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I-765 approved but No EAD (70 days)
My I-765 got approved in dec 2020 but I have not received my EAD (Based on pending I-485).I have not received any response to e-request made in 3rd week of Jan 2021 ( a month after I765 approval) Any idea how to expedite getting card printed and dispatched?
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EAD Renewal - AOS(C9 category)
February 24, 2021 Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office
February 25, 2021 The Post Office picked up mail containing your new card.
February 24, 2021 We produced your new card for your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.
February 22, 2021 We are producing your new card for your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.
January 30, 2021 We received your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and mailed you a receipt notice.
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Combo Card - I765 delay - what next before expiry?
Hi all
I think many of you are frustrated with EAD Delays. i am on the same boat.
Need your advice. My EAD expires on 3/23/2021.
I have the receipt notice and my case says fingerprints updated.
My employers have been chasing for new EAD, if not i will be in LOP with no medical beenfits and eventually loose the job.
In this scenario, can i expedite the EAD? Please advise
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Dallas Texas
Hello guys please find my Time Line for combo card
I want to know what PD interviews are going in Dallas Field Office currently

USCIS Case Sent: June 17 Via Priority Mail USPS
Package Delivered at Chicago: June 19
Check cashed on July 30, 2020
Receipts numbers in sms August 5
Receipts numbers in mail: August 08
I-765 sent again on August 13
Package Delivered at Chicago: August 16
Receipt Number in text on August 27
Update I-130 for Citizen: OCT 07
I-130 Approved: Oct 27
I-765 Biometrics scheduled Jan 16, 2021
I-765 Biometrics Letter in Mail: Jan 25, 2021
I-765 Biometrics date: Feb 09,2021
I-765 case is being actively y reviewed by USCIS: Feb 09,2021
I-485 Case is ready to schedule for an Interview :Feb 16,2021
I-765 Card is being Produced: Feb 18,2021
I-131 Case approved: Feb 19,2021
Combo Card produced: Feb 22,2021
Combo card mailed: Feb 23,2021
Combo Card received in mail box: Feb 25,2021

ASC Dallas Texas, Married to USC.
Adjusting from F1 Visa. Never Overstayed
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I765 Delay, C9
My EAD Renewal (C9) was received on 10/1/2020 per the Receipt Notice that I received in the mail. On Nov 6, 2020, status changed to "Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken". Last week (Last week of Feb 2021), the processing time was changed from 4-9months to 4-11months. I do have an automatic extension of 180 days (until July 2021). Can anyone share his/her experience as to when they receive their card? I understand that the Receipt Date For Case Inquiry is just a timeline when you can inquire if you haven't heard anything yet BUT, for instance the date now is April 4, 2020 for Receipt Date of Case Inquiry, it doesn't mean they are only processing the April 4, 2020 application, does it?
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EAD card is at "Awaiting Delivery Scan" status of USPS
My EAD card was already received by the local post office at Feb/22/2021, and the status is "Awaiting Delivery Scan" since Feb/23/2021. I went to the offices two times, but the person there cannot find my letter in the office. I received the I-797 notice, so the address should be correct, so I assume the card is lost for some reason, what can I do? Should I ask for a replacement right now?
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i765 Processing time increased to 3.5 to 11 months
I have submitted my family based GC documents(married to USC) in August and submitted the Request for Initial Evidence in October 16-2020. I completed my biometrics on Feb 19,2021.
My 6years on H1B completed in December,2020 and i am not working since. I was expecting at least EAD will be approved in few months. But seems like the processing times are increasing, USCIS website shows nearly 11 months. Is it really going to take 11 months or more for EAD approval? I am just taking care of the family with my savings .
I am really stressed about the processing timelines and being unemployed so long
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E3D or any Dependant EAD Premium processing
Hi All,

Currently, is premium processing available for E3D EAD or H4 EAD ??

Please let me know.

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EAD Renewal (On a L2 visa)

If it helps this is my timeline (applying for an EAD renewal on an L2):
Nov 14th 2020 - Sent application via FedEx
Nov 16th 2020 - FedEx confirmed delivery
Feb 9th 2021 - Charged $410 by 'Chicago Lockbox'
Feb 22nd 2021 - Received receipt notice

*Note I've only received my receipt notice not the EAD itself*

This is my 4th EAD...! I was worried that this application has been lost and called USCIS approx 3 times while waiting for the receipt, although I don't think this helped my case at all.
I also submitted my application to the Texas lockbox and was intrigued to see it show up as the Chicago lockbox on my credit card.

So far they've had my renewal for 99 days, I submitted it in time to give me the max 180 days for processing, so hopefully I'll get it in time. My current EAD expires mid May.
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EAD - 180 days going to expire next week
My EAD 180 days is going to expire next week, let me know what should I do ,
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