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B1/B2 Visa for myself when my husband already has a B1/B2 granted
34 years old female - married and have a daughter.

I am going to apply for B2 visa and my husband already has been granted twice - once recently. I did not apply at the time of his application because i doubted even if his would be granted. Now, when he has been granted a visa, i am applying for myself and my daughter's too. I have a good travel history of visiting a few countries.

Now to show the ties with my country - i have the business in my name and property too.
Please boost up my confidence telling me if i would be granted a visa too because all 3 of us will be traveling solely for tourism ONLY. Will the VO be suspicious about having any of family ties back in the country. My parents and siblings live here ( in my native country ) so i have honest reasons to be back.

P.S - i was rejected US visa 5 years back because i was young - unmarried - doing job. I was rejected from Dubai.
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B2 Visa for my Mother
Hello All,

I hold L1B visa and i want to apply for my mom's B2 Visa. Can anyone please tell what documents will be needed for the same?

Thanks in Advance.
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Hi there! This forum has helped me a lot to prepare for my upcoming US Visa Interview. I just have a couple of questions please.

1) I would like to visit the US as a tourist - what would be the correct visa category, is it B2?

2) Secondly, I am preparing my husband's DS-160. We are staying with MY cousin when we visit the US. What would be the most appropriate relationship to write on his DS-160? Is my cousin considered as his RELATIVE? Or should I just write OTHER?

Thanks in advance.
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Helo applying for B2 visa after of absence from university on F1 visa
My name is Jaz and I'm from India. I have been studying in the US at Cornell University for three semesters. I am taking a leave of absence from the University for this semester due to some personal reasons. Hence, my F1 status will be on pause and I won't be able to travel to the US on an F1 visa during this time. I want to visit a friend in a couple of months and was thinking of applying for a B2 visa. What would be my chances of getting a tourist visa for that time? I am fearing troubles regarding them asking about my occupied and if I say student in the US and they don't see an active SEVIS and F1 record, that might me troublesome. What can I do to boost my chances of getting a tourist visa? I will be rejoining my university and getting a new I20 and SEVIS record for the next semester but want to travel to the US for a bit in the meantime. Your help would be really appreciated. Thank you so much!
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B2 Visa for parents denied because of profession
I applied for B2 visa for my mom and dad this month at Delhi Consulate and the visa got denied because of the profession of my dad. My mom is a housewife and my dad is working with my brother in his company as a director but he only manages the accounts, finance and a bit of the company operations part. All the other managerial work is handled by my brother. The company is fairly new and registered in 2019. Before being part of the family business, my father was a sole proprietor working in real estate dealings and constructions for almost 15 years. He also earns money from his rental properties. We are planning to apply his B2 visa application again in 3 to 4 months.
Is there a hope to get the visa? I am really disappointed with the rejection since my husband's parents and sister got their visas in one go. Is it risky for business owners to get a b2 visa especially when the business is fairly new? Also, should my dad explain his previous work in real estate when asked about profession?
I will appreciate the help. Thankyou.
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Getting married in the US
My boyfriend and I both live in Dubai and we are NOT american citizens. We are planning to travel to Las Vegas to get married there and I am now applying for a tourist visa.

My question is: during my interview at the embassy, is it OK for me to say that I am traveling to the US to get married? I am worried that if i stay that i am planning to get married there they will assume I am planning to stay in the US which is NOT the case.

Please advice.
Thank you!
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lie at b2 interview
I have F4 immigrant visa interview in April 2020

but I lied before at b2 visa interview in 2012

the VO asked me whether I have relatives in US or not

I said No, while my sister filled an immigration petition for me

what's my case now of granting the immigration visa!!!
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B2 tourist visa
Hi I am new to this forums, I want some tips about tourist USA visa,
I am 32 years old living and working in dubai
Married, my husband is a green card holder lives in USA
He has not file a petition for me yet because we just married in September 2019.
I want to visit my husband and celebrate our first valentines together.
I have travel history to Switzerland Mexico n Uk.

I want to know chances of getting visa and what are the questions will be ask?

Many thanks in advance highly appreciate your response:)
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Us visa application
Hey hi bladi I haven’t still applied for my us visa, now so I apply for it I am living in Pakistan and you know all my details and you maybe knowing current situations. Kindly reply thanks waiting for your reply.
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Boyfriend/US-Employer, how to get tourist visa - Philippines
I am from Philippines, l would like to ask if can l get tourist Visa to visit my US citizen boyfriend who is also my employer as l am working online(in Philippines) as his Virtual Assistant in his US e-commerce for almost 2 years now and so our relationship as lovers. We will be together for vacation(touring some places in US) and we also plan to attend 1 day trade show in US. I am not going to work online while l am on tourist visa in US. l already had a tourist visa before and been to US twice with 3 weeks stay each visit and in my 2nd visit l was with my BF/Employer for 3 weeks.

My tourist visa got revoked when l tried to apply tourist visa for my son, after the interview the VO said that l have no strong ties in Philippines and that l can re-apply a new visa anytime l want. The VO revoked my B1/B2 Visa and denied visa for my son.

This time, l would like to re-apply a tourist visa for myself only to be with my BF/Employer for 3 weeks as he was inviting me to visit him again and l gonna leave my son behind as he is currently studying and still young at age 5 y.o. l have all of my family here in Philippines and l also own a small registered(under my name) business for 8 years already but my main source of income is my job - Virtual Assistant as it has better amount P20k monthly salary. My BF/Employer will be the one to sponsor my trip to US and he can provide me invitation letter, Bank Statement, affidavit of support, letter to consulate, employment letter and his passport. l can also provide Bank Statement, payslip, business permit, previous travels abroad( US, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia) and birth cert. of my mother and son whom l leave behind for 3 weeks.

With my reasons above, please advise what should l do or tell the immigration to get approved for Visa and what are the other supporting documents l need to bring with me during the interview.

Thank You so much.
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