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Business Visa - B1

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B1 , First attempt , Approved , New Delhi
Hello Everyone,
Firstly I would like to thanks everyone who have shared their experiences on this portal.It really helped me alot. I have got my B1 visa in first attempt . I was searching for many thing which i never found here , like the way you dress, they way you talk etc. will share everything on my youtube channel.
Will share video link soon. till the time here is my experience.

I went to Delhi embassy , after a long queue , i got my number . (5 persons prior to me were already rejected at the same counter where i

VO: Good Morning
Me: Very Good morning (With smile)
VO: Can I have your passport
Me: Yes Please . (I gave it to her)
VO: Tell me about your role and purpose of your visit.
Me: I am working as Senior software engineer , having 5 years of exp . Purpose of my travel is to attend business meeting with business stake holders on xyz tool which helps our sales and marketing representatives .
VO: Nice. So how many days you will be in unites states.
Me: My travel is planned for one week only.
VO: Can I see invite letter and travel plan.
Me: Here it is (I gave my documents). meanwhile i was telling her that i have been invited to attend this and this with stake holders as recently we have acquired xxx company so this trip will help us to redesign xxx tool at offshore.which is help full to the growth of org.
VO: What is you income.
Me: I am getting xxxx per month. But nothing to worry, this trip will pe sponsored by my company xxx.
VO: (Looking at my passport) , So in past did you traveled for business purpose
Me: No mam, I went on vacations to Singapore for one week only with my family.
after 2 mins of her typing
VO: Nice. I am approving your visa. (Golden words) .
Me: Thank you so much . Shall I leave for the day.
VO: Yes. you can collect your passport in 3-4 days.
Me: Thanks . Take care.
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Urgent help for B1 visa
Dear Experts,

Please analyse my details and suggest if I can get through the B1 interview successfully.
Kindly give suggestions for the same. I am..

1. First time applicant for B1 visa
2. Doctor by profession with 6yrs of work experience
3. Experience with current company: 3 months only (I am hired by my current employer as I have specific skill-set related to this project)
4. Purpose of travel: Knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer from the client related to the project - "Business meeting and discussions as per Invite letter from my Employer"
5. Duration of travel- 45 days
6. Never been to any-other country before
7. Current CTC - 8.5 LPA
8. Designation: Group Lead
9. Married but living separately (not divorced or filed for divorce) and have a 4 yr old daughter living with me and studying UKG
10. I am living with my parents who are dependent on me.

Please mention what will work in favor of me and what you think wont. Kindly mention if I have to carry any specific documents based on the details mentioned above.

Thank you so much for your help !
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B1 Visa Interview queries
Hello Experts,

Below is my case. I would like to know what interview questions can be asked by VO.

First time applying for B1 visa
Total exp: 6 years
current company exp: 3 years
US travel history: traveled on dependent visa earlier
Other countries visited: Dubai (Leisure)
Marital status: married
Designation: technical consultant
purpose of travel: business meeting with clients

What interview questions can i expect in visa interview(other than mentioned below)??

Purpose of travel?
Roles & responsibilities?
travel details(duration, dates, invitation letter, place of stay)?
project details?
family details?

Also what could be the best answer for "Purpose of travel?" in case travelling for business meeting & requirement gathering in 3 lines.

Appreciate your time. thanks much for your help!

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B1 Visa Interview - Chennai Consulate, India
Details: -

Age: 24
Work Experience: 2 Years and 2 Months
Previous Travel History: Nil
Date of Interview: 10th September 2019

VO was a nice lady who had accepted 2 Visa requests prior to me.

VO: Good Morning. Your passport please
Me: Good Morning Maam and handed her my passport.

VO: What is your designation
Me: Told her I work as a Software Consultant at Xxxx.

VO: How long have you been working with this company
Me: 2 year and 2 months.

VO: What is the purpose of your visit.
Me: Business Meetings. yyyy is one of our new clients and they have brought our product zzzz. I will be travelling to US to understand their requirements (interrupted by VO).

VO: What is your salary
Me: 8 lakhs.

VO: Have you ever travelled before for business meetings with any other client?
Me: No. (But then suddenly I realised that this might be a reason for rejection). So I asked the VO if she meant within India or Outside. Kindof fumbled while asking this. She said tell me about your experiences within India. Fumbled a little more but told her that I visited Mumbai to meet one of the clients abcd.

VO: Unfortunately your Visa cannot be accepted right now.

Please suggest: -

1. What went wrong here - is it the fumbling, no prior travel experience or anything else?
2. Should I apply again for a Visa interview? If yes, then after how long?
3. If I apply next time, would it be more helpful in getting accepted if I say that I will be travelling to attend a 1-2 day conference and produce related docs?

