Electronic Payment for USA Visa Fees in India Using NEFT


NEFT stands for the National Electronic Funds Transfer system. It is the electronic funds transfer facility provided by most of the banks in India. You can make the payment by transferring the money directly from your bank account into the U.S. government account. Exact procedures for actually doing the funds transfer vary based on each bank. Various banks allow either online banking and/or mobile banking facilities. Using this option, you don’t have to visit the bank branch to make your USA visa fee payment. Most banks charge some additional fee for this convenience of NEFT for each transaction.


  • Create a Profile 
    Follow steps 1 through 10, as mentioned in scheduling a USA visa appointment

  • After that, on the “Payment Confirmation Screen”, click on the link “Click Here For All Payment Options“. A new window will open. 

    Payment options

  • Click on the “Bank of America” logo under the “Electronic” section.

    Overseas electronic funds transfers are not accepted (even if you have a Bank of America account in the U.S.). You can only make this payment if you maintain a Rupee bank account in India.

  • A new browser window will open up with the instructions to make the transfer using NEFT. 

    Sample instructions

    Take the print out of the customized instruction pages. 

  • Pay attention to the “Unique Beneficiary Account Number” to which you will send the NEFT payment. 

    Sample number: TIER5730232729080
    (Do NOT make a payment to this number. You must make payment only to YOUR unique number displayed). 

    The following details remain the same for everyone: 

    IFSC Code: BOFA0MM6205 (Bank of America N.A.)
    Beneficiary Name: “BANA MUMBAI US VISA SFA”

    The amount in INR will vary based on the number of applicants and the visa class they are applying for.

  • IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU KEEP THE UNIQUE ACCOUNT NUMBER THAT YOU ACTUALLY USE TO MAKE YOUR NEFT PAYMENT. You must have this number as proof of payment in order to schedule your appointment. You must save this number, and it is your responsibility to do so. If you lose that number, you must make another payment.


You will receive one receipt number per transaction, and the same receipt number can be used for each valid MRV fee paid.

In most cases, within two to four hours after payment is completed, a receipt is automatically activated against your application number. One you the receipt is activated, you will not receive any sort of information via SMS or email. The only way to check your receipt number is to log into your account.

Click on “continue,” and you will see a notification stating, “You have 1 receipt(s) that can be used for this transaction. Click on “use existing receipt” and your receipt number will reflect on your application.

Scheduling an Appointment

Please note that under NEFT, the transactions are processed in batches and not real time. Therefore, it may around 2 hours for the recipient to receive the funds.

You can schedule your appointment two business days after paying the visa application fee with NEFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from your bank account.

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