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B1 visa interview soon
Hi All,

I will be appearing for my B1 visa interview soon. My first attempt of BI visa was rejected in Sep 2019.
The purpose of my travel is facilitating a global training program as a lead trainer. Also provide KT to the local trainers to handle the future training batches. The stay duration is for 5 days.
Please let me know what can be my probable questions for the interview.

PS : i am single and this is my first international travel
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Step by Step Guide for US Visa (B1/B2)
Hi All,
This is a step by step guide with some valuable pointers to go to Chennai for US Visa.
I live in Bangalore and had gone to Chennai for my US Visa (B1/B2) in Jan 2020 and eventually got it.
1. Fill the form DS 160 if you want to apply for US Visa.
2. Fill the form with correct information and follow the related steps to make Visa payment.
3. Once your Visa payment is received you can choose the slots online for Biometrics at the VAC centre and Interview at the US Consulate.
4. My recommendation is to choose the back to back available day slots so that you don't have to waste time and money in Chennai or travel back to Chennai on different days to get the Biometric and Interview done.
5. Try to choose a late slot for Biometrics (eg: Post 12 PM slots), to avoid rush ( Although this rush is subjective) and early slot of Interview at US Consulate (I chose 3:15 PM slot for Biometrics on 20 Jan and 8:15 AM on 21 Jan slot of Visa Interview next day)
6. Book a hotel in advance (via MMT, Agoda or other apps of your choice as they offer some brilliant discounts) which is closest to the VAC and US Consulate. (My recommendation would be Ibis or Park Elaza as these are the decent ones with good food and not too expensive as well).
7. Book flight, train or bus tickets so that you can check in the hotel at around 11 AM on the day of your Biometrics and you will get some breathing time before going to the VAC centre.
8. I took 6AM Shatabdi Express from Banglore to reach Chennai at 11 AM, took an Ola auto/cab or a normal auto (Charges Rs.200 approx for Park Elanza from Chennai Central Railway Station).
9. Goto the VAC centre for Biometrics 30 mins before your slot timings as it generally happens early. Carry form DS 160 confirmation page, with the appointment page and your passport (don't forget to carry your old passports as well, if you have one). Don't carry unnecessary documents, as nobody will ask for the same during Biometrics.
10. Mobile phones are allowed at the VAC centre but authorities will ask you to switch it off before going inside for Biometrics
11. There is no specific dress code recommend for Biometrics from my side. You can wear whatever you want. (I went in Jeans- Shirt)
12. Total Biometrics is max 30 mins process. They will take your pic at VAC, which will come on the US Visa and left, right and thumb scan. Post which a stamp is put on the DS160 which will be referred at the US Consulate during Interview.
13. Come back to the hotel and relax.
14. Go to the US Consulate for interview. Carry all the relevant documents (I will provide a comprehensive list of documents at the end of this post). Don't carry your mobile, although there is a designated place to keep your mobile there. My recommendation is not to take it as it will create unnecessary tension in you mind. Take an auto to the US Consulate (Rs. 100-150 approx charges).
15. Dress well for the Interview. Men should be clean shaved in formals (I recommend formals/suits with polished leather shoes if you are going for the business Visa. Women can also dress nicely in formals if going for a business Visa). Don't wear any digital watch as they will ask you to remove that.
16. Reach 30 mins before your slot. There will be a big line but do not panic. Check with the authorities standing there. They will guide you as people can only go inside slotwise.
17. Go inside as directed. First would be the confirmation Biometrics. Immediately after that you will be directed for the Interview
18. There will be a long queue again as no segregation is there based on the Visa type. There are some 10-12 windows of Interview managed by the native Americans (They have Indian translators with them for regional languages)
19. You will be redirected to a window on your turn.
20. Wait for your turn is somebody is already giving the interview.
21. Greet the interviewer. Be calm, confident, communicate clearly, listen well and give specific answers to the questions asked. Don't rush and narrate long stories. (I will share the list of questions asked to me at the end of this post)
23. There are two options of collecting your passport on successful Visa Approval and the provision to select this option there at the time of form filling.
1. Goto the collection centre to take your stamped passport for free.
2. Premium Delivery at home address via Bluedart for Rs. 500 (I chose the premium one)
22. You will be handed over a green paper if your visa is approved else a white paper. Interviewer will also tell you whether you visa is rejected or approved.
24. List of documents to carry for B1/B2
1. DS160 with Passport (Compulsory)
2. Appointment Letter
3. Invitation Letter from the client.
4. Company's cover letter
5. Appointment Letter (Current Company)
6. Last 3 months salary slips
7. Last 3 months bank statement
8. Last 3 years ITRs
10. All educational certificates (10, 12, Graduation & Post Graduation whichever applicable)
PS: They will not ask for any document but it is also recommended to carry these, to be on the safer side
25. My Interview QuestionsWhere are you going in US?
1. What is the purpose?
2. What is the duration of your visit?
3. Who all are traveling with you?
4. Why the client is calling you now? Are they doing anything special?
5. How many people are working for this client?
6. What is your designation?
7. How many people are reporting into you?
8. What is your annual salary?
9. From how many years you are working with the current company?
10. From where you did your MBA.
11. Are you married?
12. What is your wife?
13. Do you have kids?
14. I hope you are carrying all the relevant documents..
She asked me to step back…Looked at me and then said Thankyou Sir…"Your visa is Approved"




