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OCI app at Houston CKGS
1. Submitted app for OCI renewal - in person with appointment - 01/19/2015
2. Date of ack - 01/23/2015
3. Document printed at Delhi - 02/20/2015
4. Dispatched from Delhi - 02/23/2015

Status update check :

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OCI Card Minor

Please share your recent timelines if any. I have submitted OCI request on jan 29th,2015. It is in delhi for further processing. Is it feasible to get it before end of march.

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OCI CARD - Walk-In Submitted - Is Always Better.
OCI Application Status -> Dates and Statuses:

Walk-In - Submitted - Our US Passport to CKGS for the OCI Match-Up 01/22/2015

Note: Consent Authority said - 7 Working Days - Expecting by JAN - Month End.

Our printed OCI Card has been 'Received' in the Embassy / Consulate.
Please 'Send your US / Foreign Passport' to CKGS for the OCI Match-Up 01/21/2015

Your OCI card has been 'Dispatched' to the Embassy / Consulate.
Please continue tracking your application status online. 01/16/2015

Our application from the Embassy / Consulate has now been 'Sent to Delhi', India for 'Further Scrutinization
and Processing'. Please continue tracking your application status online. 01/09/2015

Our application has been 'Processed' at CKGS Application Centre and has now been forwarded to the Indian Embassy/Consulate for decision making. 12/22/2014

Our application is in process. Your tracking id is usani1234567 12/22/2014

Our application has been 'Received' and is 'Under Process' in CKGS 12/22/2014

Our Walk-In application submitted in CKGS 12/22/2014
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OCI application
Me and my husband have both applied for OCi Visa. My husbands parents are both deceased so we thought it would be easy, as we had their last passports which shows their place of birth and we provided their death certificates. Only my mother was born in India and she is still alive. I provided her indian passport also provided the surrender certificate for this passport as she now has british citizenship. We sent off the application with the relevant fee and all the necessary documents with copies. But everything was returned. We are now being asked for my husbands parents proof of birth in India, also even though I provided various documents with my mums name on it appears that my birth certificate notes my mums maiden name and not her married name and they want an affidavit to confirm that she is who she is on my birth certificate. That is not a problem I can attend to this. But what astonishes us is that they want my husbands parents proof of birth in india. They were born way back in the 1915 and 1921. We do not have any documents to prove their birth. Can we get copies of birth certificates from India, I know this is a long shot but we just do not know what else to do. Can someone help us please with a way forward. They are also asking for a letter from my husbands work place, but not mine. We have both been in the UK for a long time and working for a long time so why do they want this from him but not from me.
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OCI CARD DISPATCHED FROM NEW DELHI 35 days ago but never reached Chicago centre
Chicago center

OCI reissue to new passport

10/28/2014: OCI application delivered to CKGS
10/29/2014: Payment processed
11/03/2014: Acknowledgement receipt
11/27/2014: Documents printed in New Delhi
11/28/2014: Documents dispatched from New Delhi

After this my OCI documents seem to have disappeared into a black hole.

01/02/2015: To date, 35 days after dispatch from India and 60 days after ack date no sign of where my OCI is. I have called and emailed CKGS many many times and they have been
                        telling me :

                       - Wait for our email before sending your passport for OCI match up.
                       - We have escalated your case. We have assigned high priority
                       - You should waited for receving your passport with OCI stamp before booking
                           non refundable tickets.
                       - We are in India, and we can see only what you see on the "Track my application"
                         on CKGS website.
                       - many variations of the above
                        I have paid for my India ticket for travel this month and getting nervous.
                        I think I have allowed lots of time from date of application to date of travel.

I think thew OCI process if full of holes and can break down any time and it seems unpredictable when you will get OCI

Beware that before you book non refundable tickets, OCI can go into a black hole like my case.

The consulate will not take calls. There is no local CKGS number to call. If you call the number they have given, your call will go to India call center and the have no clue.

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OCI Dispatched from New Delhi but not at CKGS
My OCI documents were dispatched from New Delhi on Nov 28, 2014 as per the govt passport website.
Today is December 25.
To date no email from CKGS about sending passport for OCI match up. Sent several emails and CKGS keeps on saying wait for our email to send passport. It has been almost 1 month since the OCI was dispatched from India. I am worried whether the documents are lost,

My india trip is fast approaching. CKGS says we should have waited for OCI to get in hand before booking
nonrefundable tickets. But almost 1 month wait to receive OCI seems unreasonable.

