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Ead expedite advice and experiences please
I am currently interviewing and my ead is in process for close to 120 days (including weekends if that's counted). After going through the forum, I see that people here have taken various approaches to the expedite process. Mainly
1) Having job offer in hand and then expediting.
2) Expediting irrespective of job status, after 90-120 days of waiting.

Also, my green card is also in the process. I am on L2 visa. I don't know if that makes any difference to the whole situation.
My lawyer said that I cannot work with the receipt number but I have worked in the past with the receipt number.
Any 2020,2021 cases here?
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EAD for L2 renew - 2 months submission and no receipt
Hi all,

I've submitted my EAD renew form and have the delivery confirmation by FedEX on December 15th 2020 to Vermont Center. Today is February 18th and I have not yet received any notification or receipt notice, which means I don't even have a receipt number to track my case on USCIS. Any advices on this?

Thank you
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Card was produced
Hi everybody! My EAD status changed from “Card is being produced” to “Card was produced”. From what I see everybody else gets “Card was mailed to you”... But that’s not what I see right now. Did anybody else see this status on their cases?
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H1B and Marriage Based-Green Card
So I am currently on F-1 status, and I am authorized to work through my STEM OPT period which is going to expire on March 11th, 2021. I married my partner last summer in June 2020, and we filed for my green card application the following September 2020. Got the receipt notice on early October 2020. I still haven't heard back from USCIS. Just today, my employer offered to sponsor me on a H1B, since they do not want to lose me and they said my EAD through marriage could take many more months to process as opposed to the H1B which apparently is moving relatively quickly according to the company's attorneys. I just wanted to ask: If I decided to go along with it and let my employer file a parallel H1B application on my behalf, will this affect my marriage-based Green Card application that is already processing since September 2020? Thanks
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How to do expedite EAD
Looking for help here

EB based AOS
RD - 26 Oct
ND - 30 Nov
MSC processing center
NJ local ASC
First time EAD

Desperate need of EAD now as employer will terminate

Should I reach out to local congress person?
What evidences will they ask ?
Biometric is first before I can expedite ?

Pls advise
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EAD status on USCIS websites hasn’t been updated since January 2020
I applied for greencard and EAD. I received a notice receipt for both, but for EAD the website didn’t update anything else besides “we sent you a receipt” and that was back in January 2020. Whereas, for AOS around April, they said my case is ready to be scheduled for interview. The thing is when I applied, I already got an EAD from Optional Practical Training, which is granted by my school. But now that it expired, I still didn’t hear anything back, despite submitting a outside of normal processing time request on the website. What should I do?
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Verification by uscis?
People who have submitted documents for expedite - does USCIS cross verify the proof submitted? Any experience? Thanks
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I was married to a USC and filed I-765 along with other applications on July 2020 to NBC, and I had my biometric appointment on Jan 8, 2021. But I'm still waiting for USCIS to approve my EAD and I already had 2 job offers waiting for me and I was out of job for 8 months. Anyone has similar experience or successfully expedited their EAD recently?
Thanks a lot for the help here!
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EAD Renewal
I am currently working on L2-EAD expiring in May 2021. My spouse L1 would be filed for extension soon. Once his extension is applied, can I submit my renewal based on receipt notice or need to wait for my spouse's L1 and I539 approval to be completed before filing EAD extension?

Also, can L2 EAD be filed in premium processing?

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Renewal EAD is produced within a month
Hello All!

I am a Seattle filer for Marriage Based Green card.

I filed all my paperwork on 12/19/19 and I received my initial EAD on 5/24/20.

I am still waiting for my interview, however, when I applied for the EAD renewal since my initial EAD is set to expire this year on 5/24/21, my card is being produced within 3 weeks of filing the paperwork.

USCIS received my paperwork on 1/12/21 and I see the notification on the USCIS website which stated " On January 29, 2021, we ordered your card to be produced. "

Just wanted to let you guys know but please make sure to file your renewal paperwork on time cause you never know.
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