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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Baltimore congressman i need help
Please has anyone in Baltimore ever contacted a congressman for his or her case. please share your experience because i am thinking of doing it but i don't know hoe to go about it. I am K1 adjusting status and it is over 2 years now. My case is a pretty straight case but i don't know what is going on. Any advise will help please.
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Regarding work authorization extension, applies almost in February
How long its taking to get approved i765 Extension
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My 485 Status didn't change from "Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken" to "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview"
Hi All,

I had my biometric appointment in August 2020 at San Jose FO, CA. My status changed to "Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken" on the same day. I have seen many got their status change to "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" in couple of days after biometric day. However, it's been almost 11 months and my status is still "Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken". Any idea on where my case is stuck ?

I did got my EAD/AP documents after 4 weeks of biometric.

PD - April 2020
FO - San Jose, CA
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I485 marriage based interview coming up at San Jose FO
Hi All, PD Feb 2020 Interview date July 28, 2021
The interview is for GC based on marriage. Our 2 year marriage anniversary is on August 20. Can we request the interviewing officer to approve a 10-yr GC since our 2 year marriage anniversary is around 3 weeks away. Is this an option?
Any inputs are greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Employment Base Category 3 - Priority Date - June 2021 or close by
Hello everyone filed I-485 on June 2021 or close by,
Can you share your timeline/updates to keep track?

- I-485 got filed on 06/01/2021.
- Current status: Receipt number received

Has anyone received a biometric appointment yet?
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Green finally approved after almost 2 years
Hi there, thank God, Allah is in control of everything.
I applied for green card marriage bases
Here is my time line:
Marriage date : 11/2018
PD: 10/2019
1st EAD card: 03/2020
1st interview: 11/2020
Interview went very well. The officer said if you don't here from us for 120 days you may reach out to us. I honestly was thinking I would get the GC in couple of days but anytime I check what I see is (Interview was completed and your case must be reviewed) for 7 months. On June 2020 I received a letter from USCIS calling me for Stokes interview. I was shocked. I asked the lawyer who was at the interview what happened? He said maybe the age difference by the way im 14 years older than my lovely wife.
Stokes Interview: 07/12/2021
Here are the questions asked to both of us my wife and I :
1. What's your wife's name?
2. Describe your first meeting?
3. Where was that?
4. When and where did you decide to get married?
5. Who attended the marriage ceremony?
6. What did you do right after the wedding?
7. Where did the wedding take place?
8. When was the last time you entered the USA?
9. Have you ever traveled within the USA? Where did you go? For what?
10. Have you ever been married before?
11. What about your wife?
12. Do you have any children?
13. What's the name of your daughter?
14. Where does she live?
15. With who does she live?
16. How many bedrooms in your apartment?
17. How much is the rent?
18. Do you have a TV in the apartment?
19. Do you live with anybody else in the apartment? Who are they?
20. What is your home address?
21. How long have you lived there ?
22. What did you have as dinner last night?
23. What did you have as breakfast this morning?
24. Did you eat together or separately?
25. How did you get to the interview?
26. Where do you work?
27. What job do you do?
28. Do you go somewhere together with your wife. Like church?
29. How often do you go to the mosque?
30. Where is the mosque located?
31. Does your wife have any tattoos or piercing on her body?
32. How many and where on her body?
33. Do you have any tattoos or piercing?
34. Has your wife ever been arrested?
35. When is your marriage anniversary?
36. Where is the last place your wife worked at?
Thank God we had the same answers on all of them. The IO approved the case on the spot and today the card is being produced. MACHALLA
May Allah help everyone who needs their documents asap.
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2 years green card instead 10 years
When I 485 and I 130 got approval I was have 2 years marriage and 2 my marriage was more than 2 years but I got 2 years green card instead 10 years..what I have to do ????
Any one had experience with situation like that !
My interview was in October 2020 and I got rfe for more evidence 1 week before 2 years anniversary.
I respond to rfe but the officer approved my case after I did 2 years marriage...what I have to do...
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Could you share your AOS Interview Family Base Experience?
Hi everyone, I have my interview scheduled for August 10th, F2B, Family category, My mom (Green card holder) sponsored me.
What did they ask you?
What did you bring?

Thank you!
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Employment Based AOS
Hello All,
Hope you can help , I am on Sylum pending since Dec 2016 ,but on the same time I was able to get spopsrship from my employer and he filed AOS for me on July 2019 .
Yet no update on both cases.
Anyone know if the Employment based AOS can be held by the Asylum case since the Asylum is mostly more complicated to be approved ?

Hope you can share your thoughts or similar experience.

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Need Help - How to fill last name?

I am preparing to file AOS forms(I-485,I-130 etc.) for my marriage based GC.
I am having a problem filling the last name. On marriage certificate, my wife (US citizen) chose to change my last name (beneficiary). So far, she hasn't changed to my last name yet on IDs (driver license, passport, social etc) and she is planning to do it later of the year. So far, all of her documents are with her original last name.
So, my question is when filling the forms, should we just fill her original last name or use new last name (my last name) even though she hasn't updated her IDs yet?
Please advise.
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