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sridharusa     08/04/2017 00:09 AM

I got my EAD/AP in Jun 2017 under eb1c - India filing. I-140/I-485 is still pending. Petition filed concurrently on Mar 22.

Suppose my current employer decided to layoff from my current job, what are the options I have ?

Is the EAD helpful getting another job with different employer, what are the risks?. I am still holding onto my H1B status.

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makris1417     07/08/2017 14:40 PM

My agency applied for my I140 last July 2015 and only last May of 2017, when I checked the status of my application it's placed on RFE. I'm worried because it took me for almost 2 years prior I got a reply from USCIS, and worse it's placed on RFE.What are the chances that I might get an approval?
My problem is my agency is not even disclosing anything regarding the RFE nor asking for additional documents from me.

Anyone here who has the same experience?

Hope for your response. Thanks

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Wuliu     07/06/2017 14:36 PM

After a bad start with another company that was taking too long to file my petition, I asked around to my work friends on another firm and they reccomeended sir Jonathan Goslow. Two of them had worked with him doing their rfe against a difficult officer and said he was really good. Wow. I had a discussion with him and was impressed as well. He really knows much about 140. And they even offered the same things like money back if we not approved. We are already so far along. I'm just so hapy we choose to go with that them. They are so fast.

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Alvin naidoo     01/29/2017 22:31 PM

Hello, I submitted my I-140 and I-485 concurrent application with the following timeline:
PD: July 28, 2016
Biometrics - August 2016
EAD - October 2016
Processing at TSC
Waiting for feedback

If anyone has the same timeline let me know if you received approval already or still waiting.

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bangooli     10/29/2016 21:37 PM

I wanted to thank Chen group for the great job they did on my I 140 case. They worked with me to prepare my case. During the preparation they were responsive, fast and professional. They did a great job and my case was approved without any RFEs.

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Sofyaa     11/12/2015 15:39 PM

I am very grateful to Chen for the amazing job they have done.
When I started contacting the lawyers for Green Card application more than a year ago, I was told that my case is weak, the number of citations was low (~40 at a time of submission) and it is better to wait. Chen Immigration Law Associates was the only firm that said my case is strong and in case of denial I’ll get the refund. I couldn’t afford waiting any more so I decided to apply with their help. I am glad that I made that decision. I have got I-140 approval!!! They are really great at what they do!

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tyleam     10/16/2015 16:21 PM

I was just contacted regarding the approval of my self-petition for permanent residence in the NIW category.

Here is some of my background information:
Degree: Ph.D. from a research University in the USA
Field: Microbiology/ Biomedical engineering
Job during petition: Post-doc (on H-1B VISA)
Publication: 11 research articles, 1 review article
Total citation numbers: 441 (October 2015)
Home country: TAIWAN
USCIS processing time: 147 days

When I began the application, I knew my case was strong but didn't know how to start. I contacted several immigration lawyers, said that they have a total refund policy (for people like me who have a strong case) if the application is unfortunately rejected. So I decided to retain the firm.

Although I never met them in person, they were prompt in replying my questions and concerns within 24 hours. They are extremely professional; they wrote an excellent cover letter and four beautiful recommendation letters for me that were tailored to my background. Because of all their help, the only thing that I suffered from the process was the time awaiting for the USCIS to make the decision.

If you need to work like a real person does and don't have much time dealing with all the law and regulations, save some money to hire an immigration attorney to help you.

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codename00     09/21/2015 17:44 PM

Filed my case under premium processing with EB1A category. On september 14th 2015 the USCIS received the packet. On 16th they issued the case receipt notice which was mailed to me and I got it on 19th. I checked the online status and the online status showed case approved as of Sept 17th 2015.
 Excellent experience with WeGreened. I highly recommend their service. The documents and instructions are very easy to follow. One suggestion: PLEASE WRITE YOUR RESEARCH SUMMARY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It took me almost a month the get this task done. AND my recommenders were a little lazy. The whole process took me less than 4 months from scratch to I140 approval but I know that almost 7 weeks were wasted on my part.

Great service by WeGreened and would definitely recommend any and everyone who is looking for green card application under any category.

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hgz11mn     08/16/2015 17:29 PM

Here is my case:
Paper 12 (with 2 paper in Chinese)
citations: 170
review: 24
Field: Biology (molecular biology)
Filing date: March 24, 2015
Approval date: August 13, 2015
attorney: WeGreened

I would like to thank WeGreened for their professional help on my case. They gave me instructions on each step. The only good thing I have done in the whole process is to follow their instructions. Yes, all credits should be given to WeGreened for the approval of my case.
If you are busy or don't know how to handle I140 petition, I highly recommend WeGreened.

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fred101     08/08/2015 09:54 AM

I just got my I-140 approved under EB1A case. Exciting news. All credits to Chen Immigration (WeGreened). I was flabbergasted at how fast it to get approved (5 days after upgrade to Premium processing; less than 3 weeks from original petiton date). I live in Taiwan and I found their information from Google search and decided to contact them. It tells me there are still some honest hardworking attorneys out there. These guys are very professional; excellent communication at every steps; extremely knowledgible about immigration stuff; and fantastic to work with. They are true The Leader of High Quality Immigration Petition. I had an excellent experience them. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Chen Immigration to anyone who is planning to petiton for immigration visa (EB1A, NIW or name it). Smiling all day.

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