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L1-B (Blanket) - Approved
This forum has been extremely helpful in preparing for my L1B interview in Chennai. Thanks to all who have shared their experiences. Here is mine.

I had been trying to get an appointment since Dec-2021, but couldn't get a slot for almost 1.5 months. Finally I was able to get a slot for 19th April. However I kept trying 1-2 times everyday to check for an earlier slot and was finally able to get one for 1st and 2nd March. I know slots usually open at random time, but for me it was between 11:00 - 11:30 AM both the times.

Our biometrics was scheduled for 1st March and it was pretty straightforward. We had booked an 8:00 Am slot and were done in 30 mins. You only need DS-160 confirmation, appointment confirmation and passport for biometrics appointment. Phones are allowed in switched off mode. For ladies, you will have to tie your hair before photograph. Luckily my wife was carrying a hairband.

We had booked 8:30 Am slot for consulate interview on 2nd March. There was a long queue outside embassy when we reached there at 8:15 Am. We were let inside after 20 mins and then was asked to provide 2 copies of I-129S, 2 copies (only first page) of I-797, Passport and DS-160 confirmation of primary applicant. They bundled these documents together and asked us to wait. After approx 45 mins we were sent inside main office where interviews are held. After few mins of waiting I was asked to pay $500 fee and then waited for few more minutes.

All this while I was pretty nervous with anticipation and tried to avoid hearing other interviews but its hard to do so. Finally our turn came and I was asked to stand before a counter as there was another interview going on for student visa (the candidate's visa was unfortunately rejected which made me even more nervous).

ME: Good morning officer
VO: Good morning, can you please slide your documents and passport
ME: Done
VO: Reviewed the documents for 1 min and opened the same on her screen
VO: How long have you been married?
ME: X years (Honestly I didn't expect that to be first question)
VO: So you are working with X company?
ME: Yes
VO: How Long?
ME: X years
VO: What is your designation?
ME: Answered
VO: Which Team?
ME: Answered (she didn't hear clearly and asked again)
VO: What is your role?
ME: Explained in 2-3 lines and also started explaining the systems that I work on (and specialize in)
VO: She stopped me in between and asked me to repeat the name of systems
ME: Answered
VO: Will you be working on these systems in US?
ME: Answered
VO: Have you developed these systems?
ME: Answered
VO: What is your US Salary?
ME: Answered
VO: After typing for a minute - I have approved your Visa and you will receive your passports in 1 week. Have a nice stay in US.
Me: Thank you office, have a good day ahead.

The interview lasted not more than 4-5 minutes and the overall process took around 2 hours. VO didn't ask anything from my wife.

Do let me know in case anyone has any questions, I will try my best to answer.
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Query - L2 dependent parents name in birthcertificate is not matching with child passport
As per L-2 visa interview requirement , I have to show my daughter(12 yr age) original birth certificate. In her birth certificate , her mother name is not as per Aadhar or passport . Mumbai municipal added my name also with her name e.g. my name Alok Chandra Sharma . They mentioned mother name as Mrs. Rani Alok Chandra Sharma. Her name in passport is Rani Joshi.
2) My name in passport is Alok Chandra but in birth certificate they mentioned Alok Chandra Sharma.
3) daughter sir name is also not mentioned in birth certificate .
Will it cause any problem at the time of visa interview . Please advise what supporting document should we have to provide at the time of interview like affidavit etc.

Birth certificate is issue from Mumbai and due to some personal reason we cant travel to Mumbai for correcting birth certificate
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L-1A individual interview waiver India
Hi Reader,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask the question, if not please do let me know where I can ask this question.

I had an L-1B individual visa which was rejected during the extension process about 2 years back and my company filed a fresh L-1A individual petition after I came back to India which is approved now. Does my case for L-1A individual qualify for the interview waiver? Any help on this will be appreciated.
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L1B-Blanket - Approved - Chennai
My L1B Blanket visa is approved. Thanks a lot for this forum and users who shared their questions and experiences.
Here is my share.

after a long wait for getting an appointment, I was able to book an appointment on Feb 7th. My biometrics was scheduled on Feb 18, 2022, and my visa interview was scheduled on March 1, 2022.

