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Family Based Greencard

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help oh help
I want to file for green card but im out of status on my f-1 visa since 20days now. But before I was out of status i had been married to a U.S citizen. will out of status affect my green card? please I need help;

anyone could hlep me please.
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My husband needs papers
I am a citizen and married an illigal immigrant 2 years ago. Now we have 1 child together and i want to apply for his papers but don't know where to even begin and we don't have alot of money for an attorney please help me understand where to start.
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my husband does not want to apply for a green card for me
I have been married for one year now, with my husband, and any time i talked to him about applying for a green card for me, so i will be a resident permanent he refused, up to now i am legall because my visa will expire in one year, but i am affraid that will end without getting the green card and i will be in trouble with the immigration, so please advise me what should i do, i am a poor stranger woman and i don't know anyone, i thought maybe if i posted my porblem here i will get some answer, please tell me what should i do?
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help my
Hello, help me know my case, already approved when they go to talk go to keep the appointment at the consulate and wanted to know how long more step taken a year since we already approved. Thanks for the help.
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Green Card Process
Immihelp has been a great resource for my AOS.

It was a very smooth process all the while and the AOS interviewer was extremly courteous.

End of it, it is about getting all the documentation right

10/01/09 - I-485, I-130, I-765 Filed
10/22/09 - RFE Sent
11/19/09 - EAD Approved
01/04/10 - Green Card Approved

Thanks everyone & IMMI
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One OK, second wasnt'
I am a Legal Perm Resident. It took 4 years for my green card to be granted. I applied for my son's last year. The process was just amazing. I submitted the paperwork in the November, he got his biometrics in December, his work authorization arrived in March followed very quickly by his green card. No interview necessary.

What happened next was a nightmare though. I had sent in my daughter's application with his medical examination paperwork. Her paperwork was "never received". Anyway we had a falling out and she left to go back to UK earlier this year. She'd overstayed on the Visa Waiver program by 5 months. Both me and my daughter decided that it would be better if she came back to US to live with me again. I purchased her a ticket (she's 16 by the way) and she flew out to Philadephia. I received a phone call at 1pm Arizona time from the Customs & Border Protection officers. Asking me if my daughter had a green card. I told them the paperwork had been submitted. She wasn't in the system, she'd violated the visa waiver program, therefore she was being denied entry. They put her on a flight back to the UK that same night.

Anyway,now I'm going to apply for a visa again while she's in the UK. It's strange how one can go so easy, but the other is so messed up.
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filing for my sister
I have my interview on 9/22..I wanted to know if I can file for my sister (she is 16yrs). She came here on a B2. She is currently in final year of high school..I wanted to know if i can file for her.
FYI- I suspect i will be given a conditional resident for 2yrs..

Pls contact me on [email protected]
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revoked residency
Can the USCIS just cancell or revoked my permanent residency if my american husband told them that our marriage was fraud. Im in Canada right now for a vacation and Im too scared to go back to America thinking that they might refuse my entry.
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Please reply me
Hi my name is soumya,

My brother holds a greencard,can he sponsor greencard directly to me and my parents.
what is the process for doing it?how long it will take for this whole process to get a greencard.
I heard manytimes from so many people that,somebody has sponsored their brothers,their sisters
and parents,and somebody sponsored their nephews.
actually how it is possible,can anybody tell me the whole process for doing sponsorship.

please send your responses to [email protected]

your respones would be highly appreciated

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Family Based Green Card Interview
My Son who is a US Bron Citizen now 25 years of age filed I-130 petitions for both parents.We were interviewed at the US Consulate in Montreal.However the officer did not approve to issue visas on the ground that my son is not currently living in the USA.The officer asked us to provide proof of his Domicile in the USA.How does one provide this as my son is now 25 years old and has always been living with us form Chilhood wherever we have lived since his birth. He just finished his University education. He is trying to get a job in the USA but due to the economic outlook not getting any interviews.He has always possessed a USA passport since birth and is still valid.What do we do to prove his domicile??

Has anyone had this kind of an issue ?? Help.
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