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Visitor Visa - B2

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Need guidance for my parents Visitor Visa
I Need to apply visitor visa for my parents. Their application in 2019 was sponsored by me and got denied with 214b at time of interview. I am currently in US on work visa. My father has business kind of a shop in India and mother is housewife. My father told them that they need to visit for tourism and to see us during interview. Not sure what went wrong and they refused the visa.
Could it be because of mentioned nature of business or purpose of visit ?

Can someone guide that how the new application be filled and what should be demonstrated to make strong case and get a Visa for my parents ?
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Wana know
My wife is canadian citizen .my spouse sponsership file under processsing in ircc.... I want to travel usa with my wife.. Can i get usa visa if usa open
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Studying masters ..fall. 2021
1. I’m applying for F1 to study my MSC. electrical engineering in US in fall 2021
2. Previously applied for B2 visa in December 2018 got rejected on 214B (was attending my sisters graduation then...had only UAE as a travel history )

3.Traveling experience from 2018.....Germany, Austria, Switzerland,Italy,UAE & Maldives

4. I’m currently working with 6years working experience in a company in my country
Mom & dad in the USA on .....LPR
Sister married and in USA & a citizen and my sponsor for education in the states

What are my chances of grasping the visa this time ?
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B2 Visa for mom
Hello, I am applying for a B2 visa for my widowed mom. Her previous visa expired in 2017. she is not eligible for dropbox as her visa was issued before 2007.I paid the fees through NEFT and the MRV number was generated. I am trying for appointments in Chennai, but none available as of today April 5th. I have a few questions :

1. I paid through NEFT and MRV number was generated automatically. In the supporting documents for the Interview, it says, proof of payment is needed. what do I take as proof, since I paid vis NEFT.

2. Also, when I log into my mom's profile, the dashboard is not showing payment. Is it common?

3. Please share otehr visa interview experiences. I will appreciate it. I am a little anxious as my mom live salone and her health is also not doing well.
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B2 for mom and sister
How shall we fill the DS160 for my mother and sister's application. My Mother is a homemaker and helps my dad with his farms ( he can't travel due to his farming commitment) and my sister is working as an HR manager. Her salary is around Rs 65000/PM ($900), hence thinking of paying for their trip. She can get leave approval for 2 weeks and that's what we will put on the DS160.
Any feedback is appreciated.

Mom - 55 yrs
Sister - 30, unmarried, working for 9 yrs.
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First time entry in USA
Hello everyone,
I have USA's B1/B2 Visa, also having CANADA'S tourist visa, I am 21 years old.
My question is that is it necessary for first time visitors to make direct entry in USA by air route or I can make my first time entry by road route through canada,,,,?
Thanks for reply.
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B2 Visa - New Delhi - Approved 2nd attempt
Sharing my parents' experience for B2 Visa. They had first applied back in 2017 and had not been approved. We took a chance during pandemic and applied for a second attempt, could not get Hindi appointment so took an English appointment, my father speaks english and my mother doesn't, it seems like you can ask for a translator at the consulate if needed once you get there but they decided to proceed with English.

Consulate was busy like usual, you have to keep mask on at all while in consulate including during the interview.

Biometrics: March 14,2021
Visa Interview: March 15, 2021

Questions asked-

Interviewer: Why are you traveling to US?
We are expecting our first grandchild and would like to spend time with the family  

Interviewer: Congratulations, that's great news! Where does your daughter live?

Interviewer: What visa type is she on?

Interviewer: How long do you plan to go for?
From mid-April to June, for summer break. I have a travel itinerary if you'd like to see.

Interviewer: No, I believe you.

Interviewer: Are you retired?
Yes, I am retired since 2019, my wife is working.

Where does your wife work?
Answered. Would you like to see employment letter?

Interviewer: No sir. Congratulations, your visa is approved. You will receive it by mail in 5-7 days

No questions about previous reject or documents were asked.
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B1/B2 Visa for parents
Hi All,
This is a long post. So thank you for your patience in advance.
I lost my birth mother when I was 13, My father later married my current mom (who was a widower as well and had 2 kids from her previous husband). I am currently on Student Visa and my passport has my birth mother's name. (Since these documents were made before he remarried.)

1. My father has my birth mother's name(as her wife) in her passport as well(We never changed the documents). Would this be a problem? what should we write about his marital status while filing DS-160?). While filing DS-160 should he mention me as his sister?
2. My father has my birth mother's name(as her wife) in her passport as well(We never changed the documents). Would this be a problem? what should we write about his marital status while filing DS-160?
 I wanted to know if someone has faced a similar issue and did they face any issues in getting a VISA.
Thanks in advance
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Visitor visa appointment defaults to chennai location
I have filled DS 160 with hyderabad as consulate. When i try to schedule the appointment, it is always defaulting to Chennai. But i prefer Hyderabad.
Did someone face this issue anytime? Please advise

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Hi, me and my wife are currently in US on B2 tourist visa valid til first week of April 2021. On our i94 forms, the Admit Until date is in 4th week of June 2021. Is it possible to extend our current stay in US while staying here til late June 2021? Our passports are valid till 2023. If possible, what is the procedure/formalities to be followed? Please advice.

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