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B2 visa with family
Dear sir, I am a Bangladeshi citizen, Businessman Living in Dubai with family, elder one visited the USA from school. I have 4 times Schengen refusal, 2001 USA refusal, I have traveled 14 countries for 4 years and my family they visited 9 countries with me including Japan for 4 years. I have applied for a USA tourist visa in December 2019 it was a travel date 15 March 2019 as my son they have an academic year break at that time. But I have got refusal 214 B. He asked me some questions, including Did I applied before Diversity visa. I said yes. and also asked me Have I own an apartment in Dubai? I said no. But I have apartments lease business besides my 2 Mobile business in Dubai and Ajman, also asked me to show bank statements. My bank statements were very good including a lot of savings in Dubai and Bangladesh which I have shown him all original receipts. But he said sorry for this time. I have also an apartment in Bangladesh and an open land in Dhaka which I have mentioned application. Could you tell me, sir, how I can show more ties next time as really I want to visit the USA
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Tourist visa b1, b2
I am indian 20 years old and i am doing my hotel Management studies in Mauritius from last 6 months, so i have my 1 month holidays i want to apply tourist visa in my holidays. My main purpose is to check the university and meet the students in university which i choose for my next studies. I want to do my next studies from USA but firstly i want to check the university level and studies. I have my own bank balance atound 5 lakh inr. PLEASE TELL ME L,
Thank you.
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Visa approved in 6th attemp
Hello guys today my visa got approved in 6th attempt at mumbai consulate never loss your hopes be confident at the time of interview and dnt be panic i m single unmarried 22 years of age but have really a strong travelling history like canada 5 times japan china 6times egypt dubai saudi singapore srilanka hong kong...

Vo- why you want to go to usa?
Me- i m traveling to Canada by 21st of December so i want to go thr for 4-5 days
Vo-What you doing for living?
Me- i m having optical showroom in india
Vo- how much do u earn?
Me- having turnover of 3-4 cr
Vo- why u going to canada?
Me- i m having my registered company thr so frequently travel
Thn left from the window went somewhere came after 5mins again she typed for 2-3 mins and said your visa is approved i said thank you and left the window...
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Hi, I am a 19-yr old medical undergraduate
I am studying in my college
I got my F1 student Visa in jun 2017 But decided not to
go to USA rather study here
I have traveled to singapore malaysia thailand
My parents have visitor visa and have visited once.
since 1 yr.

What are my chances of getting a US VISITOR VISA?
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Brothers visistor visa chances
My parents had applied 6 months back for their visitor visa. My brother could not apply at that time as he was busy with his work.

My parents have traveled to US and are back in INDIA.

My brother is working with my father in our family business for 8 years now. Has an income of about 6L per year and has very good investment on his name. He is 35 and still single. He did travel 10 years back to gulf countries.

What are his chances of getting visitor visa ?

I am in USA for 6 years now working for a tech company.
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B2 visa
Hello sir/madam
 I had my b1-b2 visa about a month ago so is it true that if we don't use visa in first 6-7 months of getting visa, it gets seize??
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B2 Visa - Denied the 1st time, Got APPROVED at 2nd Attempt in 2 months
Hie Guys! So I wanted to share my Experience of my B2 Visa interview at Mumbai Consulate.
My Visa was approved last week with 10 Years Validity.
However I was refused in my Previous interview just 2 months back.

I am single ,30 , F.

First attempt :
Vo : Where are you Going ?
Me : Just told him the City Name

Vo: Do you know anyone there?
Me : My Friend.

VO: How do you have a friend in US?
Me : College friend.

Vo : What does she do ?
Me : Housewife

VO : What do you do ?
Me : Told

Vo : What is your income?
Me: xxxxxxx

Vo : What do your Parents do?
Me : told.

Vo : On what Visa did your friend enter US?
Me : told. ( I gave xtra info letting him know that she moved in 2008, got citizenship in 2014)

Vo: Do you stay with your Parents?
Me : Yes

Vo: This time You are not eligible for the Visa.😶

I was honestly blank. And after a while Sad!! But even then I knew that i have to give a 2nd attempt since I believed my case was Genuine.

I decided to apply after 2 Months.And this time I prepared my answers more smartly. Tried to include imp info in one sentence rather than giving one word answer esp in case of my profession to show how my work tops my priority Here.

Second Attempt:
VO : What is the Purpose of your Travel?
Me: Tourism and visiting my Best Friend for Holidays.

Vo: Have you traveled anywhere outside India?
Me: Yes. Once to Australia.

VO: Why did you go to aus?
Me: For Tourism and Vacay.

Vo : Whom did you go with?
Me: I went alone. I had Friends there.

Vo : What is your annual income?
Me: xxxxxx

Vo : What do your parents do?
Me : Told

VO: How many days were you in aus?
Me: 18 days

Vo: How many days are you planning to stay in US?
Me: 12 days. I have to be back for a conference Here.

Vo: Okay. Your Visa is Approved. You can collect your passport in 3 to 5 days
 Have a Nice day.

Me: Thank you ! Have a Nice Day!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

If you Think your case is Genuine and you could have answered a bit better, Just go for it.
Good Luck all!!
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Need help for my mother
Hey guys, I find this forum really helpful and hoping to get good advice from someone.
I came to the US on an f-1 visa and got married here, and my GC case is under review, and expecting an interview call in 3-4 months.
I want to call my mother here on a visit visa, but her situation is complicated, and we don't have a lot of shots left.
In 2002 (15-18 years ago), My grandmother was a US citizen, and she sponsored immigrant petition for my mom. My grandmother died before the approval of the petition, and as a result, the immigrant petition was automatically canceled.
After that, my mother tried to apply for a visit visa a couple of times and received a rejection. Now I came to the US in 2014 to study on an F-1 visa. My mother applied for a visit visa at the time of my graduation back in 2016, and she was denied in 2016. She applied for a visit visa last time in December 2017 and was denied again. She didn't apply for visa after that.
After December 2017, our situation kind of changed, as I got married here and applied for immigration (adjustment of status) here.
I really wish if my mother can have a visit visa so she can come and visit me when she wants.
Is there any way or any chance she can get a visa because her son is adjusting his status here, which basically means that he lives in US and her daughter in law is a permanent resident?
Any ideas from anyone who have been in a similar situation?
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221 (g) Temporary hold
Hello folks,

Need your suggestion. My parents recently interviewed for B2 visa for attending my graduation, my mom's was approved and the my father's visa was rejected. She gave 221(g) receipt and it was mentioned to send all the information to [email protected] (Resume, Invitation Letter, Funding).

So my question is
In the resume should he mention all the employers which he had worked with so far?

What' s the estimated time for processing?
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B2 tourist visa interview
Hi everyone, I need some guidance and advices regarding my B2 interview which I’ll be attending on the 25th of November
Profile: 25ys Congolese, but living in Cape Town for 9 years now
Studies graphic design but not completed, still have 1 outstanding subject before I graduate
Employed for 4 years in the same company
 salary $20000 per annum
Travel history I’ve only been to South Africa and my country

Wanting to Travel in June for my 26th birthday as a genuine tourist as I been saving towards that for awhile now
Own a car, no house but I have an apartment lease agreement

Thank you for your advices
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