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N400 Bio Reused and no notification
Hello everyone,

I randomly checked USCIS "my account" and under the "document tab it says:

That's crazy, just checked my account online and it says that

" Biometric Reuse

Sent on December 14, 2020"

 When I spoke to a Tier 2 agent he told me that they will have to retake my biometrics.
The notice was downloadable on the website and I will be waiting on the notice in the mail!
Thank you GOD (and USCIS haha) I can leave at ease for Xmas!

I want to emphasize that I got ZERO notifications, neither through text or email (even though I signed up for it with USCIS)
I also got 0 notification from Lawfully ap for those who have it
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Los Angeles appointments ?
Any updates about LA office ?

 I did my biometric on Jan 2020 but haven't anything back . does anyone have any update about the LA office ? Thank you
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N400 biometric appointment
Hello everyone,

It's my first time posting. I applied for N400 last November 10th. And I'm still waiting for the biometric appointment. Many people from the same date already got his letter. Some people got the appointment few days after the application.
I have 34 days without any notification.

Is there any way that I can speed the process?? I have a trip in Dec 24th but I'm worried to travel without my biometric taken.

Please, anybody in the same boat?
Much appreciate
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Oath got canceled
I passed the interview on December 2nd, and they scheduled my oath on December 6th then they canceled oath on December 7th and don’t know when are they going to reschedule. I called them and they said they will reschedule but they don’t know when. I think this all because of Covid-19?

*I didn’t change my name But I shortened my name from 4 names A B C D to 2 names A D

I’m not sure if they call this a name changing
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NYC Manhattan Citizenship interview cancelled 2 days before the actual interview
Manhattan office after waiting 1 years 3 months I was finally so happy to have a date and happy to say in 2 days I will have my interview. Less than 30minutes ago I received a call saying that due to unforeseen weather my interview was rescheduled for the end of January I’m left speechless. Did anyone have that same experience ? Would you still go to the interview just to see if it’s a mistake ? I’m really worried
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NYC Fillers "Invalid date Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS"
Hello Everyone! Does anyone know anything about this? I already went to the biometrics appointment but the thing is, I went before the date they scheduled due to a trip I had.

Invalid date Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS
December 21, 2019 We scheduled you for a biometrics appointment
December 18, 2019 We received your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, and mailed you a receipt notice. It is being processed at our E-Filed Case Processing Section location.
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N400 timeline Boston
N400 based on 3 years LPR status, married to US citizen.

July 12, 2020: Submitted N400 online
September 28, 2020: Biometric re-use letter
December 3, 2020: Naturalization interview.
December 21, 2020: Oath Ceremony

I didnt think everything would be finalized so quickly. Hoping
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N400 Indianapolis March filers!
I've applied for N400 at the Indianapolis field office back on 15th, March 2020. There has been no update whatsoever. No biometrics, no indication of using the old once.
Please share your experience if your timeline is similar to mine.
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Oth ceremony Canceled
I got Oth ceremony appointment on Dec 11, 2020, Houston office. Before we got to the ceremony room -after the security check- the call some of us and told us your oth ceremony has been canceled, and we will reschedule another appointment for you. Did any one have the same experience. Thanks and good luck for all.
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N400 oath ceremony fairfax Va
Hey guies.

I got my original oath canceled in baltimore md office on 11/04/2020 because i moved in VA. After many calls and inquiries to USCIS, i received a call On 12/03/2020 feom one Uscis officer confirming that my case was sent to fairfax office and they confirmed it was received successfully. But until today i havent received any new oth ceremony appointment. How long is this office taking to schedule oath ceremonies? If i stayed in MD i would be done with this on 11/04/2020. 😥🙁🙁
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