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Business Visa - B1

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B1 Visa
Hi All,

What is the probability of getting US B1 visa for the below profile.

Age: 25 yrs
Marital Status: Single
Working as Project Manager
Salary: INR 2,94,000 per annum.
Experience: 2 years and 4 months
International travel history: Yes. China and Sri Lanka for 5 days on business visa.
Purpose to Visit US: Product Training, factory visit and business meeting with business associates.
But i will be visiting our supplier. Im working for a different company.
Main purpose is to get the short term training on various products which are being launched in India. Training is unpaid.
Sponsored by my current employer and also have the supporting documents and letter from my company.
And also i have the invitation letter from my supplier for my visit.
Duration: 6 days including weekends.
My stay is confirmed. Flight tickets will be book post visa approval.

Everything has been mentioned in my DS160., And m yet to schedule my interview date.
US consulate location: Chennai.

Could you give me some suggestions and tips to clear the interview process and get my US B1 visa approved in my first attempt itself.

This visit is very important to me as i can get a good chance of progressing is the same company after the training and visit.

Please guide me to clear the visa process successfully and get the Visa.

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US-B1 Visa
What is the probability of getting the US B1 visa rejected if you're travelling for the first time out of India?
I have my interview appointment date as 11-Dec, its the first time I am travelling out of India, I have an overall experience of 3 years, my salary is 6L/annum and I work as an HR-Business Analyst.

What is the probability of getting the visa rejected?
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B1/B2 Visa
I've applied for business visa.

My interview is done in 45 seconds only two questions asked. Listed below the detailed conversion.

- I was in q and when my turn came visa officer greeted me Good Morning.
- I've replied him very good morning sir

Q1. What is your Monthly Salary ?
Ans. My salary is Rs. **** ** but I don't know term you use in USA like hundred thousand sir

Q2. Apart from business meet-up what you are going to do?
Ans. I will be talking to my recently recruited colleagues about the design system of our platform and he told me to stop...

Then he typed something and looked at me and told sir your visa is approved.
I said Thanks you sir and have a greate day.

One tips be confident never fumble while talking and be relaxed don't lie mention what ever you filled details in your DS form.

before applying I had so many documents but he din't asked anything but pls carry all documents.

Good luck
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B1/ B2 visa for medical elective
I'm a mbbs student studying in Ahmedabad in my last year of college and going for medical elective in a hospital.
I had 'a letter of acceptance'. (The only document for which VO asked except passport which was taken by VO )

VO : pass your passport
SURE..(in possible most polite way)

VO: What is your purpose of visit?
Me: I'm visiting United States for clinical elective in _____ department at ____ hospital which is afflicted with _____ University.

VO:Do you have any letter from university?
Me: (took one second to find it from my folder and passed) yrs sir,.... Take a look..
(After that his focus shifted from me to that paper ..and he was typing and reading all the time)

VO: how did you find this programme?
Me: I was searching for treatment of hepatic carcinoma and found this institute which use radioactive microspheres for it and then i found this programme for training for which I'm not getting paid as it is non-accredited programme.

He interprets me in between and asked

VO : when will you complete your College?
Me: (I'm in last year of MBBS and after coming back from there have to work for 1 month to get my degree)
It should be completed in Feb/2020 but as I'll be in USA in Feb so after one month of coming back I'll be done with my degree..

Again he stops me and asks as i was not clear in my answer.

VO: tell me the exact date,
Me: last date of March.

Vo: how is sponsoring your trip?
Me: my father dr. _____ he is a medical practitioner in my home town.

Vo: what kind of practice ?
Me: he is a ayurvedic doctor and genral practitioner.

Vo: what is Ayurveda?
Me: (took me a moment to construct the answer) it is a Indian system of medicine.

VO: Like Homeopathy?
Me: no, it is ancient system to cure disease which is derived from 2000 year old books....

VO: where does he practice?
Me: my father has his own hospital and he is a renowned person there , he checks around 200 patients everyday and I'm willing to work there only.

VO: how many person works under him?
Me: "1"

VO: (with smile on his face) that's too many.
Me: ( silence ...for 2_3 mins... But it felt too feets were shaking but all I have to do is look into his eyes with
smile on my face....and wait for golden words )

VO: You'll get your passport in 3-5 days...

took everything from table without packing and went straight towards gates to yell out.
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Business Visa rejected
Hello everyone

My business visa application rejected on 20th nov, below is my experience

I was asked to reach 20th counselor window, but number 16th was empty so counselor their called me while I was in the way So I approach that window

Me: Good morning sir
VO: Just nodded

VO: Your Passport?
Me: Here it is, I passed my passport to him

VO: Why you are going to US?
Me: Here I Heard "Why" as "Where" and answered Los angeles, CA.

VO: Asked in Hindi language, "Aap US kyu ja rahe hai"?
Me: Sir, My company is Migrating a new version of the web application to live server, to avoid any issue and deal with it in real-time my presence is required there, also they want to discuss and finalize some new features of the application.

