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N-400 Form Selective Service question
Hi everyone. I'm filing out the form N-400 and the unsure how to answer this question.

Are you a male who lived in the United States at any time between your 18th and 26th birthdays?
This does not include living in the United States as a lawful nonimmigrant.

I was in the US between my 18th and 26th birthday on a non-immigrant visa (F1 and then H1-B). I didn't get my green card during my 18th and 26th birthdays but after that.
Should I say "Yes" or "No" to this question?

I appreciate your response in advance.
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Interview and vaccine
Hi guys I have my interview scheduled in November 18 chicago the question is covid vaccine required or they won't ask about it cuz I didn't take the vaccine yet
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Supporting Document
Hi Everyone,
 I got my USA passport 4 weeks ago and I still haven’t got my supporting document (Naturalization Certificate). Please any advise or experience will be appreciated.

Thank you!
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Kindly help .I should wait or call them
I have been tracking my N-400 case - in the post interview phase (interview done on 06th January, 2021). 
I've noticed in the last few days that the "estimated time until case decision" in my USCIS online account - is being updated on a daily basis - I remember seeing it was 23 days at one point and it says 4 days as of today.
How reliable is this estimated time? Should I really expect a decision to be taken on my N-400 interview in 4 days? (I passed the test but I was given the N-652 form which said decision cannot be made at this time).
I kindly invite your responses. 
Thank You.
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Timeline for N400 Marriage based
Applied on Jan 10,2020
Biometrics 6 Feb 2020
Interview scheduled 24 May ,2021
RFE was issued on May 27,2021
Responded to RFE BY June 10,2021
Status update on website docs received on June 24,2021
Another case update on Sep 1 case is actively being reviewed

Anyone with similar case
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N400 Name Change And Applying For Passport

We have oath scheduled for next week. My wife requested last name change. What can we expect at oath ceremony? Will they directly issue certificate with new last name? Can we apply for passport right away without any other steps? Her last name on ID/DL not matching with new name on citizenship certificate cause any issues while applying passport?

Thanks for sharing your experiences
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Can I travel for business to Russia a week before my interview?
Hi Everyone! I finally got my interview notice!! I have a question, I am supposed to go to Russia for work the week before my interview.
Do you think it can affect my interview process for some reasons?

thanks everyone!
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Finally my journey is over
Today I became a United States 🇺🇸 citizen.

I have been a silent reader on this form since I submitted my 1-485 in 2016 and now my journey has ended. I wanted to say thank you to everyone your post help me alot.

Submitted my I 485 IN October 2016 and after disappointing journey finally got approved in April of 2018. Field Office New York

January 2020 submitted I-751 approved November 2020 no interview. Field office New York

Submitted N-400 February 8th Field office Philadelphia. Move to Pennsylvania in October

Uscis acknowledge receipt March 6, letter in
the mail March 10 reuse of biometrics.
August 17 received email interview is scheduled for September 27th at 2.35 pm
Day of the interview got there like 2.15 security guard they were so nice, let me go upstairs and wait, was nervous got called in at 2.40 pm as soon as I saw the officer my nervousness went out the door he was super cool.1st thing he ask for was my id, green card, and my passport. question came.

1. two rights in the declaration of independence
2. what is the name of the vice president
3. what are the 2 political party
4. who were here before the American
5. as much as I try to remember it I can't.

English question the who lives in the white house
Writing the president lives in the white house.

Then the yes and no question and that's where my interview got interesting because it lasted like 40 minutes cause we were just chatting like if we knew each other at 3.30 in my mind I started to panic because I knew my husband was probably going crazy because of how long it was taking. Five minutes after he printed a paper and my heart stop because it's the same one I got when they told me they couldn't make a decision on my 1-485, he put it in front of me and said congratulations u pass everything and I am recommending you for approval, should get your letter in the mail in a week.

When I left the building and for the next 24 hours I stalk my online profile to see if there are any updates got the notice on Sept 28th around 5 and when I saw the date and I cried because it would have been my dad's birthday on October 18th .

My humble advice to all is when you walk into that room own it.

Thank you all again and Goodluck to all
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N-400 Denver
Hello All

I applied online May 14th 2021 based on 5 yr residency, biometric was completed on 09/09/2021 and since then, it says my case is being actively reviewed by USCIS, any idea on when to expect my interview please? Case is being processed at the NBC in Kansas and my field office is Denver, Colorado. Thanks and stay blessed.
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Ny fillers after how long you get oath ceremony
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