USA Visa Fees in India FAQ

Q: What if I don’t live in a place where any branch of Axis Bank or Citibank is available? How do I pay the fees?
With over 1,800 locations of Axis Bank throughout India, it is very unlikely that there is no nearby branch. Either you or someone you know in a city where such a branch is located can pay the fee. The first page of your passport is required to pay the fee. Alternatively, you can make the payment using electronic bank transfer through NEFT.

Q: I am already in the U.S. and going to India for visa stamping. How do I pay the fees? Can I pay the fee over there?
 The procedure is the same.

The best option for you would be to make the payment using electronic bank transfer through NEFT, provided you have a bank account with a bank in India (such as an NRE account) that provides the NEFT facility.

Alternatively, you can ask someone in India to visit the bank branch on your behalf

You may ask, what if there is no one in India who can do this for me? Unfortunately, there is no other option.

Q: Can I pay the fee online using a credit card?
 No. Look at all the available payment options.

Q: Can I mail the payment to one of the designated bank branches?
 No. Look at all the available payment options.

Q: Do I have to buy the demand draft from designated banks only? Or can I get it from any nationalized bank?
 You just have to submit the demand draft in any of the branches in any of the designated banks. You can buy it from any nationalized bank.

Q: I have already got the Visa Fee receipt prior to the rate change. Do I have to get a new receipt, or do I get the difference back (or do I have to pay the difference)?
You do not get the difference back nor do you pay the difference, and your receipt is valid if it is less than one year old.

Q: I have already made the demand draft but have not taken the Visa Fee Receipt. Will that demand draft be accepted because of the $ rate change?
 No, you need to cancel the demand draft and get a new one for the correct amount if your appointment is on or after the latest rate change.

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