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B1 to Student Visa
I came here on Business Visa and converted to student visa as i like few courses and persue higher education here. I never left the country after that. Now my business visa is valid for another 7 years. My lawyer advised me i can go from student to business visa. Do u think if i leave the country, will i have problem re-entering on business visa?
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B1 visa approved - 2months ago
My interview was scheduled at 9:15AM, I reached the consulate office at 8:50 and my turn came around 10:15 !!

I greated VO with hello good morning!

VO: May I have your passport?
Me: Here it is

VO: what is the duration of your travel?
Me: 2 weeks (Mentioned the dates)

VO: What is the purpose of your travel?
Me: I quickly briefed him regarding the meetings I will be attending and also added on my role in current company (which matches my purpose of visit to the US)

VO: Do you have invite letter?
Me: Handed over the letter.

2mins of silence, he started typing something on his PC! Well, these 2mins felt like hours!

VO: Thank you and handed over white slip and mentioned that the passport will be delivered within few days!
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B1 Visa - March12, 2020 - Visa Declined - Reason
Hello Immihelp Subscribers,

I went for a B1 Visa Interview on March 12, 2020 and my interview slot was @ 9:30 am. I was in the Que and my turn came up, the agent (assistants) advised me to go to counter # 27. The Interview was about 2 minutes,

Me – GM

VO – May I have your PP(passport)
Me – handed over the PP

VO – which part of US you are visiting
Me – Medford, MA (headquarters of my company)

VO – Purpose of my visit
Me – Explained the purpose, company strategy meet, meeting with existing customers and prospective clients

VO – how long will you stay
Me – one week

VO – Have you travelled outside India
Me – No, this is will be my first visit

VO – Why only you
Me – I’m the only sales person based out of India

VO – do you have kids
Me – yes, two kids

VO – annual salary
Me – mentioned my annual Salary

I would be really grateful to the fellow members who are an experts in analysing the visa status, you inputs are most welcome!
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B1 visa Help

I need help! I'm scheduled for a B1 Visa interview next week.
My purpose is to attend a conference in San Franciso in June for which I'm selected as a speaker. Also, I'll be visiting the company's headquarter in Pheonix to meet the leadership team and client.

My visit is intended for 2 weeks including travel.

1. How likely I will get a visa and any tips/suggestions/help/feedback is most welcome.
2. Does coronavirus have an impact on the visa process?

->No prior travel experience
->3yrs experience
->Trip sponsored by the company

Thanks!Appreciate your help
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Chances of Visa rejection due corona virus epidemic
Hello Everyone,

My interview date is 19th March at Delhi US embassy. My travels date which was mentioned in my DS160 form is 23rd March to 27th March but due corona virus epidemic my meeting is canciled and it will be rescheduled in the Month of June or July.

My question is should i submit new DS160 form with tentative dates of June or July extend my interview date somewhere in April month because I am worried due to corona virus there are high chances of getting rejected if i go for interview on 19th March. Kindly suggest what should i do.

Thank you
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I wants to know what went wrong
Hi Everyone!.
Last week I appeared for B1/B2 Visa at chennai and I was rejected with 214(b), following are the conversation between I and the consulate officer.
Q: Your passport please!
A: Handed over the passport (consulate officer took a look at all pages my passport by sliding it)
Q: What is your name?
A: I answered with my name.
Q: Where are you Travelling?
A: Las Vegas
Q: Purpose of Visit?
A: To demonstrate a product at an expo(more details are hidden) happening at Las Vegas.
Q: Duration of Stay?
A: 10 Days including travel
Q: Your Application says that you are married, do you have any kids?
A: Yes, I have 3 year old boy
Q: Have you ever travelled anywhere outside India before?
A: Nope, This is my first trip.
Replied : Great, but I can't issue a visa right now as per US policies 214(b)

So kindly let me know what went wrong here. why I am given with 214(b)?
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B1 Visa application Interview
Hello Every one,

I am working as Senior Payroll Specialist in a MNC and taking care of responsibilities of processing payroll for USA and multiple countries of APAC region. I have total experience of more than 7 years and 1 year 5 months with current employer.

I had applied B1 visa in Jan 2019 which was rejected under section 214B.

Management have asked me to apply for B1 visa again to attend 4 days business meetings with internal and external stake holder of my company and the travel dates which i have mentioned in my DS160 form / invitation letter is 23rd to 27th March. My Visa interview date is 19 March 2020 at New Delhi embassy which is just before one working day of my travel date. As these are just tentative dates and my meetings can rescheduled.

I just want to know will my travel dates can impact my visa approval because I believe it takes 4 to 5 days to get the visa if it is approved. Kindly suggest.
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Renew B1/B2 VISA after Administrative processing
Hi Team,

I have undergone B1/B2 VISA interview(first attempt) in December 2018 at Chennai Location, and granted the VISA in January 2019 after Administrative Processing(221g Pink Slip). Here are the VISA details:
VISA Type: B1/B2
VISA Validity: 1 Year
Annotation: Clearance Received
Following is the link mentioning my whole case:

After getting the VISA, I travelled to US once in March 2019 for 15 days, to attend a business meeting.

Now, as VISA got expired in January 2020, I need to get it renewed. Please answer following queries in this regard:
1. What is the process of renewal of B1/B2 VISA
2. Do I have to undergo the interview and biometric again?
3. What would be fee for renewal of visa.
4. Is there chances that the VISA got administrative processing again?
5. What should I keep in mind before applying.

Thanks very much in advance!
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B1 VISA Approved - Chennai
I attended B1 VISA interview in Chennai this week. Luckily my VISA was approved in first attempt. My interview lasted for hardly for 1 or 2 mins. Here is how it went:

VO: Good Morning, Passport please
ME: Good Morning. Here it is..(Handed over the passport)

VO: Where are you going
ME: To visit my company HQ in ZZZ

VO: How long will you be visiting
ME: 2 weeks, from YYYY to ZZZ

VO: What meeting will you be attending in US
ME: <Explained about the meetings>

VO: What product you are working on?
ME: I am working on <ProductName> (The same product was mentioned in my DS160 application, roles and responsibility section)

VO: What is your designation at <CompanyName>?
ME: Senior Software Engineer

VO: Why did you travel to Europe, was it on business or personal?
ME: I went there on Schengen Business Visa to meet our client. It was related to business.

VO: How long were you there
ME: 1 month

VO: What is your salary
ME: ZZZ/annum

I believe VO makes up there mind largely depending on your profile and how you present yourself at the interview. So be confident and give clear and point to point answers :)

For me, I have worked in some top product firms, have around 10 yrs exp and have travelled to Europe before, so that might have helped.
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