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Can a person on a B1 visa who has stayed for 1 year in the USA be back in the USA after a gap of 8 months ?
My mother in law came to USA on 10/29/2020 and stayed with us for almost 1 year till 10/13/2021 on B1 visitor visa .We had applied her extension at that time for 6 months.
Can she travel back to USA after 8 months around 6/15/2022 on same B1 visitor visa.
Please advise.
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Appointment with the US Consulate
I along with my family members applied for B2 Visa to visit our relatives (CO-Brother and Sister-In-Law) during Jan-Feb-2022. We all famility members have already completed the biometric at OFC (New Delhi VAC) on 23-Feb-2020 and further appointment with the US Consulate was scheduled on 17-March-2020, which was later got cancelled on 15 March 2020, by the US Consulate due to Pandemic Situation.

Now since the Visa Services are operational since Sep-2021, since then we have been trying to schedule the appointment with the consulate but the syatem is asking to schedule an appointment agains with OFC. While contacting on the customer care service to update the records, it was told to write email to update the records for scheduling an appointment with the US consualate. But after receipt of response, the option for scheduling an appointment with consulate appeared only for few hours with non-availability of appointment.

Since lasr 5-6 months I have been trying calling on the customer care and writing emails but every time system is asking for OFC appointment instead of Consulate appointment. Even may times after selecting the OFC appoinement daten there is no availabilty of Consulate appointment.

Please suggest the way forward to schedule an appointment with the US Consulate as we have plan to visit to our relatives in the US during April/May-2022. .
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COS from B2 to F1 or H1B - Which one to choose?
I entered US on September 19th 2021 on b2 visa and my I94 expires on March 18th 2022. I plan to extend my stay in US for studying or work purpose. For that I have received an i20 from a university and I plan to apply for COS from B1 to F1 visa. Subsequently, I would like to file for H1B process and hypothetically if my application is picked in lottery. I would like to file for COS from B1 to H1 visa. But the result of H1B lottery will be declared my March 31st or later till then my i94 will already get expired. Assuming my COS file of B2 to F1 visa is still pending with USCIS. Will they entertain another COS I539 application for B2 to H1B visa if I wish to work here in US. Also, how can I maintain a valid B2 i94  "admit until date" to October 1st 2022 in case if I want to legally work in US on H1b.

What do you suggest please let me know...shall I choose the option of B2 to F1 visa COS or B2 to H1 visa COS....what are my chances of my success rate in both the routes.

I will appreciate your guidance here....

Many thanks.
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B1/ B2 Visa Renewal in New Delhi (Interview Waived)
Do I need to be physically present for a B1/B2 visa renewal at the ASC or can it be submitted through someone else? Note: My interview was waived.
The reason I ask is because on my DS-160 confirmation it says photo will be taken at ASC, but I am already providing a photo in my application.
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Required for follow-up interview after sending documents but there are no available appointments in the system. Anyone same?
I am wondering who is in the same situation as me. I am in Canada applying for a F-1 renewal visa. I was required for a follow-up interview after sending documents, but there are no available interview in the system. It simply reads, "there are no available appointment at this time. Please try again later." I tried 5 times a day for a month, but nothing happened.

 I have emailed visa services, they just said they had no control over how the appointments become available, so I contacted consulate and embassy. No one replied me. How can you ask for interview but don't let people make an appointment? That is so frustrating. I am just wondering who have this same situation with me?
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Parents Visiting from India to US on a Visitor Visa
Hello, My parents wants to visit us in Dec. American airlines operating with British is relatively cheaper now. having said that, the route involves a stop over in London both directions for about 4 hrs.
Are there any restrictions for travel / issues travelling this way ? Is it safe to travel this way ?
Any help is appreciated.
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Passport typo in CGI Federal Application.

I have filled DS160 form successfully and information provided there is correct.
Then I filled CGI portal application and paid the fees as well.

However later I realized, that on CGI portal my passport has a typo mistake.

I called the help desk and they asked me to proceed for interview and let them inform about this.

Did anyone face similar issue before? Any response would be highly appreciated.
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B1/B2 interview after sending documents
Hi members, Just a question. I applied for renewal of my B1/B2 visa from Dubai as the previous visa had expired in June -2019. I got a interview wavier but after sending my travel document and the passport with previous visa I got message to schedule an appointment for an interview. Please guide whether it is a common routine.
 I am Pakistani passport holder with good travel history and previous visit to USA as well.
I would be grateful for your replies.
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B2 Extension - Date/Period Question
My mother's I-94 set her "admit until date" as 04/23/2021. Due to medical reasons, we filed I-539 on 02/23/2021 to extend her stay. We have since done her biometrics collection for that. We have since filed her I-130 online I-485 at the Chicago office by mail in the last couple of weeks. While we received a receipt notice for I-130 online and by mail, we have still not received a receipt notice for her I-485 yet. From what we see on online trackers, it could take a 3-4 weeks for that to happen mostly.

When we applied for her I-539, we did not know that we could extend her stay for 280 days, and hence did it only for 181 days assuming that was the maximum. So, we put her "extend until date" as 10/21/2021 on the form. Now that date is coming closer and there is a slight risk that she might not receive the I-485 receipt notice before that date.

1. Will she be considered as overstaying in that case? Or will 240 days still be considered the maximum time she can stay?
2. Does USCIS look at the date we requested or just extend stay for 240 days blanket?
3. Is there any way to modify I-539 to change and extend date to 240 days (12/19/2021 in this case)?

We are thinking of going to an attorney, but just thought of checking in first in case someone has been in a similar situation before. Thanks in advance!
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Regarding my unique case of B-2 and F-1

I applied for a I-539 COS for changing my status from L-2 to F-1 in May 2020 since I turned 21 in October 2020 and couldn't be on a dependent visa anymore. On September 2020. I also applied for another I-539 to change status from L-2 to B-2 so as to "bridge the gap" between the period I turn 21 and the F-1 applications is approved. It is now September 2021 and I haven't received approval for either of the applications. My university needs the F-1 to be approved by December or they will have to cancel my I-20.

Now my question is even if my F-1 doesn't come by December 2021. Can I still live in the United States because my B-2 COS is still pending? Please note currently my L-2 visa has expired due to aging out. My family lives in the USA so can I stay here with them or do I need to go back to my home country?
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