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Renewing Greencard

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I-751 Pending, when can I apply for US Citizenship?
04/30/2020: I-751 sent
05/06/2020: notices received
05/22/2020: Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction
06/30/2020: received 18 months extension letter for conditional resident card
07/23/2020: conditional green card expired

Since then no changes on status.

Can someone please advice when I am eligible to apply for US Citizenship N-400?
Can I apply for citizenship 90 days before 3-year date as a permanent resident based on extension letter received from USCIS? Or I should wait for my physical card to come in mail or to get case approved?

Any advise will be helpful.
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I-751 divorce waiver application
Hi Everybody,

I am filing an I-751 divorce waiver application and wondering what your thoughts are on my application. I am worried because I am missing some key documents since we have been married such as pictures, joint accounts/assets, etc. It is a real marriage and we moved in together with that intention. Unfortunately we didn't establish some benchmarks such as joint bank accounts, joint assets. etc. We weren't doing well in 2019 financially so we didn't go anywhere thus no pictures during that time, and in 2020, due to covid, we didn't go anywhere, so no pictures.

Here is a brief history --

1. Long term couple, Dated from 2008-2012, then 2015-2017. I was at college and met her during my internship. Have tons of pictures, trips, etc of our dating days.
2. Girlfriend moved in with me in Jun 2017. Got married Nov 2017. 
3. Got conditional GC in May, 2019.
4. Started to have trouble in the early 2020. Wife moved out in Sept 2020.
5. We have decided to file for a divorce but have not started the process yet.

Here are the documents that I have --
– Joint tax returns from the previous 2-3 years;
– Copies of driver’s licenses showing the same address;
– Mortgage or lease agreement with both names;
– Copies of joint credit cards
-- health insurance
-- Auto insurance
– Copies of any joint utilities or cell phone bills;
– Copies of life insurance policies naming the other as a beneficiary;
– 401k with wife being beneficiary
– Stocks or trading accounts with wife being beneficiary
– Names of 5-7 people, preferably on the U.S. Citizen’s side of the family or mutual friends willing to sign an affidavit confirming the authenticity of your marriage.

Don't have

– Photos of the two of you together and with family since 2019.
– Joint bank statements
-- Joint assets (car, etc)
– Joint airline/vacation reservations;

Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!
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Affidavit letter of support from Friends Needed?
Hi All
We are planning to not included motorized affidavit letter of support from family or friend due to COVID.
We have other evidence documents.
Will it be a problem?
Any experience who didn’t submit affidavit letters from family/ friends?
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I-751 Case Transferred to NBC
Hello everyone!

I am from Los Angeles. I filed my case in August 2020. Last week my case status changed to "Case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction."
Today I received a notice dated 1/6/2021 stating that USCIS completed a preliminary review of my petition and, as part of standard processing, my case was transferred from California Service Center to National Benefits Center in Lee's Summit, MO.

Has anyone experienced this? What I should expect next? I found some info online that NBC may adjudicate greencard cases without referring them to the local offices for an interview, but I don't know if that is true.
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GC renewal
Hi guys

Anyone here from texas .. I submit my document last july 2020 my status case still the same........ case was received july schedule for biometric ... anyone knows how slow the process in texas? how months or years of waiting ..
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Different address work related
I filed for renewal with two different address. I currently work in Pennsylvania because I struggled to find a good pay job in indiana, so me and my wife agreed I accept an offer from Pensylvania while I visit indiana.
My Physical address is in Indiana while mailing address is in Pensylvania. I was also able to provide information of my current location in Indiana by providing my personal account and a join account of me and my wife, vacation pictures, joined health insurance, utilities that has my physical address in indiana. I am planning moving back once I get a position back in indiana. Do you think I would have provided written information about this? Do I have to wait for USCIS to give a feedback?
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Case ready to be scheduled for interview
When I check my case status on usics it has been saying "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" since the past 6 months. Does that mean they will certainly call me in for an interview or is it possible for them to waive the interview. My spouse is going to be out the states for a while and now I am confused what to do if they call us for an interview together. Any help?
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No Receipt Notice on I-751
Hello, I filed my I-751 to Phoenix PO Box via USPS and the tracking number states that it was delivered on 11/23/20. It has been about 1 month and I have not received any receipt or check cashed. Followed up with USCIS and they told me to email lockbox support, but then the auto-reply from lockbox support says they do not respond to I-751 receipt notice as this notice is not printed by the lockbox.

Is anyone on the same timeline? Or advice on who to contact from USCIS? It's hard to get get anything done without a receipt number. Thank you!
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I-751 Removal of Conditions: Charleston, SC - OFFICE
Just to know how long is it taking for the i-751 (ROC) process at Charleston, SC - Office. Really appreciate all the answers.

Thanks in advance and good luck y'all
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I-751 Removal of Conditions

I am about to apply for the I-751 removal of conditions in Jan 2021. Could anyone of you please advise what are the best documents to collect. So that i can prepare well and send them with the application package. really appreciate that and thanks in advance.

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