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L1B Individual Visa Extension In Bahamas or Canada

My L1B Individual visa is going to expire in February 2021. I have prepared the application for the L1B extension but am not able to decide which is the best location to attend the interview at the earliest. Please suggest it. Did anyone travel to the Bahamas or Canada recently to get an L1B VISA extension?
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L1 Interview Slots in Chennai
Hi, I see the earliest slots available for L1 Blanket (Chennai) for October 2022. Could someone please confirm if they see slots of an earlier date?
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L1B Blanket VISA Approved, Chennai
A BIGG thank you to this forum for all the experiences and questions, they were extremely useful and encouraging. Following is my experience:

1. Where would you be working in US?
2. How long have you been with the company?
3. What is your role? further 1-2, follow up questions about the role
4. How many direct reports?
5. How big is HR Team?
5. What is your offered salary?
6. Why cant this job be done from here ? (I was starting to get nervous)
7. Do you have authority to hire and fire people ? (This was question I had read before in forum, so had prepared well, yet fumbled due to nervousness!)
8. Do you work on any data that cant be accessed from US? (again this question, I had read before, but my nervousness was increasing)
9. the insights that you draw and analysis that you do, is on any tool or any software? Who works and who uses it?
11. When do you plan to go to US?

After 2 seconds, he asked me to scan 4 fingers on to the biometric machine and stamped the I-129. He said your visas are approved, I have asked for NIE in case you wish to travel before 8 Nov. After that, you wont require NIE, all the best!

I thanked the VO and was relieved.

Learnings and recommendations?
1. I-129S documentation and company letter had some deviation from my current and past roles and it was not matching with DS 160. Again, after reading experiences, I asked my Attorney, to change and align I-129S with DS 160. The paper size of US A4 and India A4 is slightly different and the color as well, so the difference was visible yet VO dint ask me anything about it. But do ensure the documentation is right.
2. Only document he checked was I-129S and possibly DS 160 on screen. nothing else, So revise the two documents thoroughly.
3. He was approving most of the L1 visa, yet I saw 2 of them rejected, and only reason I could guess was communication. Both of them were slightly weak in communication. I am not discouraging anyone here, but just conveying that possibly communication plays a key role in interviews.
4. Throughout the interview of 6-7 min, he was grilling, I was fumbling, yet I was answering the truth, was having eye contact and 'Trying to Engage' the VO. That was my determination throughout that no matter what and how much he asks, I want to engage him in conversation. Possibly that attitude showed up on my face although I fumbled a lot while answering. So keep your attitude clean and be truthful, it shows up the confidence in your face even if you are not performing well.
5. My area of work was Human Resources, so unlike IT folks, I really dint have a strong technology specialization of any tool or software. Mine was functional specialization in compensation which was possibly difficult to understand for VO. But I tried my best to explain.

All the Very Best to all of you!

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9-11 response and Entry Exit fee $4500
Can some one quickly confirm if the The 9-11 response and Entry Exit fee $4500 is still applicable to be paid?

My case is under L1B Blanket petition and applying for the first time.

Request to Quick help
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How long does it take for L1 blanket approval in premium processing?
My employer is planning to apply for L1 blanket in premium processing but maximum I should be there by dec 2nd week since my project starts from dec.. could someone please answer my query

1. How long will it take for L1 blanket approval in premium processing??
2. Will I be able to get visa appointment before Nov 25th?
3. What are the present travel restrictions to US?
4.and mainly what are the chances of getting L1 approval as my h1b was denied last year due to documents mis match after getting 221g when I went to stamping?
5. Will point 4 effect in L1 approval?

Thanks in advance
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Fraud Detection Fee $500

I got to know that there is a Fraud Detection fee payment of $500 that needs to be done before consular interview. I have following questions

1. Does Indian Credit Card like HDFC/ICICI work?
2. Do we get receipt of the same to reimburse later?
3. What is the conversion rate to be used in case to be paid in Cash?
4. What name the DD to be drawn....I saw different names on 2-3 sites, hence confirming

Any assistance will be helpful

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L1A Blanket Approved | Chennai
Thanks to this forum for helping me prep - giving back some content based on my experience:

Biometrics/VAC: Very straightforward - just need your appointment confirmation, DS160 & passport

Visa Interview:

Which city are you travelling to?
What does <Company> do? Explained and gave a few examples of our projects
Total years of experience with <company>? 6.5
Managerial experience with <company>? 2.5
People manager or program manager or function manager? Mix of people and program, currently managing 21 people in India
How many people will report to me in the US? 10, with additional budget/plan to hire more once I get to the US

Only document seen by visa office is the I-129S, 1797 and passport; nothing else. No questions on NIE.

Interview lasted just 2-3 mins, however had to wait another 20-25 mins for officer's system to update given some system issues.

While I did see rejections for students visa, almost all L1s before/after me were getting approved.

Good luck everyone.
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Same day Consular appointment for colleagues
Hello Everyone,

Kindly requesting for a quick response from those who already attended the Work visa interview.

Will it be an issue if multiple employees from same company is going to attend consular interview on same day (different time slots)
Also, any idea about the number of counters opened for Consular interview; Just checking the probability of having multiple candidates of same company in a single counter

Awaiting for the response !
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L1B Blanket with dependents experience
Hello Everyone,

The experiences shared in this Forum has helped me a lot for my L1B Blanket interview and hopefully my experience will help someone.

It's getting very difficult to get a appointment these days. First i had a interview scheduled for first week of March and has been regularly monitoring the website to reschedule the appointment.

Luckily during Afternoon hours of 20th September, I can see few slots available and booked Consular Interview for 4th October 8 AM Slot.

Arranged documents as per the instructions from Office Visa team.

Reached Consulate by 7:30 AM on 4th of October and there was a small queue already waiting. 8AM was the first interview slot on that. Security has allowed starting 7:55 AM.

After document verification, arrangement, Fraud fees payment (Similar to earlier shared experiences) I was asked to go one VO.

Me and my Family: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning. Can i have your passports please
Me: Handed over all the passports
VO: (to Dependent) what is your highest degree?
VO: (to Dependent) Where are you currently working?
VO: (to Dependent) Can you place you left hand four fingers on the reader
VO: (to Dependent) you can go and sit for a while. if required I will call you back.
VO: Is this your first L1 Visa?
Me: yes
VO: Do you already have any US Visa?
Me: yes, i hold a Business Visa
VO: What is your current role?
Answered in 2-3 sentences
VO: What is your role in USA?
Answered in 1-2 sentences
VO: how many years with current Org?
VO: how many years of total experience?
Answered and VO reacted like it's a good experience
VO: Can you explain about the Framework you will be working on?
Answered in 2-3 sentences ( This is developed by me and my company's proprietary)
VO: Which state?
VO: Do you have NIE?
VO: Where will you work? client place or your company office?
Answered. (Taken a clue from one of the experience and said i will be working at client place where my company holds a designated space)
VO: What will be your salary?
Answered. ( in my case it was <80K)
VO: Can you say again, what will be your role in USA?

VO was typing for 2-3 minutes and stamped the petition and handed over one copy to me saying your Visa is approved and raised NIE. you can collect your passports after one week.
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facing some issues in L1A Individual filling in two fields
Plz anybody resolve my both queries that:-
1:- which is the date of approval of petition and where , and or Notice Date is the Date of Approval of Petition ?
2:- what is the date of most recent deputation ?
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