until August 2019 and after that the message changed to "We are taking longer than expected to process your case. You do not need to do anything at this time."

I submitted 4 outside normal processing time requests and every time I got the same non-informative automated email with "We regret that we are unable to provide you with a completion date at this time." And I tried to call the national contact center but after sometimes hours of waiting on hold they didn't have anything to tell me other than my application is being reviewed. I also emailed my senator's office for case assistance more than once but didn't get any response. About a week ago I submitted a request for case assistance to the office of the Ombudsman and I am now waiting hoping to hear something.

Do I expect to hear something from the Ombudsman office soon or could it also take another couple years for review?

Initial Field office: San Francisco, CA. I moved to Sacramento, CA over a month ago and immediately submitted a changed or address form but the status is still the same.

Your feedback is appreciated!
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Sacramento,CA. Anyone got interview updates in Sacramento field office
Hi , has anyone received interviews letters recently for the applications filed during November and December 2019?

My filing month is November 2019 and online status says
“We are taking longer than expected to process your case. You do not need to do anything at this time.”

Thank you
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N400 Applicants from Denver,CO with pleasant Experiences?
I wanted to know the recent timeline of the people who applied from CO in the past 6-8 months, can someone share your experiences?
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Biometrics Re-use but Completion Case is now longer. NY State.
I recently checked my account and I found that there is a letter with information about Biometric Reuse in 'Documents' Section.

Now, about 10 days later, there is a change in the Completion of the case date. It says it will take 2 more months than previously stated.
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Dallas Oath Ceremony
Anyone who have attended interview in Nov in Dallas received oath ceremony?
My wife attended interview on 18-Nov and was approved on same day. She is waiting for oath date since then.
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USCIS call
Can you help me how to speak with a real person calling to uscis @ 8003755283.

Thank you all.
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