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More than 1 year
the CKGS status shows the application was received in nov 2013. Nothing so far.
I must have sent more than 10 mails, called 10 times.. no answers. Its a mystery..

Can we contact the indian embassy directly regarding oci ? Can we go there and talk with someone ?
CKGS seems like a dead end.
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OCI card received
333 dollars including postage gas etc. (nearly 20,000 Rupees)
152 days waiting
More than 20 emails and telephone calls
250 miles travel with one flat tire on US 66
Thoughts and enquiries about legal action
Photos and form fillings etc.

Today I received my son’s OCI card.The Application was submitted on May 2.
Special thanks to Mr.Shetty.

Now, do we have to go through the same ordeal every 10 years??

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Washington DC too slow
My mother OCI file was accepted in DC Embassy on July 19th and as of today, Sep 17th, still no update after 55 days. I was told by Delhi OCI Unit that DC Embassy hasn't dispatched it to India yet.

What to do? Consular Services for OCI: Mr. Shiv Ratan said to wait till end of September but if they don't dispatch it, how will they get OCI card? Any ideas?

We are going to India end of October, any ideas on how to speed it up?
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OCI Process

I have submitted our family application in person at Chicago Cox and Kings office on 9th Sep. It is for both OCI and Renunciation. The online status shows it is still "Under Process" at Cox and Kings.

Appreciate if anyone can let me know what are the next steps and expected time frame to see a change in the status along with any alert signs...
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OCI not updated for Chicago Consultate
I have applied for OCI on June06,2014 and my application was forwarded to Indian Consulate the very next date and then on June 11, 2014 it went to Delhi for further processing. It got processed within few weeks and then on July30th,2014 it was dispatched from Delhi and up till now online it shows that it has not received at Chicago consulate office.

I looked into this form and got to know an identical case and upon reading his case and communicating via email I decided that I should also call Indian consulate at Chicago and ask for a status update. To my surprise they told me that my OCI has been with them for about 40 days and they are awaiting passport for the matchup process and told me to send it via CKGS.

I sent an email to CKGS and their response was if Indian Consulate has asked you to send your passport for the match up process then please submit your passport. I went in person and to my surprise a security guard took my passport and gave me a hand written acknowledgement. I was not sure if that the right way or not but there was no other way.

Now I am waiting to see what would happen in 7 to 10 Business days and see if there has been a match up process started or not and by the way there is no update on CKGS site that I have given them my passport for match up process.
So I hope and pray that it would not turn out to be that fiasco cases where people run behind to seek update again and again and again with no update.

Thanks & Regards
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OCI file still not dispatched after DC Embassy Acceptance
My file is still with DC Embassy after acceptance on July 17, 2014. I thought file was in India so I contacted Mr.Shetty and then come to find out it's still with Indian Embassy in DC who hasn't dispatched it.

OCI File Submission Date: June 2, 2014
DC Embassy Acceptance Date: July 17, 2014

What should I do? I contacted consular/embassy and they said it's still in process but I don't get anything else and CKGS aren't doing anything. We're planning to goto India in October.

Please help!!!

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OCI Re-issue
I empathize with the plight of many who have expressed their frustration with the CKGS / Govt. of India OCI process. Though when you submit the application in New York, they indicate the progress could be tracked effectively, it turns out it is not the experience now. The tracking function does not update information. The passport match up site of Govt. of India is dysfunctional or not operating at all. They also ask security questions that are ambiguous to nonsensical - two of recent examples are: What is the natural color of apple? ( as if they are not aware apple can have different colors), and what is the color of Sun?

Even after you enter the the information asked for correctly ( and previously having printed out the information they have), weeks later you get a response " No such document found" indicating they do not have an application in progress , though a few weeks back they had asked for the new US passport to be sent for imprinting U Visa and post office tracking weeks back indicated it was delivered to CKGS.

Yes, it is a frustrating and anxiety producing experience as they have all your documents and your current US passport and then the sites give you non-sensical or upsetting information such as they have no record of your application.

When one emails , the answers are ambiguous or does not address the question asked.
CKGS and the Governemnt of India should pay attention to improving these services urgently. Perhaps they need to recruit more efficient workers and if they have to charge more for their services, charge the customers more, but it will be better than the present condition.
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OCI DC Office - 47 days and Documents still not dispatched to DELHI
I'm so getting frustrated and tired of the whole process. I cannot believe even in USA, people are working like they are in India and want to be referred to them as Sir/Madam or nothing gets done.

My worst experience, I applied for 3 OCI Adult files, 1 for my self, my wife and mother. First it was sent to BLS back in May but then they sent it back with bogus excuses because they didn't want to work on it because they were getting outsourced. Mind you, I sent it early may before the deadline which I wasn't even aware that they were being outsourced.

Finally, I re-sent it to CKGS on June 2nd and after 100+ emails and 50+ phone calls, our files were processed on July 4th. Now, my mother file was missing some documents. Same documents which I provided to CKGS 10 times, through e-mail, extra copies and in person. I drove from NC to DC office just for this because our file was not being processed since submission. They still asked me for same stuff.

Finally, long story short:
Mine and my wife OCI file:
Accepted in DC on July 4th, and received from Delhi, India on August 6th and in my hand on Sep 3.

My mother file:
Processed and Accepted on July 17th in DC Embassy (after missing documents fiasco due to illiterate ppl in CKGS)
No update since then till I contacted Delhi office and came to realize it's still not dispatched from DC Embassy.

It's been 47 days and Now I'm furious. I contacted Consular office 2 days ago and Mr. Shiv Ratan told it was under process but at this time I wasn't aware the delay was in DC Embassy because I was thinking the delay was in India. Now, what to do? Any suggestions?
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OCI Chicago too slow.
 I applied for OCI along with renunciation on 6 June. According to OCI tracking my OCI has been dispatch from India on 30 July. Since then status shows no information of arrival of OCI at Chicago. So yesterday I contacted OCI delhi unit about this and they replied that
 "Your documents are already with the Consulate for last one month. Please present your passport to them for affixing U visa sticker on it."
Then I email CKGS about match up process and they replied to me with following:
"Thank you for contacting Cox and Kings Global Services via email. We have forwarded your query to the concern department as earliest they will revert the same. We appreciate your patience."

Don't know what should I do now. Wait for their email or phone... Please advise.
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OCI passport match up - how to via courier? Help!
We don't have the option at this time to fly to San Francisco to get our passports matched up.

I pro-actively emailed CKGS in SF and asked them when I could send it the passports a week after I saw that the Gov of India site showed that passports had arrived in San Francisco. They replied to send in the application and sent me a link. I printed the Online OCI Services application status for all family members which shows their name, passport num, OCI number. Now I'm ready to send the passports and these printouts.

The courier service is very confusing.

1. I enter passport details and personal details on the page:
2. Then it shows additional 2 sections - one for entering the AWB (airway bill number) for sending the application (to the San Francisco CKGS address)as well as a second section with AWB and address to receive the passports and cards (my address)

My question:
Where am I getting this airway bill number? Do I BEFORE filling out this form, go to FedEx or FedEx online, get an airway bill for sending and one for receiving the returned passports and cards (that would make sense). THEN when I have the airway bills, enter these numbers in the form above?

What is the order of things I need to do here?

Also I also paid $15 per person - ($60 total for family) for return of submitted supporting documents and Indian passport and renunciation form - I'm assuming that is a SEPARATE fee and doesn't apply to passport rematch.

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