I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiance(e)

Sample I-129F for K1 visa

Sample I-129F for K3 visa

Fillable I-129F


  • I-129F is entirely different from regular I-129 which is used for petition for nonimmigrant worker and has many supplements such as H, L, O/P etc. I-129F has nothing to do with regular I-129 form.
  • I-129F form is used for both K1 visa (fiance) and K3 visa (spouse), even though the title of the form indicates fiance. That is because K3 visa was created later and the form was adapted for married couple.

Part 1. Information About You

If the petitioner was non-US citizen earlier and got naturalized later, they would have Alien Registration Number (A-Number). Otherwise, leave it blank.

If the petitioner has opened an USCIS Online Account, write that number. Otherwise, leave it blank.

As the petition is US citizen, they will definitely have U.S. Social Security Number. It should be mentioned here.

Check appropirate box, either for K-1 visa or K-3 Visa.

Last name in all capital letters, other name(s) in small letters. Spell out the entire middle name.
e.g., if your full name is Rahul Ram Gupta,
Family name: GUPTA
First name: Rahul
Middle name: Ram

If you have used any other names in the past, mention it here. Include any name such as shortened names, pet name (if used on any document).

8 through 12.
Mention your current mailing address. If you have not lived there for the past five years, mention your prior mailing addresses.

13 through 20.
Starting with the most current employer, mention your employer history in the past five years. For the current employment, Employment End Date should be left blank, if you are still employed there.

Check only 1 box. K1 visa: It must be any other than “married”. K3 visa: It must be “married”. Don’t check ‘Divorced’ even if you were previously divorced. It only asks about the current marital status.

If you have been previously married, please write the information about your previous spouse. All of your prior marriage must have ended before you can sponsor fiance (K1 visa) or marriage with spouse (K3 visa) would not be valid.

Date(s) marriage(s) ended must be the dates when the divorce became final.
K3 visa: Final divorce date must not be after current marriage date.

If you obtained US citizenship through naturalization, the number can be found on the top right-hand corner of the naturalization certificate. The date and place it was issued are on shown on the certificate.

If your citizenship was obtained through parents, you may have certificate of citizenship that shows a certificate number.

If you had ever submitted petition for this or any other fiance or spouse before, you need to mention them here. USCIS may take a closer look to make sure there was no fraud involved. While it possible for you to get engaged or married with more than one alien, one at a time, there are people who charge money for sponsoring petitions and USCIS wants to catch them.

Part 2. Information About Your Beneficiary

Last name in all capital letters, other name(s) in small letters. Spell out the entire middle name.
e.g., if your full name is Manisha Devi Agrawal,
Family name: AGRAWAL
First name: Manisha
Middle name: Devi

If you have A number, mention it here. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Unless you had work permit or work visa in the US before, you will not have social security number. Leave blank in that case.

Check only 1 box.
K1 visa: It must be any other than “married”.
K3 visa: It must be “married”. Don’t check ‘Divorced’ even if you were previously divorced. It only asks about the current marital status.

Maiden name is the woman’s name before marriage. (Many woman change name after marriage. Some women take husband’s last name as their last name, while others (particularly in South India) take husband’s first name as their last name.)

K1 visa: As you would not be married currently, it refers to any name before previous marriages, if any.
K3 visa: It is not necessary to change name after marriage. More details

If you were married previously, all previous marriages must have ended through legal means such as divorce or death.
K1 visa: You must not be married.
K3 visa: You must be married only to the US citizen petitioner spouse and this must be the only marriage.

All the children of fiance(e), born either from of this relationship or previous one.

If the alien fiance(e) have any children, please provide information about them. If fiance(e) is getting K1 visa, children will get K2 visa. In case of K3 visa, children will get K4 visa.

Your US address should preferably be the same as your US citizen sponsor’s address, otherwise USCIS may get suspicious.

While, it is possible that you may want to spend some time away from your fiance/spouse for school or work reason, it is best to put your permanent address in US same as your fiance/spouse’s US address.

If you have a compelling reason to put different address, attach detailed explanation with the application or consult an immigration attorney.

49, 50.
If your native language uses a non-Roman script such as Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Hebrew etc, you will need to write your name and address in that script. If you can accurately type in some languages, it’s OK to do that. If you are filling this form online, this can’t be written online. It’s OK to fill rest of the form, print it and write it by hand.

K1 visa: If you and your fiance are related by blood, you will have to make sure that such marriage is allowed in the state where you plan to marry.
K3 visa: Answer ‘No’ and write ‘Not a blood relation – we are married, and she will apply for a K-3 visa’

K1 visa: Attach a page to answer this question. If you have not met your fiance for any reason, you need to mention in this letter why you need a waiver for requirement of meeting in person. Even though the primary purpose of this letter is to show that you met the requirement of meeting in person, please include some personal details about your life with your fiance as well to that it is a real relationship. Please do not simply copy of the example, write some details of your own.

K3 visa: Write ‘Yes’ here. And write how you met such as ‘We initially met a common friend’s place and got married in December 2004.’

Enter the name of the US consulate in your home country; or if there is no US consulate in your country, the one with power to handle visa requests from your country. e.g., US embassy in Turkey handles the applicants from Iran as there is no US embassy/consulate in Iran. If there are multiple consulates in your country, write the one that has jurisdiction over your residence area.

K3 visa: This must be in the country where your marriage took place, or if you were married in the US, country of immigrating spouse’s current residence.

US embassies/consulates worldwide

Self-explanatory. Answer in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ whether you met your fiance(e) or our spouse through the services of an international marriage broker.

If yes, please provide the name and any contact information you may have (including internet or street adress) of the international marriage broker and where the international marriage broker is located. Attach additional sheets of paper if necessary.

Part 3. Other Information

1 through 5. Truthfully answer all the questions.

Part 4. Biographic Information

1 through 5. Self-explanatory.

Part 5. Petition’s Satement, Contact Information, Declaration, Certification, and Signature

1, 2.
Check wiether you have filled this form yourself or someone else intepreted for you or translated for you.

3 through 5.
Enter petitioner’s contact information.

Petitioner should sign and date.

Part 6. Interpreter

Part 6 should be filled if interpreter helped with completing this form.

Part 7. Preparer

Part 7 should be filled if someone else prepared and completed this form.
If any lawyer or agency filled this form, they should provide their details.
If your friend, colleague or relative helped you fill this form, they don’t have to write their details here.

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