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I-131 Advance Parole for minor

We applied I-485, I-131 and I-765 to TSC on 29 Nov 2016 for myself, spouse and 4 yr old daughter

I -131 and I- 765 are approved for me and my spouse on Feb 17 and received combo card.
Still no update on my daughter's case.

We have to travel outside US next month, I am really worried.
Anyone had such experience ?


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EB2 -Advanced Degree
EB2 (Texas Service Center)..

Here is the time line -

Filed (I140/I485/I131/I765) together on December 22, 2016 [ I-140: Regular filing]
NOA - 1/5/2017
Biometric date - 1/24/2017
Received Combo Card - 2/16/2017
Now waiting for both I-140 and I 485 approval -
Priority date is current for my home country.

Just wondering whether any of you has similar filing story ... also any idea of possible processing time ..

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My I-140 and I-485 were filed concurrently too.The receipt date is July 28 2015. I received my EAD/AP card shortly after, but still waiting for I-140 approval. It has been 7 months and I hope to get my GC in next two months. I am from Iran and the executive order may impact the processing time.
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How long does I-485 need to be pending before USCIS accepts inquires?
My I-140 and I-485 (EB2 ROW) were filed concurrently on July 15 2016. I received combo card in late October. On Nov 10 my case was transferred from Nebraska to Texas, something that happened to a lot of applicants on that date. It has now been more than 220 days and when I tried to submit a query I received a message that it was still within normal processing times, and as a result I could not submit a query.

So my question is, when is it considered to be outside normal so I can submit a query?

Grateful for any help on the topic.
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Name was updated
Hello, my husband and I are from Venezuela, and we'd like to share our timeline with you. This forum has been very helpful for us!

EB1 on Texas Service Center

09/20/2016 Submitted I-140 (Premium processing service)
10/03/2016 I-140 approved
12/19/2016 Submitted I-485 (AOS F1 to Permanent Resident), I-131, I-765 for both.
12/22/2016 Applications received by USCIS
01/09/2017 Receipt notices arrived by mail
01/15/2017 Received Biometrics Appointment Notice
01/30/2017 Biometrics done (Philadelphia, PA)
02/24/2017 Online status updated to: "NAME WAS UPDATED"

Does anyone have a similar situation?

(As you can see in our timeline, we're still waiting for EAD/AP approval)

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EB3 Category on Nebraska Service Center:

12/14/2016 submitted I-485, I-131, I-765.
12/14/2016 USCIS received the Applications.
12/30/2016 Receipt notices arrived at mail.
02/08/2017 Received Biometrics Appointment Notice.
02/16/2017 Biometrics done.

Still waiting for EAD/AP Approval

is anyone with similar timeline?
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GC biometrics
Filed applications on dec 6. with TSC . Received EAD but sill waiting on bio metrics APPT. Can we make an inquiry with USCIS or has anyone had similar experience. I hear people receiving biometrics appt within a month or 45days.
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EB1A GC filing (Premium processing)
Below is my timeline.

4th Nov 2016- I-140 filed (Premium processing-EB1A)- Receipt notice mailed.
16th Nov 2016- I-140 case approved.
17th Nov 2016- Receipt notice mailed.

November 22,2016 - Filed for I-485, I-131, I-765 (For spouse and myself) with Texas Service center as the priority date for EB1A category was current.
December 6, 2016 - Received receipt notice for the three , "fingerprint fee was recieved ", case was transferred to Nebraska Service Center.

Jan 4, 2017- Biometrics appointment notice recieved.
Jan 17, 2017- Biometrics done.
Feb 6, 2017- EAD (I-765), & AP(I-131) was approved for both.
Feb 9, 2017- Card was mailed.
Feb 10, 2017 - Combo card (EAD & AP) with 1 year validity received for both.

Please note : Online status was updated only for EAD, not for AP but received the combo card.

Will Update further accordingly.
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485 pending for ~7 months now!!!

I have been using this site to try and determine what would happen in my case, but from what I can tell it's a bit random what happens in each case, or at least not clear. To those that have received their GC approvals congrats!

My case is as follows,
EB2, Texas service Center

07/22/16 - I-140 and I-485 filled together
07/25/16 - I-140 and I-485 received
08/12/16 - I140 Premium processing filled
08/26/16 - I-140 approved with Premium processing
10/10/16 - Biomertics Done
10/13/16 - EAD/AP Approved
10/27/16 - EAD/AP Card received
01/11/17 - Texas Center processing dates showing I-485 employment based date of 07/28 (has not changesd since)
01/12/17 - Submitted inquiry on taking longer than processing time
01/27/17 - Received Inquiry response, saying case is currently in line for processing and adjudication.

Issues that may be complicating my case, though the lawyer says it shouldn't be:
- Delayed Biometrics due to Wife and son being out of country and could not file their I-485 until their return
- When they returned in August USCIS placed a backlog on I-485 and wife and son could not file until October 1st
10/3/16 - Wife and son's I-485 received
late October/Eraly November - Wife and Son's Biometrics
12/14/17 - Wife and Son's EAD/AP approved
01/03/17 - Wife and son's EAD/AP cards received

Anyone know of similar cases or any updates from Texas center that would help me understand my case???
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485 approved
Hi All,

I have been watching this site for so long. Here is my journey

EB2, Texas Service Center

10/18-- I-485/I-131/I-765/I-140 Concurrent Sent package
10/27-- NOA received
11/18- Biometrics done
1/23-- EAD/AP approved
1/30-- Receieved combo card
2/17-- 4:00 PM - I-485 status changed to new card being produced
2/17-- 8:55 PM-- -I-485 case approved

By God's grace its all done and we are in the final step before we receive the card.

Thank you for sharing your experience and good luck.
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