Kindly help. :)
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B1 visa experience - New Delhi
Today was my experience in Delhi and here is how it went.

Before the interview-
I had to fill my DS160 twice as I had made a mistake in birth place. You can fill it as many times as you want. You also need not link it to your confirmation. When you go to VAC they will link it themselves. You just need to tell them which DS160 you need to consider. So it is a hassle free process. Pls dont go with any mismatch with your passport. For people going to Delhi, no need to carry any photos as it will be clicked in VAC.

Day 1:

15 mins process. Go at the designated time to VAC, they will take biometric and pic. Thats it.

Day 2:
Visa interview:

VO was a very pleasant lady.

Me: Good morning.

VO: What is the purpose of your visit.
Me: I am finance manager and look at the xx domain. We are kick starting our annual plan and hence need to attend business meetings related to same.

VO: what is your title?
Me: Finance manager

VO: Have you ever aplied to US visa earlier?
Me : No, first time.

VO: Have you travelled abroad?
Me: yes (gave all the country names and purpose of visit like for business or leisure)

VO: what is your monthly salary?
Me: Around 2lacs. It is 2* lacs annually.

VO: Duration of stay?
Me- 7 days

VO: your visa is approved.

One thing to mention is thatshe didntask for any documents whatsoever.

Me: Thank you so much. Have a nice day.

It was really hassle free and swift.

I think looking at your application, they would have already made their mind.

Piece of advice:

Dont fumble and be genuine. I looked at her eyes all the time and didnt try to give details more than asked.

Also, it depends on the VO. I saw one VO rejecting atleast 3 people so luck also matters.

Thanks for this forum for the guidance.

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B1 visa rejected today @chennai
Vo: Hey good morning!

Me : Hi good morning nice to meet you.

Vo: passport please

Me : here it is.

Vo: What is the purpose of your visit/travel?

Me: to attend healthcare industry conferences which is hosting by Xxx&yyyy

Vo: what type of conferences?

Me : xxx and yyyy and explained the nature of conference.
Vo: do you have offer letter and your travel itinerary documents?

Me: I’ve shown my us company invite letter and my full documents for the travel with flight tickets.

Vo: Why do you have to attend?
Me : On an annual basis, we exhibit at these conferences to solicit ourselves to the attendees in these conferences. I will have direct access to the decision makers who are seeking ways to improve their efficiency on revenue cycle.
Vo: What’s your company name?
Xxx y company headquartered in xxx. Ga
Vo: How long?

Me :8 days.
VO: What is your designation?
Senior Business Development Executive.
Vo: what’s your experience and How long you have been in this company?

Me: I have four plus years of experience in healthcare space and i have been with this company since last November.

Vo: What dose your COMPANY do?
We are a xxxx so and so explained in detail.

Vo: are you married?
I’m engaged me and my fiancé going to get married next year of March 2020

Vo: sorry sir this time I can’t approve your visa because I feel that you don’t have a strong bond and link here in India to travel usa please apply once the circumstances changes and all the best for your next visa interview.

Me : thank you sir have a nice day

Anyone please tell me what was the reason to my rejection? I was 99% confident that I will get the visa bcoz I was delivered my answers in a very sharp and neat manner and I haven’t left his eye sight. . Please guys your help will be very useful for my next visa application
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B1 visa Approved @Hyderabad
VO: GM, Passport please
Me: GM, gave the passport

VO: you work for XYZ company?
ME: yes

VO: How long you have been there?
Me : xx years

VO: purpose of visit?
Me: explained in 3 lines.

VO: designation?
Me: told the designation

VO: what's your role?
Me : Explained the role

VO: why they are sending you?
ME : Explained the importance of me.

Golden words from Vo : congratulations your visa is approved.

I would like to thank this forum for all inputs.

Key observations:

Need to maintain eye contact even VO is not looking at you
Do not fumble
Be confident and prepared on repeated questions
Purpose of visit is key point in all of them.


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I attended B1 interview at Hyderabad location on 21-Aug-2019 and was Successful.
B1/B2 Non-Immigrant Visa – How the process goes

Day 01:

• You need to carry your Passport, DS-160 form and Appointment Confirmation for verification. Make sure your details received in DS-160 exactly matches with your passport details, word-to-word.
• If your received DS-160 has any typo errors with your original certificates detail (or) mismatches with the info present in your passport, you can ask in the correction centres near by the passport authority office by showing the originals for which you need to pay amount (will be less than 1k). After the updates done, make sure the info in DS-160 and passport matches exactly word-to-word. Then a new application number gets generated which needs to be carried further.
• The website used for filling/updating our details is
• Your details will be verified thrice by the people over there and 2 kinds of stickers will be pasted on backside of your passport. DO NOT REMOVE THEM UNTIL THE VISA PROCESS IS TOTALLY OVER.
• You will be asked your purpose of visit and then thumb impressions with photograph will be taken.

