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Can I file L2 EAD renewal 9 months before expiry?
Hi All. I have been reading about L2 EAD extension/renewal delays. My L2 EAD is valid until 04-February-2022. My I-94 is valid until 29-August-2022, so no immediate issues with my L2 visa. Given that EAD renewals are taking more time now, Can I file my EAD renewal now itself? I have around 9 months left on my EAD.

Some have mentioned that it is mandatory to file EAD renewal only 6 months before the expiry. I am not sure if it is a hard rule/limit and if it is mentioned in any website. Any suggestions or help in this regard will be very helpful. Thank you!
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Can we switch the status of H4 Visa to L1 B ?
Hello there,

I am currently residing in the United States on an H4 visa, while my wife holds an H1-B visa and I am a dependent visa holder. My company is processing my L1B (Specialised Knowledge ), but I'm curious if there is a way for me to change the status of my visa from H4 to L1 without having to travel to India.

Is there any way to get my L1 visa approved without going to India if the above option does not work? Is the L1 Individual method helps?

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L1B interview slots

I am sure you all have read recent news about Biden putting VISA processing for L1 and other types on hold. Need to know

- Whether interview slots can be scheduled through DS160 now
- Any tentative date when the processing will start
- Are the Chennai and other consulates working
- What are the chances of getting an emergency interview slot?

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L1B - Blanket
Hi All,

I have been following these blogs for quite some time now and I feel its good to share my experience.

I had L1B - Blanket Visa interview on 6th May, I was checking or Interview slots 2 months back but it was showing no dates was available in Ottawa and the latest date available in Toronto was somewhere in December or January 2022 (Calgary and Vancouver will be too far me to travel with family so I didn't bother to check for those locations). I was randomly checking for dates everyday and one day I was lucky enough to get date on 6th May 2021 (This could be probably someone has cancelled or US Consulate has opened few slots for that day I am not sure).

Whole process was pretty simple and straight forward.
I got appointment for 9:00 AM and I was their by 8:45, it was given in instructions not to bring Kids below 13 due to pandemic but my kid was only 4 years and I don't have place to keep her alone but consulate as kind enough to allow my kid inside.

First was security check , electronics was not key is fine.
then I went to second counter where the lady at the counter helped me with arranging all required documents.
Third counter was Interview, VO took all my documents and asked me around 4-5 questions.
why are you going to US?
Since how many years you are working in this company?
nature of work?
how many years you will stay in US?
how you been to US earlier ?

to my Wife -
how long have you been married ?
have you been to US earlier ?
then he said your visa is approved.

I feel these are pretty standard questions and it last for 15 mins.

Like everyone I was little scared that they might cancel by appointment due to recent situation but it didn't happened so.

Looks like they have opened slots for very few appointments a day with only 2 counters, I could see around 20 ppl got interviews along with me but when I came outside by 10:00 AM I don't see any one standing in outside.

I think if anyone of you have interview in coming weeks they are going to honor it.

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L1A Extension from India
Hello All,

I am on L1A Individual VISA and got stuck in India due to Travel Ban. My current petition is expiring in next 3 months.
If i want to file my extension from India then do I need to have a team in USA reporting to me or have to be a projected team at USA?

If any one have filed extension from India or share the information on proceedings would be great.

Thanks in advance!!
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Being promoted to a new role under L1A VISA

I am currently working on the US in a managerial role under an L1A VISA and my company has offered me a higher managerial position (with a different positon name) in the same job location. The duties of new the role are similar to the current one but with more responsibilities.

Does my company need to file any amendment?
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L1 New Office Petition
Hello guys,

I am self employed. Presently, my company employs 7 full time staff and has turnover of over $1 million. We are looking to expand into the US as it offers more opportunities for our business.
we are in the process of gathering documents required for an L1 New Office petition and would appreciate any tips from anyone who has been through this process or is knowledgeable about the process.

We are working with a lawyer and understand the basic requirements. Just looking for some first hand experience stories and tips please
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i have applied by L2 EAD in Jan 2021 & received receipt @ Jan 11th 2021 . I have valid L2 visa till Jun 2022. Currently my EAD expiration date is Jun 16th . Any possibilities based on current processing time i can get my EAD on time . Anybody who have received recently or any suggestion pls !!
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Having approved L1B visa, but could not travel due to Pandemic
Hi All,

I am having approved L1B visa, which I received on March-2020. However, due to current pandemic situation, I could not travel to US as of now. Visa will expire on March-202 and its 1 year passed since approved. Just wondering, how does the Visa expiry works ? This one year can I claim during Visa extension or is there any way to increase its expiry before I travel ?

Please advise if anybody have any information on the above query.
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L1A Blanket interview visa appointment cancellation Chennai
Hi Everyone,

I had Biometric & Interview scheduled in Chennai on 29th & 30th April respectively. However today I got notification that interview is cancelled between 22nd to 30th however the biometric will still happen. Does anyone facing the same issue? Also is it advisable to get the biometric done now or should it be also scheduled later?
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