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L1B Blanket Approved – Chennai - 19th April 2021
Thank you for your help in my US visa interview prep! Time to give back to the community.

Here are the questions asked by the consulate officer today:
1. Type of Visa – L1B / L1A? Is this your first time L1B?
2. Who is your petitioner?
3. What does your petitioner do and Business type?
4. Have you ever been on H1 Visa?
5. What do you specialize in?
6. How long have been with your Indian subsidiary?
7. Overall work experience?
8. US work location and salary?
9. Your US manager name?
10. Your team headcount? How many are in the US and how many are in India – team split up?
11. Name some of your petitioner’s products and solutions?
12. Name some of your customers?
12. Why any US person cannot do your job? ====> Make sure you give a solid, well-articulated answer for this.
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L1B Approved- Chennai
I had L1B appointment on 19th Apr 2021.Following are the questions asked :
1) Compensation in USA
2) Why L1B and not H1
3) How many years with petitioner
4) How may years with current project
5) Specialization(prop tools)
6) What will this tool do and will you be providing services to end customer
7) Who are the end users of your tool
8) How long you are working with this petitioner
9) Are you married
10) Did you go on L1B before as well (for me its a yes)
11) Then why do you want to go again(for different project in my case)

Based on my previous experience, this time Visa officers are doing more scrutiny but if you have everything prepared and genuine then you are good.
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L1b blanket to l1a individual stamping
Can anyone guide about interview waiver program eligibility for visa stamping from l1b blanket to l1a individual
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L1B Blanket Visa Approved on 12th April 2021
Hi L1 Visa Aspirants,
A big shoutout to all the folks who have added their Visa experiences here. You guys made our lives much more easier. This had made a huge difference to relate the questions and it MATTERED A LOT.

I have attended for my L1 B Blanket visa today (12th April) and here is the detailed experience. I will try to be as much detailed as possible.

Biometrics :

I had my biometrics taken on 7th April. The process was quite simple and very efficiently managed at each stage by the staff at VAC centre.

Documents Required :
1. Appointment letter
2. DS 160 confirmation page
3. Passport

There will be an officer who confirms our visa type and full name and then a sticker will be attached to passport backside. Then we will be heading to next segment for biometrics and photo. The whole process took around 15 mins and remember there is no use in reaching anytime early than 5 - 10 mins.

Actual Interview:

My appointment time is on April 12th at 10:30 and i have reached Embassy around 10:20. I was expecting a less queue as i have reached just on time. To my surprise, there was a system error going on and it had left us waiting around 1 hour 15 mins outside of embassy in hot Chennai weather. Finally i was inside building around 11:15 or so (Don't know exact time as i was not carrying any electronic devices). DO NOT CARRY ANY DEVICES OR MOBILE WITH YOU.

At the initial stage, my file was scanned and we were in a room where i was handed a sheet to check and arrange documents as mentioned on the sheet for L1 B visa's.

Documents Required :
1. Same DS 160 that we have taken to biometrics
2. Passport
3. I129S - First 8 pages and I797S - First page alone (3 sets in the same order)
4. If you have taken DD for fraud fee which is $500 worth. (I have paid by cash)

I have already arranged the documents in the mentioned order and i have handed the person those documents. He has stapled the documents and made them into 3 sets and surrounded those with a rubber band with DS 160 and Passport attached.

From there i went to another build where actual interview happens. I waited there in the queue for about 15-20 mins and then i was inside building. I went to counter number 32 to pay my Visa fee (Rs. 38000 in cash) and he stapled over two slips to my DS 160 application form.

Once this is done, i had to wait for about 5 mins to get my turn for interview. Here is how it went :

Me: Good Morning Officer! Hope you are doing well
VO: Good Morning. I am good, Thanks, Documents please

Me: Sure Officer, handed over the documents

VO: Is it L1 A or B?
Me: It is L1B Blanker Visa officer

VO: What is the project that you worked on?
Me: Explained about my current work and included specialisation as well in the same

VO: Is it a framework or tool that you have developed?
Me: Framework officer

VO: For what it is used?
Me: Explained

VO: How many years in current organisation?
Me: Mentioned

VO: Did u develop the framework?
Me: Answered

VO: Again asked what is the duration in current organisation?
Me: Answered

Visa officer was looking into my eyes when i was answering about my project and was nodding continuously. Later he said "Your Visa is approved. You can collect your visa in 3 working days." and stamped my documents. I was blank for a minute and did not understand what he was writing. But finally very happy :)

Pro Tips:
The questions like : Specialisation , current and future project , why only you and why not from India , salary here and in US has to be very well prepared and do not stumble for these as these are the very basic ones for L1B. Always maintain eye contact and wear a smile even though we wear a mask (coz our eyes will smile too :) ) Have confidence in whatever you are saying.

Finally, I am happy to help if there are any queries !
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L1 B individual visa in administrative processing state
Hello Folks,

I have attended my L1 B individual visa interview on February 26th along with my spouse (L2).

The officer has asked me few questions and later asked us to drop the passports in the box. She mentioned that she needs to get a final approval from her chief and it will add 1-2 days to my visa processing.

We didn't recieve any mail asking for any additional documents.

After the interview both(mine and spouses) visa status was shown as refused till 4th April. On 5th April both the visa status changed to Administrative processing.

On 6th my spouses visa state changed to issued and he picked the passport on 7th.(In his visa stamping page my name is present and my company's name is also present)

My visa state is stil showing as administrative processing.

Anyone facing the same issue(in administrative processing state for more than a week). Please let me know your thoughts on this.
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Query related to I797 validity
Hello Friends,

I need small info related to I797 validity, I have submitted my L1B Individual petition on 1st Feb 2019 in normal processing and it was approved in April 2020 and it was stamped recently on 7th April 2021 but my visa is valid till 31st Jan 2022 only. Although I was not in US but why still I797 validity starts from the day when we submit petition? Do I have to file for extension again after 31st Jan?
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Emergency Appointment
Hello guys,

Does anyone have experience with applying for emergency visa appointment? Do we know how easily/ frequently do consulates approve such requests?
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L2 VISA for my kid of age 3 years
Hello I have my wife and kids L2 VISA stamping on 16th and 20th. My son is 3 years old so does he needs to be there in person for Biometrics and PA ?

Any help will be appreciated.
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L1AI visa appointment
I have query, my visa was approved in Dec2nd 2020 with start date of Jan 2020, my employer had paid the visa fee but still unable to view the appointment dates for last 2 months.

My question is , can i migrate the profile from my employer and can schedule appointments using my account? Since I have lost 14months from my approved visa.

Any idea when will appointments will be visible for employers???
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L1 to H-1B (not counted towards cap)
I came to the US on F1 visa. When working on F1 OPT, my H1B was picked in the lottery. I moved to my home country in August before H-1B was approved. I received my H-1B approval when I was in my home country. Meanwhile, I worked for the same company in my home country and I got married. Later I and my spouse moved to the US on L1 (me) and L2 (my spouse) visa.

My questions and concern:
Can I use my prior H-1B approval to join a different company now?
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