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H1B, H4 Visa

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DropBox H1 & H4 in Bangalore
Case : I already have my I140 approved and obtained an extension for 3 years effective June20. So my H1b had still not expired. I am with the same employer, but got promoted last year.

Dropbox Location : Bangalore.
Consulate : Chennai

10th May 2019 : dropped off passports with docs at VFS banagalore. Status: Passport is being delivered to post
11th (saturday): same status
12th (sunday ): same status
13th : Received
14th : Admin Processing at around noon.
15th: Issued (at around 10.30 AM)

Pending passport collection at Bangalore.
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H1B 221g white slip received

on May 14th 2019, I attended H1B interview at HYD consulate, I am working in US for my current employer since July 2017 and got my H1b approval and change of status in January 2019.

At the interview, I submitted my I797A approval notice,
Q1. Did you get one more I797A?

Ans : Yes, I got one more i797A, Initially the USCIS have me an I797A which stated the H1B visa will till sep 2020, but after some days I got one more where H1B visa will be valid till sep 2021. I submitted the newer one to the vo.

Then VO asked some normal questions,
what degree did you complete?

when did you complete your masters?

when did OPT start?

which employer did you start working immediately after OPT start?

How long have you been working for your current employer?

Have you ever been benched?
ans : No

Are you working for a client or petitioner?
ans : petitioner

Who paid the H1B visa fees?
ans : My employer

Then she said it would take 5 to 6 days to process the visa, and gave me 221g white slip. Returned my I797A but did not give me back my passport.

The 221g white slip says,

Your visa application has been refused under sec..... because your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made. No visa shall be issued....

How will this scenario be played out?


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H1B New Delhi
Hi Everyone

This is the first time I have applied for an H1 visa (after winning the lottery). I had a valid L1 (2017 - 2020) when I applied.

April 29th - Interview (standard questions) was told approved and will get it back in 1 week. L1 was voided.
April 29th - Administrative Processing
May 6 - Case Last Updated changed but still in Administrative Processing (around 9am)
May 9 - Case Last Updated changed but still in Administrative Processing (around 4pm)
May 10 - Case Last Updated changed but still in Administrative Processing (around 11am)

There has been no update since. I do not have a common name. Anyone else had a similar situation?
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H1B DROPBOX- Chennai
Hi Everyone
I had immense help from this community for my visa application and wanted to share my experience.
My profile:
- I am Full time working for US company - have recently changed company. Came to India-Chennai - for H1B visa stamping - Qualified for Drop Box- below is my experience

May 6th (Mon) - Submitted Required Documents at the US Bio metrics Center - Took about 1 hour.
May 7th (Tue) - Visa Status No Change - Passport Tracking: Being delivered to US Post
May 8th (Wed)- Passport at US Post - Status: Not able to track status as website was giving error
May 9th (Thurs) - No change
May 10th (Fri): Visa Status - ISSUED, Passport: Available for Pick up.

By God's grace - my visa has been issued and I have collected the passport. Whole process was very smooth and received my passport within the 3-5 business days as they had mentioned earlier

Thanks immihelp!


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H1B VISA extension at Hyderabad
HI all

I had my dropbox application submitted April 29th
called in for an interview on May 13th
The VO asked general questions what is your salary , job role , highest degree of education..
Then said we need additional time to process your application. It usually takes 2-3 business days. He kept the passport..

He handed me a 221g im not sure if its same as white slip it basically has 5 lines stating that it is under Admin processing.. What does it mean??

Anyone else having same experience?

What does this mean?
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difference in old f1 ds160 and new H1 ds160
When i attended my F1 visa back in 2015, I havent mentioned that I have a masters degree from india. Now my H1 petition got approved and i am planning for h1 stamping. Will there be any problem if i mention this masters degree now in my new ds160? Will the VO cross check details from my previous ds160? Please let me know if anyone of you are on the same boat.
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221G Administrative Processing Chennai Consulate

I have attended Visa interview on May 9th and got a Blue Slip 221G marked for
Administrative Processing by Visa Officer?

Anybody else got administrative processing in Chennai on same day?
Is there an update in the status?

Visa officer returned all my documents and passport saying the documents
Were helpful and we don't need anything from you now. And we will contact you
If we need anything. Anyone else in same situation?

Looking for responses who have got any update?
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H1 Visa interview, No 221g, administrative processing
I Attended visa interview on May 1st at Chennai consulate. There were only 3 questions - Designation, Salary and education. After this the officer said you are all set. I was not given any 221g forms. However status changed to 'Administrative processing' the same day (May 1st) and is like that till now. Customer care people also says its in administrative processing. I've my travel scheduled on may 18th.

Is there anyone in the same situation here. Anybody has any insights.

NB: I am a full time employee for a US Company. There is no client-vendor relationships. My family is still in US on H4. I am kind of separated because of this.
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Second H1b stamping after DUI in Bridgetown, Barbados.
Hi, i attended my H1b visa stamping in Bridgetown, Barbados on April 23rd 2019- this is the second one after I got a DUI in Ohio in April 2014.
I got a blue slip after my interview which said tentatively approved pending security checks.

The online status shows that it is in administrative processing and may take several weeks.

Has anyone had a similar experience, if you could please let me know a typical time period for these kind of checks ?

Please Advise.
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Want to Fill my DS 160 - H4
Hi All,

how to fill my DS160 for my H4 application,
confused what option to select TRAVEL PLAN for H4
Travel Plan

Purpose of Trip to the US

then what options do i need to select from the Dropdown

please do let me know what options to be select.

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