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wonkystats     12/11/2019 00:56 AM

Hello, I recently acquired US citizenship and want to apply for OCI for myself. However I am not sure if I need a notarized copy of naturalization certificate? From what I have read it is not straightforward to get it notarized. Can someone who has recently applied tell me if CKGS insists on a notarized copy of the certificate? We are sending them original passport so that should be enough imho

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BigBlue     12/11/2019 11:03 AM

Hi All,

Does anyone has OCI experience from NYC center?

My Acknowledgement Dae on GOI website is 11/19/2019
And I'm traveling to India on 12/22/2019. I don't know what to do, please advise.

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Hark     12/11/2019 03:39 AM

Does anyone recently applied for newborn oci card from Washington D.C?
How many days it will take to get the card?
My travel plan is in first week of March, is there any chance before can i get the card?
Thank in advance.

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ajc7     12/07/2019 02:59 AM

In how many days you will get original passport back in case of minor application

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elewa2010     12/05/2019 08:40 AM

HI Dear all

i applied for my OCI Under below information

File Reference Number SDNK0002FN17
Date Of Acknowledgment 17-SEP-2017
Registration Status at Mission KHARTOUM
OCI Application Status UNDER-PROCESS

if this normal ?

please your support

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Sharma372     12/03/2019 23:30 PM

Does anyone have experience when they applied for OCI and received acknowledges on November 11th . Generally how long does it take after that for it to complete?

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baranee_l     11/23/2019 23:38 PM

Hello am on the final stage of Shipping documents to Consulate . Since we cannot make the payment online . we have to get either money order or bankers cheque.

Should we fill the Money Order [Money gram] and send along with the submission documents in the Envelope

such as Pay to the Order of , etc ...


Is if fine to send a blank money order - until if the amount is fine . [so the consulate would take care of the money order processing]

If any recent experience , please share your thoughts.


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Sharma372     11/20/2019 02:19 AM

I applied for my OCI card 12 days ago and I still can't log in into the database to check its status. When I try to log in it says "no such record found". I am not sure what that means and what is wrong with the process? Does anyone know what is happening?
Can someone please help me?

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vijbabu     11/16/2019 09:17 AM

My OCI card has date of birth printed incorrectly on it. And I understand I need to apply for Misc services to have it fixed. It takes around 45+ days for embassy to process it. But I need to travel to India urgently. Can someone advise on the best course of action?
Do you face any problem at immigration with incorrect date of birth on OCI?

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akoci     11/12/2019 00:38 AM

Did anyone expect any delays from SFO consulate in dispatching the OCI Card to CKGS ?

Govt website says its been delivered to SFO on 4th Nov. But no updates yet on CKGS.

How does the process work here someone from CKGS goes to consulate and pick up the card or the consulate sends them to CKGS ?

This is so lame, even though the card has been processed its taking more time to get it delivered than it was being processed in Delhi.

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