VO: What is your company name?
Me: YYYY company

VO: How long you are working for this company?
Me: I have been working on this application from 4.5 years and my current company hired me 2 years back so that I can directly work with them

VO: What is your designation?
Me: Web developer

Meanwhile, from the second last question, he started typing and told me in last the "You are not qualified for the US visa"

I had a Company invitation letter at that time, but now I am thinking that why I had not given it to
the counselor with the passport.

I think he makes his mind from my 2nd or 3rd answer, Please let me know what are my mistakes for rejection and when I should reapply for the Visa

DS160 Form details
Salary 19L
Travel duration 20 days
Married (4 years)
Total Exp 8+ years

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B1 Visa help
Hi All,

I have B1/B2 visa interview on 25th Nov . I have prepared the below question answer for the interview. Could you please help and what is the chances of getting approved ? or any modification required

What is the purpose of the visit?

I am going to attend a product operations workshop with our product SME's and with different stakeholders from different regions at the company headquarters.

Why are you chosen to travel?

Our product is moving to cloud space and i am having 4.10 years of experience in cloud migration and application setup for clients.

My profile :

Designation: Operational Engineer
Salary: ~10LPA
Travel History: Yes, to the UK
Overall exp : 4.10 years

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B1 Visa Rejected
Hi All.

My US B1 visa was rejected last week from Chennai

My Experience
VO : Can I see your passport?
ME : Handed over the password

VO: Where you will be visiting
ME: X place, where our company headquarter is

VO: When will you be going
ME: From 8th dec to 15th dec

VO : How long you are working in X
ME: 7 years

VO : What is your designation
ME : Software Principal engineer

VO : What your salary in lakhs per annum?
ME : 32lpa
VO: Have you travelled internationally before?
ME : No I have not.

VO:What is the purpose of visit?
ME : I have a strategy meeting with VP of our business unit to finalize the roadmap for next year. I will also be understanding the requirements to take our product to other countries.

I was cut off in the last answer and was told sorry we cant give the visa and handed 214b

My company is asking to apply again as the meeting is very important. Anyone can help be what could be the reason for rejection? (I am recently married, age 30, having Masters in computer science)

Is it worth to apply again so soon?
Any kind of pointers will be really helpful
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B1 Rejected | Interview Experience
My first attempt was in Feb 19 which was rejected under 214-B

Today , 11/19 I appeared again for the interview and result was same. Rejected under 214-B

Below is the interview questions

Me :- Good Morning
VO:- Passport please

VO :- what is the purpose of your trip
ME :- I've been invited by my US counterpart to attend meeting with him and other stakeholders.

VO:- How long you have been working with YYYY Company
ME :- 1 Year, I completed one year today itself.
VO:- Strange Reaction

Typing on her computer for few seconds

VO:- What is your annual income
ME:- Told my income which is good enough in 6 digits but her reaction was strange like she was surprised

Vo:- What exactly you'll be doing there.
ME:- I am working on a project where we are migrating customer On-Prem Data Center to Cloud and I need discuss with customer and other stakeholder to finalize the migration plan. It would be 5 day workshop and I need to gather information from customer and finalize the plan accordingly.

VO:- Sorry , You're not qualified this time. Handed over the slip and said this slip will explain the reason in detail.


Its been twice now and I need to know how soon I can re-apply to make it happen
My company policy is few months but I can manage the visa fees if there is even 5-10 % chance. Please suggest
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B1 interview
I'm a final year medical student from kerala going to chennai for my interview.
I have been selected by a reputed hospital to do an observer ship for 3 months in 3 medical specialities.
I have a bonafide saying I'm a medical student, a letter saying I will return back to india.
My sponsor is my mother, do I need to have an affidavit or just a letter from.her stating that she is sponsoring my stay?
My doubt is, i will be going for 3 months for this training after which I have to return back to complete my training in india, what are my chances at the interview approval?

Any suggestions or tips
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B1/B2 Visa Mumbai
Day 1- VOC 3:45pm
Reach 1 he early but they are allowing to go inside 30 min before.
3.15pm went inside.
Don't bring mobile phones with you they are charging 400rs to keep phone
Better to give some one outside or keep in hotel.
 Simple procedure within 15 min completed.
Just give you photo & fingerprint.

Day- 2 Consulate 9:45am
Reach early 9:15 they are allowing 30 min before to stand in line & go inside.
Bring only documents nothing allowed here.
First security check then there is chairs where they are seperating people according to timings.
9;46 batch allowed to go inside consulate area around 10.30am.
Long queses & you can watch all interviews going one.
Don't see towards the interview windows it may get nervous to you.
They are sending to window which is empty or going to be empty.

Main interview questions.
Me- Hello gm how you doing?

VO- passports
Me- Provide passport & DS160 through window

VO- Purpose of visit?
Me- Need to parts of meeting( make your purpose statement clear everything need to spec related to that)

VO- Whats is Indian salary?

VO- Can you explain more in depth related to purpose of visit?
Me- Explain what this meeting abouts & importance

VO- With this salary is not going to be inuff there?
Me- company going to provide me credit card I need to spend from pocket

VO- How many days you are planning to go?
Me- 12 day( gave start date & end date)

Finally golden words
VO - approved

Need to be specific on purpose of visit & be clear on all answers with confidence.

Thank you forum...
This review help me lot

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