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Traveling with AP based on Pending Asylum
Hi Everyone. I have a pending asylum application since abril 2016.

And until this time I haven’t been called for the asylum interview yet, I have 4 years and 3 months waiting. And I have the emergency to travel. No to my country of course! I’m going to another country to visit a family member who is sick. Should I request the AP? Is it safe when you are on asylum process? Had anyone traveled with this same situation?

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How long to travel on EAD
My husband has a pending i485 and received his advanced parole card and wants to travel to Brazil. He has Crohns and has been dealing with complications from that and the doctors here are taking forever to get anything done, he’s been sick for months and he wants to go to Brazil to see his doctors there and be around his family. How long is too long to travel with advance parole? He would like to be gone for 2 months. He did overstay his Visa for 8 months. Our status is “ready to schedule interview” but god knows how long that will take. Thank you.
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Multiple traversine after paroled
Hi all,

I just travelled to Mexico last week and was paroled into the US with no problems. My passport was stamped "Paroled until 07/07/2020" so does this mean I can travel multiple times and won't have to be taken to a different room and wait to be paroled again?
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Re-entry to USA after travel on AP during COVID Travel Restrictions

Sorry I'm repeating a lot of questions here, but would appreciate if people could respond with direct experiences of the following:

I received my AP/EAD combo card in late May after a long wait. I have wanted to travel back to my home country (UK) for some time and I'm increasingly more willing to take the risk, despite my lawyer advising against it due to all the COVID-related unknowns.

I came on a 6-month B2 visa in July 2019 and married a USC after 100 days (this was unplanned). We filed for AOS in late October. My case has been 'ready for interview' since April 1st at the Detroit Field Office, but because of all the delays, who know's when it might be scheduled?

Has anyone in similar situation travelled outside the USA and had any trouble getting back in?

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Traveling with EA/AP.
Hi everybody! I received my Combo Card a week ago and l want to go home to Russia in mid-August . Can someone share your experience of travelling with AP during this hurt period ( COVID-19) . Will I have any problem to come back. Thanks .
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Traveling to Africa
Good morning house
Has anyone travelled to Africa during COVID 19 with an advance parole and allowed into the United States
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Is it safe or not?
I just recited my advance parole and I have pending I485, but before getting married I was over stayed more than a year and I’m planning to travel to my country soon. Do I will face issues when I came back? Thank you for your advices
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emergency I-131 travel parole question denied... am i still in the queue for "normal" I-131 processing?
I applied for an I-131 Advance Parole based on marriage to US citizen together with I-485, I-130.

I tried to get an EMERGENCY I-131 advance parole, ended up going to the local field office 5 times (between march and june; don't ask...) before the "emergency" I-131 parole was denied because - in the view of the field office - there is "not enough emergency".
as unreasonable (from my point of view) as that sounds I guess that's it for the emergency advance parole option.

I researched online and see the information that the "Processing time for Application for Travel Document (I-131)" at the "National Benefits Center" is _only_ 4.5 to 6.5 months, which means my I-131 application should come due soon (at this moment it says they are processing "December 23, 2019" cases, while my filing is from February 2020).
so, here's the question:
is the I-131 which i filed together with the I-485 and I-130 still "valid" and will it be processed?
or might USCIS have taken me out of processing queue because i requested the "emergency advance travel parole" which now has been denied?
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Can I leave US with Advance Parole Approval Notice instead of EAD Combo Card?
Hello, I am married to a USC. My EAD and AP were approved on 06/17/2020 but have not got my cards yet and I have to travel back to my country. Is it ok if I travel with AP approval notice and when the cards are mailed, my husband can mail me so I can enter with the EAD/AP card? Has anyone had any experience with this? Do I have to show AP card while leaving the country?

I urgently need to go back to my country and I don't want to wait more.
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Traveling with advance parole after overstay
Husbands GC interview is currently in “ready to schedule” status and he got his EAD card a month ago. We met when he was here on a visitor visa and got married but he overstayed his visa about 8 months. I have heard both ways on if it is safe to travel after an overstay. He wants to go back to Brazil (I know Covid prevented travel from Brazil at the moment) for 2 months and I would come that last two weeks of his trip and travel back to the US with him in case he runs into any trouble. Anyone travel after an overstay and have any issues?

I’ve heard many people have travelled after an overstay no problem but the uscis website says they can deny reentry. Not sure if it’s too risky.
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