P-2 Visa: Artists & Entertainers in Exchange Programs

P-2 Visa: Artists & Entertainers in Exchange Programs

The P-2 visa is for artists or entertainers, individually or as a group, coming to the US under a reciprocal exchange program. Since a P2 visa does not require the level of accomplishment required for the P1 visa, the nature of the reciprocal exchange agreement is important.

P2 visa applicants must possess skills similar to those of the U.S. artists and entertainers taking part in the program outside of the U.S. The employment offered must be for a similar period of time and approximately the same number of individuals should take part in the program in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. 

Entertainment troupes or bands entering the U.S. through a government recognized reciprocal exchange program or the support personnel of P2 visa holders can also apply for a P2 visa. 

The P2 visa petition must be filed by the U.S. labor organization that negotiated the exchange agreement, the sponsoring organization, or a United States employer. 

P2 visa seekers should check with the organization that represents artists in the same field. E.g., The American Federation of Musicians has a P2 visa program allowing for the exchange of American and Canadian musicians. 

A petition for an artist or entertainer is valid for the duration needed to complete the event, activity, or performance, but may not exceed 1 year.

Documents for Petition

You need to submit the following P2 visa specific documents, in addition to the general set of documents required for all P visa applicants.

  • A written statement from the sponsoring organization describing the exchange of U.S. artists or entertainers 

  • A copy of the exchange agreement between a U.S. sponsoring organization and an organization in a foreign country that will receive U.S. artists or entertainers 

  • Evidence that the foreign artists and U.S. artists being exchanged have comparable skills, and that the terms and conditions of employment are similar 

  • Evidence that an appropriate labor organization in the U.S. was involved in negotiating, or has concurred with, the exchange of U.S. and foreign artists or entertainers

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