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Marriage certificate
Hi!I Just wanted to know if we need recent up to date marriage certificate for citizenship filling, or older one will work . Thanks
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N- 400 interview with a DWI Record.
Submitted N 400 September 29th 2020
Biometrics recuse: February 12th 2021
Interview Schedule for November 2nd 2021.

On October 16h 2016 I went on a party and later got drunk until the morning hours, and later I decided to go home not knowing the laws in the USA because I just came to the country at that time. While I was driving home I was felt tired and I parked off the road and felt at sleep. After a while a police officer came and checked me and took me to jail for 5 hrs and I later got free from the jail. I went to court and I was guilty of the offense and I paid the fine did community service for three days and was put on probation for a year. Now am about to go for my citizenship interview in November of this year, Do you guys think I will get approval or I'll get denied because of DWI in 2016? What really to expect? I'll appreciate any feedback.... am worried!!
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Got Citizenship. Do I need to get US passport before I apply for renunciation of Indian Citizenship?
I got Citizenship. below is timeline. Center Centennial/CO.

Applied: 30th June 21
They reused biometric.
Interview date: 22nd Sep 21

They took interview and did oath ceremony same day and gave Citizenship.
For interview make sure you know can answer 6 out of 10 civics question from USCIS Civics tst 100 Q&A.

I have question regarding renunciation process. While applying on VFS it asks for US/Foreign Passport number.

Does that mean I need to get US passport before I apply for renunciation of Indian Citizenship?
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Documents on USCIS site
Need some expert advice here. I filed paper based application through attorney. I noticed on my USCIS account - in document uploaded section - it is showing .tif files showing only cover pages of the petition. It is normal or i should upload docs. Hope its not the reason of delay.
timeline again
PD: 03/20/21
BIO reused date: 04/15/21
now waitingggggggggggggggggg....
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CT - Citizen Application Evidence
Hi - I applied for my citizenship based on 3 year marriage on May 1, 2021 in Hartford, CT. I followed the instructions on the N-400 and only submitted the following items for evidence:
 - Marriage License
 - Passports
 - Green Card
I did not include anything else as the rest of the evidence in the instructions says to bring to the interview. My case has not moved since I received confirmation of biometrics reuse on May 15, 2021.

Do you think it's worth uploading additional evidence to help speed things along? I am seeing people in Hartford get interviews that applied at the same time or later than me. Please let me know what you think. Thank you!
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N-400 Interview Completed At Chicago Office
Hello All,

Today I completed my interview at Chicago office based on 5 year GC. Other than Civic and Yes/No questions from the application, asked about if I paid taxes and asked to show latest returns. Asked about kids, my employment, spouse employer. Finally agent said I can expect oath ceremony within 4 weeks. Interview took about 15 minutes. Later I saw an update on my online account that Oath ceremony will be scheduled. No date yet.

Even though my wife and I had one hour apart schedules, security let us go same time and checked in together. But Interviews were taken separately and as per schedule.

Civic Questions asked

What does Constitution do?
What is the name of the Vice President?
What is the name of Illinois Governor?
Where is the Statue of Liberty?
What is one power of Federal government?

Nov 19 2020: Applied in Chicago area based on employment GC towards end of Dec 2015
April 18 2021: Finger prints reused. With time spent outside US my full 5 years would have been complete in April 2021 anyway.
Aug 16 2021: Received Interview notification for 29 Sept 2021
Sept 29 2021: Interview completed successfully. Later saw update for oath ceremony. No date yet.
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N- 400 interview ( DUi)
N 400 submitted October 2020
Interview schedule for November 2nd 2021.

But I just login to my account with USCIS after I received my Interview notice, I saw that estimated time until case decision is approx is 14 months. Am so worried that after I received my Interview letter my decision again have jump up to 14 months. Can anyone explain to me if this is normal???
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Applying for Passport after Oath Ceremony
Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to thank for all the useful information shared in this forum. It has always helped. I just did my Interview last week and scheduled for oath next week.

I'm planning to apply for my passport after my oath ceremony next week and planning to do for kids as well along with mine. However, my question is if original naturalization certificate has to be sent for my passport, would copies be sufficient for my kids passport applications? Please let me know if any of you have faced a similar situation and how you address it.

Below are my timelines for info (Dallas, TX):
N-400 submitted Online : Feb 14, 2021
Biometric Reuse : Feb 26, 2021
Interview Date : Sep 18, 2021
Oath Ceremony : Oct 8, 2021

By the way, my wife's interview is not scheduled yet even though we both applied literally submitted application the same minute.

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citizenship based on 5-year permanent residency
I'm currently living temporarily in a different state where I rented a room and my name is not on the bills (electricity, internet). It would be easier to apply for citizenship while I'm here. How do I prove I reside here ?
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N400 Submission Date differs from the real one.
I submitted my application 9/13. N400 letter, signature date 9/13. Bio reuse 9/13. But in the website my USCIS, recently showed that the submission date is 9/12. One day earlier.
Does anyone have similar experience. Is the website lags behind or something.
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