Biometrics was simple and straightforward. My appointment was at 8:00 am, below are the documents that I carried.

1. All passports, old and new
2. DS-160
3. Appointment letter
4. Visa application fees.

They scanned the passport and verified the details with DS-160 like name and other details. Post which fingerprint and photo were taken.

Interview day [March 1,2022]

1. Passport
2. DS-160 (which is stamped previously at Biometrics)
3. All the documents shared by the company (I-129S, I-797) triplicates
4. All personal documents like marks card, experience letter of the previous org, offer letter, payslips, etc

My interview was scheduled at 8:30 am, I reached the venue around 8:10 am. There was a long line of people waiting for their turn to get inside. (Even 9 am slot candidates were let inside)
Once inside, I was asked to provide the latest passport, 2 copies of I-129S (all 8 pages), I-797 (Blanket L First page), and a Demand Draft for 500$, then they organized them in an order and asked me to wait.

I did not carry demand draft and paid using a credit card. I did take cash as well just to be on a safer side.

There were more than 15 people before me for Blanket L1.


ME: Good Morning Officer
VO: Good Morning
ME: Gave the package containing passport, 500$ fraud verification receipt, I-129S, and I-797 Blanket L
VO: Opened the document and read the company name XXXX
ME: Yes sir
VO: Returned the 500$ receipt, this is for you.
VO: Scanned passport and asked so, you are going to XXXX location in the USA
ME: Yes sir
VO: Are you married?
ME: Yes
VO: Is she here with you?
ME: No
VO: Will she be joining you?
ME: Not right now, she will plan at a later point in time.
VO: How long have you been with this company?
ME: x.x years
VO: What is your specialized knowledge?
ME: answered, meanwhile VO was typing in computer
VO: What is your salary in the USA?
ME: 1XX,XXX USD + Bonus
VO: So the project will be there for approximately 3 years
ME: Yes that's correct.
VO: So you will have to spend a lot traveling to and fro to meet your family, with a smile
ME: Yes officer
VO: Started writing on the I-129S and stamped the copies. Gave one copy to me along with a green slip that says the visa is approved.
VO: Your visa is approved, produce this I-129S and port of entry, safe travels.
ME: Thank you officer have a good day.
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Port of Entry-To get an updated I94 for L2
I539 for L2 Approved but my EAD is still pending and it might take few months.But as am already waiting since 6 months to get my Visa Extension (just got)+ EAD,I wanted to go outside US and get the visa stamped and get an updated I94.

I have my I94 currently expired as my visa expired on 13th sep'21.So,as my I539 got approved on 1st Mar 22,will I be eligible to join back to work as my EAD expiration is still not crossed 180 days?

If i need to go outside and get the visa stamping based on the availability,can you suggest which one would be better,Canada or Mexico or Costa Rica
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L1A approved
Applied for L1A blanket
Interview at Chennai.

8 people got approved in front of me.
VO: good morning. How are you doing today
Me: fine thank you, how abt you?

VO :: please pass the set of documents
Me: Handed passport, I129s, I797, DS 160 confirmation, fee receipts.

VO: you are from xyz company
Me: yes

VO: how long you been with them.
Me: xx+ years

VO: thats a very long time to be with them
Me: yes

VO; you previously been on H1B through them
Me: it was previous company

VO: what is your designation
Me: xxxxx xxxxx

VO: your salary
Me: xxxxx USD

VO: how many years of managerial experience
Me: xx years

VO: where Will you be going
Me: xxxxxx

VO: what will you be doing there
Me: explained him about the project that I will be managing with some task I will be performing

VO: what is the team size
Me: xx members

VO: you have hire fire authority
Me: yes

VO: please place your right hand four fingers
Me: did it

VO: your visa has been approved
Me: thank you

Quick interview lasted for probably 3 mins.
No matter how much you prepare. If you get nervous then nothing can help you. Their intention I personally is to approve each and every visa. They don't rely on document proof as they are train to catch who is lying. So be yourself. Stop worrying. 99.9% chance is your visa will approve.

