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I-751 Case Approved
Hi all! Wanted to share the good news - after my case was transferred to NBC, it was approved in under 2 months.

Originally, my case was filed with California Service Center.
7/30/2020 I-751 received by USCIS
1/5/2021 Case was transferred to another USCIS Office (NBC)
2/19/2021 We ordered your new card / case was updated to reflect that fingerprints were taken
2/22/2021 Case was approved

I was so shocked at how fast it went - from what I heard, cases in California take at least a year, and it's barely been 7 months. Waiting for my greencard in the mail now!

Good luck everyone!
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I-751/ Got my 10 years GC in hand less than 5 months from start.
Hi guys, I just wanna share my experience about my case today and I'm so happy right now.

I applied for ROC on the end of Sept, 2020 (can't remember exactly what's day because my lawyer did that but it was around 15th to 20th)

- Received I-797 notice on Sept 29, 2020.
- They reused my fingers print on Oct, 2020.
- On Nov, 2020 received 18 months extension and they transferred my case to a new office to make a decision (from SRC to NBC)
- And 10 days ago (Feb 12) I got a phone call from my lawyer that uscis already approved my case, I opened the uscis app immediately and check then I saw status was: "On Feb 12, 2020 - We ordered your new card for receive numbers..."

So at that time I was really shocked because it was crazy fast than what I've expected.

Back on 2017 when I applied for AOS, it took me 3 & a half hours to complete the interview and end up with a NOID (Noticed Intend to Denied) in hand cuz they didn't believe our marriage is real. A year later on Oct 19, 2018, I got my 2 years GC after a stressful year to fix the situation.

Today (Feb 22, 2021) finally I got my 10 years GC on my mail box, and thanks God for everything.

Feel free to ask any questions that you guys considering about my case.

Evidence sent:
- Jointly (Bank acc, 3 years taxes, Insurances, utility bills)
- An affidavit letter from our friend who knows us well.
- Photo (about 25) / different places, different times with different people, included photos of us.
- No house things, kids, wedding or business... (we lived at her parents house)

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I-751 Package in Transits for 7 days
I mailed my I-751 applications from Omaha Nebraska to Phoenix AZ with USPS priority mail two days delivery on 02/13/2021 and it was scheduled to be delivered before 3:00 PM on 02/16/2021, but to my surprise, my package is yet to be delivered up till now and it has been in transits in the last 7 days according to the tracking. Has anyone experienced this before ? Please what are my options ? Should I prepare another package and send it through Fedex or UPS ? I'm stressing out already.

Please I need you guys advice .
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Help help help

Have any one come across this issue whereby proof of delivery state package deliver to ;;;

1820 E sky harbor cir s
Phoenix Az 85034

The above address wasn’t the address i gave ups or mailed my package to.

I saw in a platform where by other people experience the same issue. They stated later they got their receipt notice.

it was shipped via ups.
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i-751 receipt or notice of action not received
Hi Everyone,

I have filed my i-751 application this January and my application along with all documents were delivered to USCIS lockbox facility in Phoenix, Arizona. I have not received any receipt or notice of action from USCIS and it has been 32 days since the mail was delivered. I am really worried as my green card will expire on April4, 2021.

My application was delivered on Jan 15, 2021. I am also worried about my driver's license which will expire soon. Also, I have a job and I am worried if it will affect my eligibility to work.

Does anyone know how I should contact USCIS? Because I do not have a receipt number, I am not able to fill out their online inquiry form. Also, I have tried several times to reach an agent by calling USCIS, but there seems to be no way to reach an agent to get help.

Please give me some advice.

Thank you
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Traveling with NOA
Hi all,
First of thanks for immihelp and members here helping each other..

I already have my NOA with 18 month extension but GC is expiring in March. If I want to travel anywhere, could you please post the process?

Thanks much!!!
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I-751 filing to early or no?
Hi guys,

I was reading in the USCIS glossary to understand what would be “filing to early” but couldnt answer my question; this are the details:

My 2 year green card expires this April 30th 2021 so the earliest I could filed was January 30th 2021, according to the 90 days calculation in uscis web site.

I sent my paperwork on January 31st and they received it the 2nd of February (FedEx notify me).

The catch is that we signed the form with the date of January 29th (one day before the 90 day rule)

MY QUESTION will be: the filling date is when uscis received the form or the date you put on the form when you signed it?

Thanks I’m advance!
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Form I-751 (Rejection)
Hi Guys,

          i thought i should share my situation with you guys, maybe it can be helpful.My 2 year green card expires 03/08/21 and I filled Form I-751, mailed to Phoenix, AZ and it was delivered on 12/17/20 but on 01/23/21, i received my form I-797C (including all my documents) with a rejection stating that i filled prior to the 90 day period and also stating that they received it on Nov 20th 2020 which doesn’t make any sense. i immediately met up with a lawyer and he advised me to return the materials with a cover notice on top and the word "fixed", as well as not to rearrange my materials from how they returned them to me. He didn't feel it was a cause to for concern that he had seen a similar thing before. I mailed it back as instructed on 01/25/21 and it was delivered on 01/27/21. I immediately reached out (via email) to the congress person in my district to ask for help because i'm scared of losing my job. Today, i also contacted and spoke with a USCIS agent and it wasn't helpful because they asked me to wait. I'm leaving everything to God and remaining hopeful. Please let me know you've had or heard similar situation. Thank
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Travel on Conditional GC with pending I-751
My conditional green card is set to expire on 4/4/21. I’ve already sent my application and as we all know, there are major delays in USCIS sending receipt notices and the extension letter. Has anyone had experience traveling and returning Nancy to the country with merely 2 months left on the conditional GC? All responses are appreciated.
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I-751 approved
Hi guys,
This forum was very helpful. I just got feedback from USCIS. See below my timeline
03/10/2020 : i-751 received by USCIS
05/07/2020 : fingerprints applied
12/21/2020 : case transferred to another office
01/21/2021 : new card is being produced
01/22/2021 : case was approved
I didn’t receive the card yet so hopefully next week or so.
I applied i-751 waiver.
Good luck all or you
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