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Do I need to carry I-129 and I-797 docs to OFC(VAC) appointment?
I have OFC(VAC) appointment scheduled on 4th Oct at Chennai. I am yet to receive my petition papers for my L1 VISA. I will get those before my consular appointment which is scheduled on 15th Oct. My question is - do I need to carry I-129 and I-797 for OFC appointment? Do they ask these docs during OFC appointment?

Note: I will be carrying the following for OFC appointment
- Passport ( including old passports if any)
- DS-160 confirmation page
- VISA appointment confirmation page
- VISA Free receipt confirmation

Please can you share your views on this.
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L1 Blanket VISA Interview Scheduled
Hello Folks,

I got appointment for my L1 Consular Interview on 25th Oct 2021. I have below queries. Guidance would be appreciated

1. My VAC is at 10 AM and Consular Interview at 2 PM. What's the typical time required for VAC? I checked the locations they are 10 min away in Chennai. Would there be any concern if both VAC and Consular are on same date. Hope it would not overlap.
2. I do not have NIE. Are there any of you who have got approvals without NIE in these days? I have been hearing about it esp. for few weeks now
3. Any tips on Q/A for current situation esp. without NIE.
4. What is the overall sentiment of US Consulates on approving VISAs now?


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Address location to file I539 and L2 EAD Renewal I765 together
Hi, I am planning to file both L2 extension I539 and L2 EAD Renewal I765 together once I received my husband's L1 extension receipt notice.

Kindly let me know the address location to file both the applications.

Thanks in Advance.
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Doubt Regarding 221g due to presidential proclamation!!
Hello All,

Can any one of you please help me with the query I have??
We have attended a Visa interview on 9th September in Chennai for L1B Blanket Category. In the Interview, VO was not convinced by the fact that we fall under the NIE category. So, she has returned all our documents and passports along with 221(G) white slip in which the presidential proclamation reason was checked as a reason.
she said that she considers our Visa but not NIE, as they are not stamping VISAs without NIE now due to the presidential proclamation ban 10199 She has asked us to drop the passports in the nearest VAC once the ban is lifted and there is no need for a new application or interview again.

My query here is that, What would be the next process once the ban is lifted...Will it be as simple as just submitting all the documents with the passports in the nearest VAC and we get the passports stamped or can we expect any hurdles or surprises like back to admin process or anything else ??

Any small information would be of great help!!
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No visible appointment Dates for L1 Blanket in Chennai
Did anyone got fresh appointment for L1 blanket in Chennai ? Trying from last 1 month no dates so far
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Blanket L1B, L2 experience
Blanket L1 visas can only be scheduled in Chennai. I got my biometrcis scheduled in Hyderabad on Sep 8th 9AM and appointment in Chennai on 14th Sep 10AM.

Biometrics is straight forward process, you just have to show your DS160 confirmation, visa appointment confirmation and your passport. They will take your finger prints and photos (You need not carry any photos of yours). No mobiles or any other devices are allowed inside and there will be no lockers available as well, parking is also little tricky at Hyderabad location, so come little early.

Same rules apply for Chennai consulate interview as well. Interview was taken together with my wife. As we entered inside, they took 2 copies of my I-129S and I-797, one copy of my DS-160 and my passport and bundled together with a rubber band and handed back to us. Later we were asked to go inside and sat there waiting for our turn, meanwhile I was asked to pay Fraud Prevention fee of $500, you can either pay through Demand Draft or credit card (I would say use credit card as its a straight forward and easiest method). No photographs of ours were asked, they will use the ones they took from biometrics. Then we got our turn.

Officer(O): Can you give me your passports

Me(M): Good morning, handed over our passports and the bundled copies

O: Do you have NIE

M: Yes I do, should I give it

O: Just keep it with you, I will ask them in a bit

(he then took our fingerprints, I think they are verifying these with the ones they took during biometrics)

O: So your company XYZ, what does it do

M: explained a little bit

O: Okay, I see, so what have you done in XYZ

M: I have worked on a tool called ABC, it helps XYZ's clients to perform YYYY tasks easily, I have been working on this tool for the past 2 years and I'm lead engineer to this tool who is working from scratch

O: What's your title

M: Senior Software Engineer

O: How many years have you been working with XYZ

M: around 3 years

O: and your total experience

M: 4 and half years

O: Your proposed salary

M: ___K$ per annum

O: what's your highest degree

M: Bachelor of Technology

O: In which stream

M: Computer Science

O: which college did you studied in

M: RST University in PQR

O: So when were you married (he asked my wife who is standing beside me)

Wife(W): xx-xx-xxxx

O: Can you show me your wedding pics and marriage certificate

W: gave 2 pics and certificate and about to give invitation card as well

O: Keep the invitation card to yourself, only 2 photos ha

W: yeah

O: Is this a covid wedding

Both: Yeah (little laugh)

O: Where did you met

W: In matrimony site

O: what's your highest degree

W: Bachelor of Technology

O: In which stream

W: Information Technology

O: which college did you studied in

W: MNO college

O: oh both are from same college, is it

W: no he's from RST and I'm from MNO

O: Can I see your NIE

M: handed over NIE letter

O: he read for awhile, ok so you are going for collaborating with team ha

(he just read the first point and came to a conclusion, it has many more points)

M: Yes and also some of the PII data cannot be accessed from here, so...

O: ok, I'm approving your visa, you will get it in a week subject to final (availability/decision/something I couldn't hear properly with excitement but I ignored)

M: Thank you, sure

Later, I checked the status, It was in "Application Processing" state the whole next day, today it is updated to "Issued". My wife's status updated to "Issued" after two days. We have opted for premium delivery which costs 650INR per person.
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L1B individual - interview experience
Hi All, got a lot of useful inputs from this forum, so here is me contributing back.
I got my visa approved on Friday, 10th September in Kolkata - 9.45am slot. I was out within a few minutes as there was nobody else in my slot. Here is my experience:

VO: Namaskaar. Good morning

Me: Good morning officer

VO: Pass me your passport, I797 and NIE if you have one

ME: Passed the documents

VO: types for a while

VO: what’s your highest level of education

ME: I have done a bachelor’s of engineering degree

VO: When did you complete it?

ME: 2016

VO: Have you been working for your current company since then?
ME: No officer, I have been working here for X years, before that I worked for YY for Z years.

VO: What does your company do?

ME: Explained in brief

VO: And what do you do here?

ME: Again explained my role in brief

VO: What’s your expected salary in the US?

ME: told

VO: Are you married?

ME: Yes

VO: Any children

ME: No

VO: Is your wife travelling with you?

ME: No……(he was typing something here)….She is in the US on an individual H1b so she does need to travel with me.

VO: Oh ok, she’s on an H1b is it?

ME: Yes Officer

Types for a while and went over the NIE for a bit. Then approved the visa with NIE.
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Need Guidance for L2 Visa
My spouse is having a visa appointment next week for a L2 visa in India and I am already in the US on a L1. Is a NIE required for L2 visa stamping as a required document ? Please advice
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L1A Individual Approval chances | 3 years of Managerial experience in MNC
May I know the chances of my L1A Individual getting approved? My org is applying L1A individual for me. I have 3+ years of Business Development Experience with no subordinates in offshore but have a proposed team of 4-5 in the US. I have functional experience in managing a multi-million dollar client engagement.
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L2 B extension and EAD renewal

My L2 and my EAD will be due for an extension in Dec 2021. But still my spouse's company has not filled for his L1B extension. Just wanted to know what is the average processing time for L2 visa extension and EAD renewal?

Thanks in advance!
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