In fact a guy without any managerial experience was given l1A after he informed that he doesn't have managerial experience.
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L1B-I to L1A-I change of status
I have some queries related to regarding L1B to L1 A change of status, hope someone could provide needed clarification.

My current visa details :

                Current Visa : L1B

                Visa end date: Aug-22-2022 (By then 5 years of tenure will be complete)

              I-94 is expiring on Aug-31-2022

My employer is filing L1B to L1A change of status and mostly by Apri-22 end with premium processing, in this regard I have few queries:

Is it mandatory that employee need to be promoted to a managerial role a minimum of six months prior to the expiration of total five year limit on a L1-B visa authorization in order to qualify for change of status
           - I have been promoted to manager role recently and the role change will be effective from 01-April-22.
Considering the L1B to L1A change of status petition is approved by May-22, am I eligible to file a green card under EB1 category? If yes, can the GC process be initiated immediately.

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L1 visa
Hi.. Do 240 day rule applies if my L1 A visa is expired and I have filed for recapture L1 A extension?
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L1A Individual Visa Petition
My attorney has asked me to answer the following 2 questions for preparing the Visa petition. Ideally once my visa is approved, one of my subordinates will take up my position in India and will be managing the projects. But the employee is not identified yet and based on the conditions at that time, my organization might need to hire someone to fill the position.

Do I need to give a specific name as an answer to the question?

1. Who will be managing the subordinate employees in the absence of the Beneficiary?
2. How will the Beneficiary’s duties will be covered during his period away from the foreign company?
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L1B Blanket at Chennai
Thanks to each and everyone who have provided every detail and shared their experiences which helped us a lot to prepare and face the interview.

Interview scheduled at 8:00 AM
On the day of interview we have reached by 7:30 and there were 10 people in the line.
Around 7:50 we were allowed into the consulate.

Things to carry ( Visa appointment, Passports, Visa documents, Stamped DS-160, Other necessary documents according to your Visa )

Things to avoid ( All electronic items, Watches(digital/analog), Wallets, Keys, Sanitizers, Water bottles,etc)

As we have applied for L1B Blanket we were asked to prepare Primary applicant DS-160 & 2 sets of (I-129s,I-797) before entering into the building.

We were asked to pay the $500 for fruad verification charges.

At 8:20 we were asked to step into the interview line.

VO: Good Morning, How are you doing today.
We: We are doing good, Hope you are doing well.
VO: Can I see your passports
We: Sure, here are our passports.
VO: What Visa you are applying for
We: L1B Blanket
VO: Can I see your petition Papers.
We: Handed over the papers.
VO: Do you have a Visa.
We: I had L1B Visa previously.
VO: Have you been to US & How long did you stay
We: xxxx
VO: So for which company you are working for and how long
We: xxxx & xx years
VO: So which Visa you are applying L1A or L1B
we: L1B
VO: Are you applying the Visa on specialized knowledge, Could you explain on it.
we: Explained in 2-3 lines
VO: Okay, How about you Mam , How long you were married
we: xx years
VO: What is your Highest qualification
we: xxx
VO: Have you been to US along with him
we: yes
VO: Sir, Could you please place your Right hand four fingures.
we: Sure
VO: Now Mam, Could you place your left hand four fingures.
We: Sure
VO have Stamped our Visa papers and said you will recieve the passports within a week.
VO: Have a great time in US.
We: Thank you, Have a great day ahead.

Last but not least, Thank you IMMIHELP for providing such a wonderful platform with all details and to share our experiences.
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