What do I do? Others in my family received OCI in about 7 days after dispatch from India.
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OCI - tips from personal experience
In order to be safe, I applied for my wife's OCI first and not mine. We applied for her in April 2014 with BLS. The process as many have experienced was not very smooth. We learned a couple things in the process.

As we continuously checked the status of her application on the CKGS site. We kept on seeing that it said "In Process", which we assumed that they were still working on it. In early August or so we thought that it had been a while. So, we googled and found a contact phone number for CKGS.After inquiry we found out that her OCI card was approved and was at the Consulate, a while back. We were not informed. There was no email, no letter, nothing.
What we learned was that we should have checked the status of her application at the below Govt. of India site

To get her OCI, my wife then went with a screenshot of the status results to the CKGS office and she got her US passport and the OCI card in the mail in about a week or so,

For my OCI, I applied soon after. I checked in middle of Oct by sending an email to CKGS and they told me it was still in process. They also told me to check on the Govt. of India site. I checked and there was not update

I checked couple days back and the status showed that my OCI was approved and is at the New York Consulate. Similar to my wife's case, we received no notification - no email, no letter, nothing. I have sent my passport for matchup via FedEx. Hopefully it comes back to me in time

Lesson learned:
1) Follow up on a regular basis with folks via email at: [email protected]
2) Check you status online at a regular basis:
3) Use FedEx or UPS. While US Postal mail works, they seem to work better with FedEx and UPS. I used Postal mail once earlier and then later, I used FedEx which worked best. Open an account on Create a shipment. Print the Airway Bill. Stick the Airway Bill to a FedEx envelope and send your application
4) For my application, I sent them a money order for $15, so that they can send me my stamped US passport and OCI. I also sent a pre-printed Airway Bill from FedEx's site and an envelope. Guess that doesn't work for these guys. Note that you can print as many Airway Bill's from FedEx as you want. If you do not one uses it, you are not charged.It is just safer to send them an return Airway bill. If they don't use it, you don't pay.

Hopefully this helps some of you out there.
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OCI arrived in NY on Sep 19 2014 and till today 3NOV 2014 CKGS have not dispatched it
Here is my chronology ( OCI nenewal at age 50 )

Application Status Date of Status

Your application has been collected from the Embassy/Consulate 09/19/2014
and is being sorted. Your application will be ready for collection
from our Application Centre within one business day.

Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy for 08/05/2014
further processing.

Your application is in process. Your tracking id is USAN50333814 08/05/2014

Your application is in process. Your tracking id is USAN50333814 08/05/2014

Application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification 08/05/2014

Upfront I had paid for Return Shipping. Documents were received from Delhi by NY CKGS on Sep 19
as per tracking status above. I emailed them proof of return shipping paid twice. Each time I mail they have a standard reply:

Dear Applicant,
Thank you for contacting Cox and Kings Global Services via email.
As per your below email we understand your concern about the documents.
We don’t have any direct number to the concerned team as we have already forwarded your details to the concerned department.
They are still working on it and will shortly dispatch the documents.

There are two contact #s for all CKGS offices in USA and both do not work at all.
CKGS does not even bother to check if contact numbers work.

I live in NJ and visiting NY CKGS office will be half day affair but I am so afraid that I will visit their office
and they will say sorry we don't have your passport and OCI card in this office. Then what do I do?
Simply return having watsed precious 1/2 day of work.

This is extremely frustrating. Govt. Of India Consular offices were lot better than these private companies
like CKGS. BLS was disaster. Travisa was the only professional company and it is sad that all consular
services are not outsourced to Travisa.

I am also going to write to PM Modi-ji's office. Hope someone will take notice.

Abhay Aher
Parsippany NJ

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OCI Renewal over 50 timeline emergency travel
I have just renewed my US passport.
U-Visa ( OCI) in old US passport. I have the OCI booklet.

The law states that once you crosss 50 then you should transfer your OCI to new passport.
I found out it takes 2-3 months for renewal of OCI.

I have to visit India within two to three weeks for a family situation.

Can I still travel with my expires US Passport containing the OCI U visa and the OCI booklet and renew OCI once I get back?

Or, is there any other way to travel to India without waiting for 3 months to get my OCI renewed?

I am so very grateful for your answer/ suggestions.
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Refund (full or partial) if we cancel OCI application
Can anyone tell if we will get a refund if we cancel the OCI process ? The fee is about $300 and been waiting for more than 1 year for OCI process to complete and still nothing. Now I am thinking of cancelling it and getting PIO or just tourist visa ..But fell bad about loosing $300 just like there a way to get refund ?
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