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OCI delay
My son's OCI status now shows " Document received At WASHINGTON DC On 31-JUL-2014"
What to do next? (No emails from cox&K)

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OCI Received From CKGS
My Application update

DOA 29APR2014
DOC 16JUNE2014

After bugging CKGS since 20JUNE2014 finally they mailed in my OCI with my passport on 31JULY2014

Got my passport and my OCI card on 1AUGUST2014

Since I live far from NY I can't go there and can't take my days off I had to email CKGS everyday to tell them that NYCGI has my Card so do your job.

This whole thing a mess but keep the faith

At the End everything will be Ok

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OCI Renewal in DC
After about 3 months, my son's OCI (renewal) is on its way to DC and hopefully it will be there in next couple of days. I dont want to wait for CGKS and their process.

Can I go directly to DC embassy, once it shows that is has arrived in DC, directly and get it stamped? Has anyone done that successfully in DC recently?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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OCI delay
Applied for my son's OCI card first week of May 14.
The status keeps on showing " UNDER PROCESS"
No help from BLS or CKG and don't know who else to contact.
The Indian Embassy collects huge amount of money and leaves us in total darkness.

Any help about who to contact would be greatly appreciated.

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Renunciation Certificate
Subject: Renunciation Certificate

I applied for Oci card through BSL Services and sent all applied fee after
online registration on April 4, 2014.

The file ref # is USASI2728913. On May 13, 2014 I received the case for
lack of proof of Renunciation. I don't know what to do next. I did not
receive my Indian Passport along with the returned case. I don't know
anything so I am seeking help from friends. Please guide me what to do. I
cannot track my status of application.

Any help is appreciated.

In distress,


Kuldip Dale
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OCI processing time and renunciation
hi everyone, i am starting to get concerned about my OCI app, as i have a trip to india planned... The OCI website says its acknowledgement date is 09-JUN-2014, but since then there is no status
1 - does anyone know how long the process takes?
2- I submitted my original expired indian passport for renunciation, but havent got it back yet. Is this normal? when do i get back my renun certificate and old indian passport?
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My application for adult OCI
Date of Acknowledgment 29APR2014
DOC Printing Status 16JUNE2014
Doc Received AT NYCGI 20JUNE2014

Since then I have yet to receive any email, keep calling and asking CKGS about my update and they are stating they did not get anything from embassy. DOES anyone know what I need to do here? I'm planing to go to india mid August but without OCI I'm in dark. Please advise

Guy from CKGS says check back after 2 week which would be July 30 2014. I will keep you guys posted
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Adult OCI and Renunciation Delays
My application for adult OCI and Renunciation - sent to SFO 5/8/2014
Forwarded to New Delhi - Acknowledgment Date 05/14/2014
However there was NO UPDATE IN STATUS for 45 days.
Kept showing UNDER PROCESS
On 7/8/2014 I sent an email and the status updated within a day
It now shows as PRINTED on 7/9/2014.
It also shows that my Registration was granted on 06/11/2014
I wonder why the documents had not printed and status was not updated all this time
My suggestion would be to send an email to expedite.
I had sent an email to: [email protected] OCI Unit New Delhi and he responded within a day
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Got My OCI Card at NY CGI Today
My experience with the process have been fairly good. I applied for OCI and renunciation mid-April 2014 and it arrived at the New York CGI mid-June 2014. I kept sending them emails about how to pick up but their response was to wait until I received an email notification.

Finally I went with my US passport and a printout of the OCI status to the NY CGI this morning. They accepted my passport and the printout at 10:30 am and handed my the OCI and renunciation at 12:30 pm.

A couple of people who picked up their OCI today had applied in January and February so I feel I was lucky.
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OCI related question
Hey guys,

I'm planning to go to india at the end of this. And I applied for oci and renunciation together, I was wondering if I can apply for another visa.
And how will that affect my OCI application process. I'm thinking about applying for tourist visa but will my oci application get canceled ?

Thanks for the help
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