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I have my GC stamped- do I still require Transit Visa?
I have my GC stamped in the pp. But I have 'nt received the plastic card yet. Do I still have to apply for my Transit Visa?

pls do let me know

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My mother came from HYD to Washigton dc on Lufthasa airlines(holding visitor visa). No one asked for transit visa in franfurt airport. As specified in this forum, it seems you don't need a transit visa if you are holding an unexpired US visa. Just, I want to post a real example.

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we should protest about the need for transit visas
We (Indians) should email German authorities and express our frustrations. If enough people do it, it is bound to make a difference.

Please modify/customize and send this email (or something similar) to your local German Consulate General. You will find the information and email IDs at:

Dear Consul General:

Until recently, citizens of India working or studying in the USA (with a valid US visa) did not require transit visas to connect to other flights at the Frankfurt and other German international airports. We are now being told that we need transit visas even if we are just connecting to other flights and not leaving the airport terminal in German airports.


If this is true, this can cause tremendous hardship to travelers who are just transiting via Germany. As you are aware, it takes time and money to obtain visas, and it is difficult to do get visas every time one needs to transit via Germany (for frequent flyers this can be a real problem). Many of us (in the Indian community in the USA) may start avoiding German airlines such as Lufthansa for this reason.


We hope the German government will reconsider this decision that is already affecting thousands of Indian citizens.

Thanks in advance,

Your Name
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Transit Visa
Hi , Over the uproar of Visas..i just confirmed these from German Consulate and also by a friend who travelled to India recently.
If you have a valid US Visa , B1/B2/F1/F2/H1B/H4/L1/L2 - all these visas U NEED NOT APPLY FOR A TRANSIT VISA BEFORE DEPARTURE.Officials in Frankfurt will provide a transit visa on arrival FREE OF COST. This holds good for persons travelling from/To US.
If you L/H1B visas have expired then you do need to apply for a transit visa before departure and the fees is $47 and it takes 2 days to arrive.
Hope this information helps.
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German Airport Transit Visa and Passport Validity
Hi - Need a real urgent clarification ..

- Have heard tht its safer to get the german transit visa though not mandatory before reaching FFT..Pls confirm if possible.
- Is there any rule on the passport validity? I hold an h4 visa and my passport expires in June. I plan to make a short trip to India returning to US in early May.. I want to avoid the renewal of passport as my Current Visa is stamped and renewal may call for further stamping if i am not wrong..(pls correct me if I am..)

Will really appreciate some links or any experience from people who returned to US with a passport expiring the following month or so....

Thanks and looking fwd to a response ..

SN from LA..
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Visa on arrival
Does anyone have had the experience of "Visa on arrival" at the Frankfurt airport ? If so, please share it. Just want to know what documents needed(other than passport and airline ticket) and how much is the fees.
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Flights to USA without transit visa

I will appreciate if you can share information regarding the airlines/counties don't need transit visa to travel to USA from India.

I know NWA/KLM [Amsterdam] don't need Transit visa

I am not sure about Emirates via Paris...
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Expired visa - returning to India
My parents have a expired Visitor visa but are
legally admitted until March 15th.
They travel back via Frankfurt (On Air India)
which only has refuelling halt there.
I have been trying to get a clear answer from German
Consulates but I think they do not seem to be getting the point.
They keep saying that if you do not have a valid
US Visa, then you need to have transit visa prior to
One guys has asked to check with the airline if they
will permit such travellers to board.
So I am now checking with Air India.
Will post asa I hear something.
But as safety major, I am preparing to apply for transit visa by mail.
They don't even have clear instructions for procedure for applying such visa by mail.
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Transit Visa woes .. continued
In addition to what SM entioned, it would be really helpful if you not only post the experiences of people who had travelled with out transit visas thru Frankfurt .... but also with transit visa. Did the authorities even check it?

Here is what I learnt from ne of my friends who arrived couple of weeks back to chicago from delhi with a valid H1: "NOBODY ASKED FOR ANYTHING LIKE TRANSIT VISA .. EVERYTHING AS AS USUAL"

By the way, I'm so annoyed at German Authorities for clubing India with the so called dangerous nations like Syria, Iran etc etc. I'm planning to write detailed letters to German consulates worldwide .. Indian aviation ministry .. NRI ministry etc. complaining about this mean money-making and humiliating scheme on the German government's part. Please let me know your inputs.

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  Please post the experiences of people who had travelled with out transit visas thru Frankfurt.

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