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Visitor Visa - B2

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Please help me with expert advice
My father is a deadbeat and I’ve never lived with him and knew nothing about him. In 2009 I visited the US and in the ds160, I filled his name and dob as was on my birth records. Recently, I heard that he’s married and living in the US under another name and when he was fillling his paper work for his green card he listed us (me and my siblings l) as his children. Now I’m applying to the US again for a visit and I have to fill the ds160 again.

My question is, I want to fill the same details I have, but I want to select no to the question, “is your father in the US?”. Is there a way they will know since the name and date of birth I have of him is different from the one he has out there?

If I say yes, I don’t know anything about him and so I can’t answer questions on him. Although I don’t mind but I wouldn’t want myself to be the reason why he will be caught though I don’t like him much.

I guess my question is, is there a way to link him to me even though the name and date of birth are different? Please help
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Applying B2 visa again ( renewal )
Hi my previous US visit was in 2015 I got 3 months visa , admitted for 6months
I came back after 2months
At that time i was a student and I got visa along my parents ,they got 5 years visa

Now I am working for a firm as a General manager
Been 4years now with them

My income is 70k per month ,

I want to apply again , my father will sponser my visit have relatives there in states

I want to ask what documents do I need other that employment letter ,

Gonna get 3weeks of from work

Does my previous visit will be a plus point ??
I will be applying again in Islamabad consulate
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Need suggestions
Married have 3 kids . Applying for cousin brother daughter wedding. Apply just with 2 years old boy. Other 2 kids having exams n husband is busy in his bussines. My bro in law n sister in law both are also Us citizens. . Whats should be better for ds. 160 . Self paying trip . Or czn bro. Kindly guide
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Re: Visiting Visa
Hey guys my sister had a child here in 2008 and went back to the island after having her baby. However she had a visa and when she went to renew it they keep turning her down. Do u think she will ever regain a American visiting visa. Need your advice please
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B2 Refusal
Hi, Today I had a VISA Interview for B2, The reason I wish to travel to the US was to meet my Real younger sister and brother in law in California. My mother expired recently at that time my sister was in India only but she could not spend enough time with her. so i just wanted to make sure that she is doing okay. Now following I was asked at the time of Interview.

1. What is the purpose of your visit to the US?
Ans: To spend some time with my younger sister and brother in law....(I wanted to give more explanation but he asked another question in between)

2. Where do they leave?
Ans: Sunnyvalue, California.

3. How long you are planning to Say in US ?
And : 4-6 weeks.

4. What's your Salary

Then he was typing something on the computer and in a meantime, I explained to him the specific reason "My mother expired recently at that time my sister was in India only but she could not spend enough time with her. so I just wanted to make sure that she is doing okay"

Officer : Sorry to hear about your mother.

Officer : Sorry you are not eligible for the VISA under section 214(b).

I don't know whats went wrong in the above ? can you please help?

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USA B1/B2 Visitor visa
I have been rejected for U.S visa more than 8 times , One time with family , One time with grand mother one time with wife ,, and the other tries were alone , last time i applied was 1.5 year ago can any body tell me how do i overcome this refusal 214b
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Applying B1/B2 for the first time
I am applying for the B1/B2 visa for the first time. Any help would be appreciated. Here is my case

Experience over 10 years with the same company
Salary 2 million per annum in local currency
Country of residence Pakistan
No travel history
Have two daughters, wife and a mother dependent on me
Wife is a government servent
Have one plot on my name.
Family home on my father's name
One of our client requested me to come US and help him in setting up processes and work flow for his new outpatient CATH lab.
Will be visiting there for about two weeks. Primary purpose will be helping out the client and secondary will be to visit some good places.
Have an invitation letter from client who will bear the cost of my travelling and stay.

What are my odds of getting a vusa. My current employer doesn't want to go but I want to go to get some experience of how things work on ground - will the embassy verify this with my employer?

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Ds160 instead of ds260 due to dispute between spouses and co sponsor

I have a question for you

I m Indian citizen at present residing in India.

I m married to US citizen (Indian origin) 3 years ago.

We have received my file alien number and approval for immgirant visa from NVC.

But now when we are about to file my DS260 papers along with affidavits of support for immigrant visa interview. My spouse is not coorporating and wants to part aways. I have supported her financially in last 3 years last financial support was in October 2019 for $6100/-.

Due to hick ups in processing of DS260, can I apply for visit visa filling DS160 on my own?
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Need suggestion/help for my parents B2 visa interview
I applied for my mother's B2 visa in 2019. Her visa was rejected . She was a govt employee at that time but recently got retired .

Now i am planning to apply B2 visitor visa for my mother and father together . Both are retired .

Does being "retired" now affects the chances of my parents to get a visa ?

Note : I am working in US. I have my elder brother in India already with my parents . Should i mark my father retired or should i mark my father as running business with my elder brother ( Business is on name of my elder brother ) .

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Rejected B2 visa 2019
Hello All

I applied b2 visa in october in 2019

Question asked
Vo why r u travlling
Me Tourism
Vo what do you do in India
Me i work in africa not in India
Vo how long have u been working
Me more than 5 years
Vo what is ur salary
Me xxxxx amount

Unfortunately i can not give u visa this time
What went wrong i answered truly everthing

Then i appled for schengen visa from embassy and got visa
Visited paris amsterdam and prague
And came to back India
Then back to africa after my holidays

Is there any chances that i can get in 2nd attempt
I am going to reapply after 2 years when i would be on vacactions
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