Day 02:

• You need to carry all your supportive documents along with passport and DS-160 form because VO can ask any document of his like to know your details are genuine.
• At one of the US representative counter your fingerprints will again be verified again so that they can match with the ones taken on Day-1.
• You will be given a counter number and guided towards it where you will meet the VISA officer for your interview. Be firm & Confident. Never ever tremble giving answers to the VO else you will be troubled with more questions.

Below was the interview session with VO -

VO: Hi Sir, Good Morning!
ME: Very Good Morning Sir. How are you doing?
VO: Am good sir, thanks for asking.

VO: What is your full name?

VO: Okay. What is your Company name and location?
ME: YYYY YYYY XX, Hyderabad.

VO: Have you ever travelled out of your country?
ME: No sir, this is my 1st time.

VO: Your info says your experience is 9yrs, who was your client all through these years?
ME: I have been part of this project since the time I joined the company and it’s the same client since 9yrs.

VO: Can you tell me your client name?

VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
ME: To attend Business Meetings related to my project.

VO: What is your project about?
ME: My project is about YYYY X tool in Educational Domain.
VO: Sir, I can’t process your visa for your answer, attending business meetings in US as your purpose of visit. Can you tell me more?

VO: What is your project? What is your role in the project? Why are you in particular chosen to go? And how long is your stay? What is your designation? (He expected me to answer all these 5 questions at once)
ME: Am part of YYYY X project and we use YYYY X tool, used by many companies which offer YYYY X benefits to their employees. I will get to know how we have impacted our clients over a period of time and our future plans to attain more prosperity on either sides. Because I have been part of this project since 9yrs, with my understanding over a period a time I can provide my inputs during these discussions which could lead to the betterment of the project. My stay is like 3weeks. Am a Senior Software Developer. I always feel so happy working with such an esteemed client all this time and in the upcoming business meetings, I will do my best to attain happiness in relationships on either sides.

After hearing it all he just smiled to me and said –

VO: Your VISA is Approved. Congratulations! In another 5days you will be informed to collect your passport.
ME: Thank you Sir. Wish you a Good Day ahead.
VO: Thank you, you too.

After 3 days got an sms stating your passport is ready to be picked up!!!
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B1 Interview Experiences
Attended B1 interview at Chennai Location on 22nd Aug 2019.

A big Thank you for all the contributors by adding their valuable experiences.

My learnings:
1. VOs not interested to see any documents for B1.
2. In comparison with the struggles outside the consulate, inside is much better. (Maybe only for my day of interview)
3. You can re-submit your DS-160 any number of times till the date of Biometric, provided the new DS-160 confirmation updated in ustraveldocs profile.
4. VOs are genuine, helpful if our case is genuine. I was little nervous initially, but the VO was very patient and co-operative.
5. Read and understand our DS-160 carefully. All queries will be based on DS-160 form only.

The conversation with VO below:

VO: GM, How r U?
Me: Im good, Hope u are doing well, Thank You.
VO: Purpose of Travel.<Looking at the screen>
Me: The purpose is to audit a supplier facility, from where our company want to start business.
VO: What sort of materials do you procure from US? <Looking at me>
Me: Excipients for Pharmaceutical formulations.
VO: Looking at the computer, you don't have any relatives in US and you want to stay for a week.
Me: Yes, i don't have.
VO: Whats your role in your company?
Me: I am handling vendors and supplier of our company. Basically engaged in identification, evaluation and selection of vendors.
VO: Annual Income?
Me: 13L per annum
(Still not looking at me....Keep on typing)
Handed over a slip to me....Smiled at me...Have a great trip to US.

My Background:
10 years of experience, No travel history, average package.

All the very best to one and all waiting for interview.
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B1 Chennai success
Except invitation letter I don't think VO interested in other documents.
VO: Passport
Me: Hi, GM and gave passport
VO: Purpose of travel
Me: To attend xxxxx conference hosted by yyyy in zzzx.I was adding more info but VO asked next question.
VO:Role and responsibilities
Me: Explained
VO: who is funding... I didn't hear question properly ... She try to explain 3 times ..
Me: My company . Shown documents.
VO: Salary
Me: 2x lakhs per annum
VO: typing for 2 minutes .. silence, then .. your visa approved
Me: thanks

My observations
1) ask to repeat question if you don't understand. VO try to explain
2) prepare for following questions
2.1) purpose of travel
2.2) Role and responsibilities
2.3) why company sending you? Why not others
2.4)how this trip useful for your project.
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