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Visitor Visa - B2

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Visa for Parents - B1/B2 or B2 has to be selected in DS-160
Hello All,

I am filling DS-160 for my parents, which option I have to select in VISA type.




Note: They are just visiting us and also for trip with us.

Please advice. Thank you all in advance.
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Visitors Visa for Cousin
I helped my cousin apply for B1/B2 for 4 times at Mumbai consulate and she got rejected all 4 times. Gap b'w each interview was about 1 month as she trying to come in april to attend family function. She's MBA and have a good job but every time she goes, they ask couple questions and reject her application. Do you think we should try for 5th time?
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Question Not Experience
Can we apply USA B1/B2 visa in London if we are on UK Visitor 6 Months Visa ?
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B1/B2 DS-160 person paying for housemaker mother
Hello, I am currently on F1 visa. My father got visitor visa last year and he already travelled twice to see me. While, my mother didn't stand for the interview before and now I am planning to apply for her B1/B2 visa so that she can visit me next time along with my father. My mother is a housemaker. My father's yearly income is approximately $30,000 and he will carry all the expenses of the visit . On the "Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip", is it OK to add my FATHER as the sponsor, or keeping it SELF would be safe? Also, can my father enter and attend the interview with my mother (even though he has visa stamp already) so that it will be comfortable for my mother in the visa conulate.
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Visitor visa interview for in-laws on 12-30-2019
This forum has been very helpful in preparing for visitor visa interview for my in-laws and its time to give back. They attended the interview in Hyderabad in Telugu (there was a translator). Both attended together at the same counter.

Questions asked:

1.) Please show your passports?
2. Who are you visiting in US?
3. Show the visa copy and passport copies of your son-in-law and daughter?
4. How many children do you have?
5. Is your younger daughter married?
6. How long is your trip?
7. How long has your son-in-law been in US?

Then the vo mentioned the golden words of visa approved. Some good points that helped as told by other members:

1.) Greet the VO GM with a smile.
2.) Dress well for the interview.
3.) Answer confidently and have some mock interviews with family on different types of questions in DS-160.
4.) Try to answer with information which shows you have ties back to the country.
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B2 Visa - chances for approval

I am a 37 year old married woman with two minor kids. My husband and kids are UK Citizens and I am have a PR for UK. However, we are now settled in India for the past 4 years. I am planning to travel along with my mother to US for a holiday on a B2 visa. I have about 12 lacs of savings and my mother has another 10 lacs of savings. I dont have a job and my income is from multiple properties that I have rented out (I get about 1 lac per month). I have lived in the UK for over 10 years before moving to India. I have a couple of questions -

a. What are the chances of me and my mom getting approval for B2 visa
b. Should we attend the interview together or at separate counters
c. How many months of bank statement should I be providing as part of my documentation.

thank you,
A traveler
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B1/B2 visa interview at the Chennai Consulate
I scheduled a US B1/B2 visa interview at such a bad time in Chennai. The purpose was for my dad (who already has a US visa) and I to visit my sister and her family who are US citizens.

Initially I applied for an interview on December 9, 2016. But a day before I was due to fly to Chennai, the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa passed away, and so the US consulate had suspended all the visa interviews happening a few days later considering the fact that Chennai could be unsafe to travel to, during that period. So I ended up cancelling my ticket and had to postpone my interview to January end, since I was going to Abu Dhabi for my December break to be with my family. Again in January end, just after Donald Trump swore in as the new President, there was another problem in Chennai where they were protesting about a bull fighting festival (Jallikattu) being banned by the Indian Supreme Court because it was violating animal rights, while this festival is supposed to be part of the culture in Tamil Nadu. The protests escalated when I just arrived in Chennai, but I was safe in the end.

So this was my experience in the US consulate on 24 January 2017. The moment I was at the venue, I could see so many people coming out with gloomy faces and the passports in their hands, so I got worried whether I will be in their same situation. As the queues kept moving forward slowly and slowly, I knew that my fate was near. I kept telling myself to be prepared if I get a visa rejection. As I knew which US consulate officer I was assigned to, I stood in that queue as the 3rd person. The officer looked friendly and didnt seem that intimidating as I thought he would be, though the first person from that queue got rejected, while the second person got approved. So it was my turn and I tried to look as confident and cheerful as possible. The officer smiled at me and we both exchanged pleasantries and I handed him my passport. He scanned the bar code of the sticker on the back of my passport (which was given yesterday when I went for my biometrics appointment). I briefly remember him just glancing through the application form and not asking me any questions for like a minute, and I could feel my heart pounding. Then suddenly, he asks “Oh, so you're a medical student?” and I said yes with a smile on my face. Then he was glancing through my old passports and saw my first passport photo and showed it to me and said “awww the little you" and I just briefly chuckled. And from here, this was how my interview progressed. And while I was answering his questions, he was glancing through all my passports to see the visas that I had in the past

Interviewer : So what is your purpose of visit to the US?

Me : To visit my sister

Interviewer : Where does she stay?

Me : xxxx, New Jersey

He didnt ask me details about my sister which I thought he would, though he would have known the necessary details about her through my application form

Interviewer : So your parents live in Abu Dhabi?

Me : Yes, they do

Interviewer : What do they do there?

Me : They are also doctors

Interviewer : How long you plan to visit in the US?

Me : Just 2 weeks

Interviewer : What do you plan on doing there?

Me : Just to visit New York and Florida

Interviewer : What are your future plans?

Me : I'm gonna come back to India to live with my family.

Interviewer : Have you been to any other country before?

Me : *with confidence* Italy, England, France, Qatar, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Singapore.


At that point of time, I wanted to jump up with joy and ecstasy that I got the visa but I just calmly smiled and said thank you, have a great day!!!

As you've noticed, I just gave crisp, short answers with a confident, clear voice and didnt give a lengthy story. In fact the Officer didnt even glance through many of the documents that I carried with me. But I guess that varies between officer to officer also, because the Officer was kind and patient, so the luck went in my favour as I'm sure even if I gave a similar interview to another Officer, I would have had a different experience and there could have been chances of getting my application rejected.

Now there were some points that would have gone in favour of and against my application

In favor of :

1. I was a college student so I had a bonafide letter that I will come back to India to finish my MBBS course
2. I have a strong travel history, so that reveals non-immigrant intent
3. Strong tie ups with my home country through bank statements and properties

All documents I carried were genuine.

A point that would have gone against me was just that my sister is a US citizen so they would flag me as a potential immigrant
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Stay in us
is it ok for my mother who has tourist visa to stay in the US for 6 months and go back to our home country for 1 or 2 months and come back for another 6 months and so on?
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New to this!

F1 student married to a US Citizen
I plan on inviting my older brother for my graduation in 2020. How do I apply for him and what document does he need for a visitor visa?? Hoping to reading many responses
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Regarding B2 Visa with Family
Hi, I'm from INDIA, PUNJAB

Age : 36, Married, Wife Age :34, 2 Kids, Age 3 & 8 yrs
Self Business (Small software company since 2012)
GST Certification
ITR : 6 Lac, 30 Thousand
My Travel History
1. West Africa (Liberia) With Sponsor Letter (for Software Regarding)
2. Thailand (as a Tourist)
3. Singapore (as a Tourist)

Wife & kids with Fresh Passport

We are living in Joint family with Mom, Papa, Brother, Bhahi & 2 Brother's Kids Age(9 & 11)

Now please advise, can i apply B2 visa with wife only but no kids.
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