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Need Help for B1 Visa Interview Second Time
I have attended B1 Visa on 10th Oct 2019 in Chennai, outcome - not approved.

The questions as follows-

1. Good Morning & Passport Please?

Good Morning with a smile & given a Passport.

He took some time to review my DS -160

Which city you're traveling

Teach lead., Fumble.. then said Team lead..

What is your role?

Washington DC

how long you stay

1 week.

Which company your working

I am an associate with YYYY company.

what this company do

providing services to the client on the software..

How long your working..

since 1 year I am working with this company

Total how many companies you work

5 companies..

what was your longest work experience in these companies

3 Years.

why you're changing your company.

for better opportunities.

Do you have an invitation letter

Yes, provided..

Why your company choose you for this trip

I am most senior in the team and lead this team and having good work experience on what we support to the client.

Sorry.. We have not approve your travel.. given 214(b) form..

I am having an interview on 30th Jan 2020 for the second time..

Please could you help to present my self to get approval?

This time my company is not providing an invitation letter for B1 Visa.. is it fine attending interview without an invitation letter

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B1 visa approved - 2nd Attempt
First of all, thank you for this lovely portal because of which I was able to prepare well for my interview.
My interview was today in Hyderabad consulate.

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning. How are you?
Me: I am doing good Sir. How are you?
VO: I am good. I see you had applied in 2018- Mumbai consulate
Me: Yes. (that made me nervous)
VO: I see you have travelled to Japan before
Me: Yes Sir. I have visited last year.
VO: Where all did you go?
Me: I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone and Japan Alps
VO: I have stayed there for quite some time. I love Japan.
Me: It's a beautiful country.
VO: You work as a Senior Business Technology analyst. So what kind of software do you design? (in my roles and responsibilities in DS160 I had mentioned designing software)
Me: I am a part of the XYZ team and designing XYZ product. For this, I need to collect all the requirements and get back to India and start working with my development team on the same starting March.
Me: Thank you so much, Sir.
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Interview experience
My interview was today and I got rejected
Am a tourism Ambassador from uganda and a beauty Queen
Am still a student
No never travelled be4
My interview was at 8:00am
Me:Goodmorning madam
V.O: Goodmorning...
V.O:why are you going Ameria
Me:Am going to attend the Chicago travel and Adventure show in Illinois is
V.O:Who is sponsoring your trip since your a student
V.O:what course do you do
Me...Answered will you benefit from this event
V.O..what you ever travelled be4
V.o...Am sorry your found ineligible for the visa
Please give me some Advise I will appreciate planning to reapply in May
Thank you
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B1/Mumbai Consulate/Rejected
Hi everyone. Following is my experience today.

