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visitor visa for parents and single brother for graduation ceremony
Am looking for some guidance on what would be the chances of getting a tourist visa stamped for my parents and a younger brother. There may already have similar questions, but I couldn't see an answer what would the chances be of rejecting for all 3 of them vs only my brother.
Here is some background info:
1. Dad - Aged 68, Retired employee
2. Mom - Aged 66, Home maker
3. Younger brother - Aged 32, Single and currently working in government teacher job from last 12 years.

My details:
I am on OPT and working for full time with good employeer. And having graduation ceremony so wanted to parents attend. parents are in older age so if brother with them to help . plz suggest
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Any one able to book B1/B2 visa in India in any of regional language?

Trying for my in-laws B1/B2 visa. They can not speak English.
 so searching for hindi language interview in Hyderabad /Delhi/Chennai/Mumbai locations,

Has anyone recently booked the B1/B2 appointment in Hindi language for the month of Feb/March?april 2021?
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In-laws B2 visa
Hi All,

I am planning to apply for visitor visa(B1/B2) for my in-laws(my wife’s parents and my brother-in-law who is a college student in India.
I have the following questions.
1) My father in-law is aged 60+, and mother-in-law aged 50+. They run a small-scale boutique business back in India, and their make an average income of 15K per month. Is it safe to mention this business while applying for their visitor visa application since I see a number of visa rejections questioning the intent of their visit.
2) Is it safe to apply for B2 Visa for my brother-in-law?, since I see a lot of visa rejections questioning the intent. Can he furnish a bonafide letter from his institution which will demonstrate his intent to return to study. The reason why I ask this, is because he might apply for a student(F1-visa) in future and in case he is rejected might impact his ability to come to USA.

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Reapply B2 visa again
I was rejected B2 visa in 2019 In India
And now i m planning to reapply again 2022 Feb In Africa Cameroon
What are my chances to get visa ?
I have travelled before thailand,France,Netherland,czech republic and UAE.
 Have been working with same employer since 2014
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Immigration Officer raised concern about long stays using VISITOR Visa
My mom visits me every year and stays on Visitor Visa for less than 6 months.

This time when she arrived in Houston, TX - Immigration officer asked about the reason for Visit and then Sent her to another room.
In that room , the Immigration officer asked my Mom

Why do you stay in the USA for so many months. You should leave in 2-3 weeks.
My Mom requested them and told that she is here to stay with her Son's family and spend time with the grand parents.

He wanted her to leave asap. After profuse pleading he said, you should leave in 1 month.

Now the Date on the stamp is 6 months from the date of Exit.
The Online I94 also matches with the date on the Passport.

However on top of the stamp in Passport, Immigration officer wrote "Advised on Lengthy Stays"

What am I supposed to do , Send back my Mom Sooner or
This is not a matter of concern at all.

Please advise.
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Frequent visit on B1/B2 visa
Hi Everyone,

My parents were in US from June 15 2020 to Jan 5th 2021(6 months 20 days) to care of my new born baby. we have applied for their extension in November but we got only receipt number before their departure.

Now we are planning my sisters wedding in May in US so my parents have to travel back again in May for1 month only, so we are worried as they are traveling after only 4 months of stay in India

Below are my concerns, any info is much appreciated.

-Whether they will be allowed at POE or not for one month of stay
- if they deny their entry will their current visa become void
- if they send them back to india when they can travel back again

They have all proofs of business in india to travel back and they will returning back to india immediately after wedding

Thanks in adavance
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interview waiver program
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Re-entry for visitor to USA?
Hi Everyone,

Here is my pathetic situation.

My in-laws was visited USA last year Oct 2019 and stayed for 3 months and then they returned back to USA within 20 days due to miscarriage for my wife. They stayed here for 7 months because of COVID. However we applied one month extension and they went back to India in Sep 2021. Recently we got biometric for B2 visa extension and we didn't address to that since they left already. But now my wife had a emergency surgery and need to take bed rest. We are planning to bring back my in-laws to USA.

My concerns are
1. CBP officer will allow them in port of entry? if so, how long he/she will give I-94?
2. Do I need to get any medical letter from my doctor and let CBP officer know this medical reason?
3. How in-laws should answer in port of entry?

Please advise
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Anyone able to book B1/B2 visa appointment in any of the Indian consulate?
hello everyone,

I am trying to schedule B1/B2 appointment for my in-laws.

At present I can see few dates are available in March 2021, but when I try to book it, it says no appointment dates are available.

Any one recently booked visitor visa appointment?

Please help.
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Is there any problem traveling on B2?
My father have B2 he was here in US last year and went back to India before pandemic started. Now my question is he able to come to US. I planning to go to India in January and was thinking to bring my dad with me are they going to let him fly and get in the states or they gonna send him back. Anyone who travelled on B2 visa from India recently please share their experience.
Thank you so much in advance.
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