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applied for b1b2 visa for to attend our uncle's daughter wedding but got refusal
vo:- why do want to visit to USA ?
me:- to attend our uncle's daughter's wedding and after that we have some plans to explore the city , visit universal studio, Hollywood peak.

vo:- how long are u gonna stay in USA ?
me:- 8 days after that we have to come back because we building our new house.

vo:- where are going in USA?-
me:- in Los angels state California

vo:- how do you know him?
me:- I have known him since I was kid.

vo:- what do he do in USA ?
me;- he owns six subway burger restaurants

vo:- i am sorry you visa is refused.
please anyone can tell why my visa got refused. i wanted to know the reason.
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Fathers occupation
Hi, Please advice on primary occupation and previous employed fields for father

I was filling DS-160 for father, he used to work in family business until 2009, now he just get some interest income for relatives and he also has agriculture land, houses, and rental properties. what should i chose for primary occupation and previous employed fields?

Primary - Retired?
Previously - Self Employed in family business , in the bottom section Has agriculture land, rental shops, interest income ?
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Advise for Sponsoring In-laws B1/B2 Visa while on Vacation in India
Hi, we are planning to travel to India soon for personal reasons which cannot be avoided. But we have my In-laws B2 visa interview schedule during the same time. Is it ok or will there be any issue. Pleas advise.
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need help for access new portal
I have paid the visa fee both my parents in July 2023 and was looking for appointment later i realised that ds 160 should match with appointment confirmation and . ds 160 forms are expired due to not completing in time. so i created new one and tried to add in portal. it is showing father: PARTIALLY PAID\
and mother NOT PAID.

i went to hyd fingerprints office NO REPLY have tried to mail them in portal they are not responding and nor lifting the call.
can anybody please help me how to retrieve the fee for both otherwise visa fee will go waste. this is happening since 3 months.
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Chances to get visa
My brother-in-law passed away on 31dec 2023 I applied for emergency visa and got done bio metric on 4 jan 2024 and I have visa appointment on 16 jan 2024
And I applied visa to attend his cremation which is on 8 jan 2024
Will they give visa on this situation
How should I convince them that I have to complete some rituals according to our religion..
Please help me regarding…
Thank you
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Can we use I-134 scanned form
Hi All - For my parents, I have filled and signed I-134 form, is it okay to send scan copy to parents so that they can share with with consulate, or it needs to be actual wet signed document?

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Telugu translator in Delhi Consulate for B1/B2 visa
My mother-in-law got a visa interview slot for January at the Delhi consulate for a B1/B2 visa. However, she only speaks Telugu and does not know Hindi or English. Does the Delhi consulate provide Telugu translators? If so, what is the process to request one? Has anyone here had a similar experience needing a Telugu translator for a visa interview in Delhi?
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B2 visa on the lost and later recovered passport
My parents-in-law, who are currently in India, have been granted a B2 visa in May 2023. Unfortunately, they lost their passports (in India) and have reported the loss to the local police, filing a complaint.

They applied for a new passport and received it in last week. However, they found their old passport which had B2 visa.

Can they travel to USA on the visa which was stamped on the recovered passport?
Do they have to redo stamp their visa again onto new passport?

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.
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B1/B2 Visa wavier
Hello All,

I previously had b1/b2 visa which is expired in Oct 2023. I applied for renewal and got interview wavier option.

I filled and submitted DS160 on 23OCT2023. Paid fee on 25thOCT and initially i got date in May2024 in Hyderabad. Later i got to know that documents can be dropped at any location.
When i re-checked i got an appointment on 01-Nov-2023 in New Delhi. I booked New Delhi appointment and went to Hyderabad VAC and submitted required documents
1. old and new passports
2. submitted DS160 form
3. 2 copies of recent 50x50 photos.

from 02nd Nov to 08th Nov status showed as delivered to post
09th Nov status showed as origination scan
10th Nov passport ready for pick up.

Went and collected passport from Hyderabad VAC. Happy to share that i got b1/b2 visa renewed for 10 yrs.
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Administrative processing case 221g B1/B2 from Australia for Indian National.
Case History: I have been issued a B1/B2 visa from India in 2017 year for 10 years. I went to the USA for 34 days and came back to India. In the following year, the embassy called me to the consulate in India and interviewed me again, kept my passport with them, and cancelled my visa. As I did nothing wrong during my visit to the USA, no crime, no overstay, and no work, but, for unknown reasons they cancelled my visa. They asked me to apply again if I wanted to.

I applied for my visa for the same visa again in India but again refused without asking any questions in the interview.
Then, I moved to Australia and did my did study here, then again I tried to apply for visa, the VO gave me 221g and told me that there was nothing wrong with my profile but on the very next day, I received a 214b refusal through email.

 This year, I applied again for same visa, and got interviewed again, and all went good in the interview, VO just want to know why my visa got cancelled as he didn't find anything wrong with my profile, said me that he has review my case in detail and given me 221g and returned my passport as well.

After 15 days, I got an email that they are ready to continue my visa application and require my passport. I sent my passport to embassy and my CEAC status got changed from Refused to Administrative Processing. Its been 4 days today including saturday and sunday, there has been no update on CEAC.

Just worried what is going on?
if somebody have same experience, can you please share?

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