Me: Good morning mam.
VC: Good morning. Passport.
Me: Here it is. (I slid the passport.)

VC: Purpose of visiting US?
Me: I am working with ZZZ, which provides Technology Services..
VC intruppted me.
VC: That's about ZZZ. Are you going for internal meetings or to visit clients?
ME: Yes, for internal meetings and will also meet the client there.
VC: What is your salary.
Me: YYYY XX annually.

VC: Sorry, as per the current immigration laws you are not eligible.
Handed me the 214 slip and passport.
Me: Thank you.

For the travel purpose, I was going to say that I am working for ZZZ, which provides Technology and Engineering service also have host branch in US. So I will travel to US to attend internal meetings, events and conferences.
I will also meet my client ZZZ's key stake holders to discuss the future release plan. Unfortunately I got intruppted before completing my sentence.

I am single.
No previous travel history.
No reletives in US.

I don't know what went against me. Anybody have any thoughts?
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B1/B2 Visa Approved (First Attempt)
Hello Everyone,

I applied B1/B2 Visa on 13 Jan 2020, I reached little early for my appointment, my appointment was at 9.15 am. I am working as Product Owner in YYYY company.
I got Visa in my first attempt.

Questions asked by VO:

1. What is the purpose of the Trip
Answer : My Employer is a software development company, which provides services to US client, my client is YYYY
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B1/B2 Visa
Hello Everyone!

Last year in the month of September I had my first b1/b2 visa interview in Hyderabad ie(my residence)I was rejected with 214(b)
The questions the vo asked me was
1)Purpose to visit?
2)Where in US?
3)Who stays in Dallas?
A)My uncle
4)who is sponsoring for your trip?
A)My brother
5)Why is he sponsoring for your trip when ur going near ur uncle?
A)As my parents I retired and he is paying for our trip
6)What do you do?
A)I’m a student
and I was straight away handed over a 214(b)slip.
IM trying again for a B1/B2 visa this time from Mumbai and the scheduled appointment is in end of this month.
The following is what I am prepared for:
1)Purpose of trip?
a)Short vacation with my parents before i get married in India
2)Who is accompanying you?
A)My parents(who already have their B1/B2 visa)
3)Who is the sponsor for the trip?
A)My father
4)Where are your staying n who is staying there?
A)In Newyork my paternal uncle’s son stays there (who is a h1visa holder)and has his own house in newyork and also I received a letter from him stating they are my relatives n are planning to visit and I take full responsibility.
5)Bank statement
A)10L as in total and rental agreement from CA
6)places planning to visit in US?
A)New York
7)what do u do in India?
a)I am a Regular student and I have my last semester in the month of May (I have a bonafide certificate too)
My Wedding is fixed on April 15 2020 in Hyderabad (showing them my wedding invitation)
8)Why are u applying from mumbai and not Hyderabad?
a)as I was getting an earlier date from mumbai
Do you think I have any chances to get a B1/B2 visa?
Any suggestions/tips for me to follow please let me know
Thank you.
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filing B1 Visa application
I am applying for B1/B2 Visa application to travel to US around July/Aug for about 20+ days. I will fund my & my wife's stay. Application has a question for giving address, including street address, city, zip code, etc. I have not yet decided which hotels I will stay. what address can I give ? any suggestions to correctlky complete the application would really be helpful. Mine is purely a tourism trip. I have no direct contacts in USA.
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B1/b2 indian college student
I'm planning to visit NYC for a conference. Plenty of people flying in from 60+ countries, excellent speakers are coming and a great opportunity to visit nyc.
I'm a 19 Year old 2nd year college student and also running a online business.
​Ive been to few asian countries before on a solo trip and attended similar conferences abroad.

Any tips for me? What are the chances for me? Should i apply for b1 or b1/b2.?
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