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OCI Status - Atlanta
My wife and I are Permanent Residents. We have applied for OCI for our newborn child at the Atlanta consulate.

The application is "Under Process" at New Delhi for nearly 6 weeks. Below is the timeline of events. Can somebody please comment on when we can expect to receive the OCI card?

01/30/2015 - Your application has been 'Received' and is 'Under Process' in CKGS
02/03/2015 - Your application has been 'Processed' at CKGS Application Centre and has now been forwarded to the Indian Embassy/Consulate for decision making.
02/05/2015 - Your application from the Embassy / Consulate has now been 'Sent to Delhi', India for 'Further Scrutinization and Processing'.

The Indian passport status tracking website shows that the application is under process since 02/04/2015.
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OCI status - Sanfrancisco
Hi all,
I see everyone says 'Sent to Delhi' - but i don't see any mention abt 'Sent to Delhi' in both CKGS & Govt website..

* CKGS website says "forwarded to the Embassy/Consulate for processing"
* Govt of India website says "under process"

Date Of Acknowledgment 13-FEB-2015
Registration Status at Mission SAN FRANCISCO
Documents Printing Status UNDER-PROCESS

Not sure, my application is still with San Francisco or sent to delhi...

Could you please advice in this regard, should i call someone & check...

Thanks as always...
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OCI card status - Washington DC
Date Of Acknowledgment 28-JAN-2015
Registration Status at Mission WASHINGTON DC
Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On 20-FEB-2015
Dispatched From MOIA (OCI ) NEW DELHI On 23-FEB-2015
Document received At WASHINGTON DC On

How long to take call for matchup? Please respond because my job in USA is going to end on 25th March & I must have to return back to India after that. Any idea if I can get it before that? I applied for PIO on 10th Jan, then came to know that PIO scheme discontinued & then again had to apply for OCI. Please let me know if there is any way to escalate it or have it processed faster. Its very urgent. Thanks.
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OCI Card Status
Date Of Acknowledgment 06-FEB-2015
Registration Status at Mission WASHINGTON DC
OCI- Number A1756658
Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On 03-MAR-2015
Dispatched From MOIA (OCI ) NEW DELHI On 04-MAR-2015
Document received At WASHINGTON DC On

How long it will take to call for matchup
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hard experience
This is my experience as of today.
Submitted app on - 01/29
was sent to delhi - 02/05
Since then it has been pending with Delhi, for some reason i followed up with the local consulate and it seems the papers are still pending with them and not with delhi. Made multiple requests, hope they are heard.
I dont know what to expect!
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Houston Time line - Status
01/22/2015 - Applied in Person at CKGS
01/22/2015 - Application in progress by CKGS
01/23/2015 - Your application has been 'Processed' at CKGS Application Centre and has now been forwarded to the Indian Embassy/Consulate for decision making.
02/27/2015 -Your printed OCI Card has been 'Received' in the Embassy / Consulate. Please 'Send your US / Foreign Passport' to CKGS for the OCI Match-Up.

03/02/2015 - Booked Appointment for match up - In person.

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OCI Application not accepted
Hi ,

I visited personally on 11th Feb, 2015 at the CKGS office at Chicago to submit OCI application for US born minor daughter.
They denied accepting application saying that they have received a memorandum from Indian consulate the very same morning and they are not accepting OCI application for US born minors whose parents are still Indian citizen".
The call center says thay are accepting but the office doesn't.
Please suggest.

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I an 67 years and making attempt to apply for OCI. My application is not being accepted since I cannot provide Birth Certificate. In 2013 all my papers were destroyed in house fire. I tried to get my birth certificate from India and well but they cannot retrieve records 67 years in past. Please let me know what I can be done. Thank you.
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OCI Chicago around 4 month
I submitted my OCI application in person at Chicago, after more than 3 month still I didn't receive email for match up. I check Indian government website, application approved and document printed. It dispatched from Delhi on Dec 14.

I called so many time to CKGS during last one month, they say wait for email. I try to call Chicago Indian consulate, it's going automatic reply.

application submitted: Nov 14
Application processed and document printed at Delhi: Dec 11
Document dispatch from Delhi: Dec 14
Document received at Chicago:

Any suggestion to contact embassy or any other agency.
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OCI Application submitted from Washington DC CKGS
Submitted new OCI application from Washington DC in person on 1/23/15 ( had applied for PIO which was discontinued
application was returned and changed from PIO to OCI )

Date of acknowledgement -- 1/29/15
Document printed at Delhi - 2/2015
OCI dispatched from MOIA New Delhi 2/23/15
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