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New York Renunciation and PIO together
Hi I have applied for Indian Passport renunciation and the PIO card on Oct 21 2014 at CKGS NY

The status shows that
Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy for further processing. 10/23/2014

Did any of you applied for the same around these dates or even before,say between last week of sept 2014 and 1st week of october, who got their renuciation and PIO card simultaneously.

I thought this whole process will be completed within a month, am i being too optimistic?

Any insight into this or other suggestions , like with drawing the appliacation for PIO and applying
for a expedited visa etc will be appreciated.

I have planned to start to India on NOV 27 2014 .

Any one can give me some hope or ways to find exact status ? so that I can act accordingly, Starting on Nov 27th is very important for me, Appreciate your Responses.

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Huston PIO
Anyone recently got PIO approval from Huston, can you tell me when it is submitted to embassy and when you got the approval please. If you know any other information on Huston PIO approvals please share.
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Huston PIO
Does any one know what dates are now getting approval from HUSTON PIO, I am trying to know when my PIO (submitted to consulate on 11/3) will get an approval, my travel date is coming fast. If any one has any information about PIO application approval from Huston please let me know.
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PIO Minor Application On Hold
I wanted to know what time frame people are seeing for PIO application for my minor daughter at CKGS SFO.

CKGS SF received my application on 11/07/2014. Even though I had sent a copy of both parent's green card with application, they are still asking for proof of U.S. residence visa.

The email that I received said that I can email them a copy of the proof. I sent them an email and haven't heard anything since then. So acknowledgement about the receipt of that email or any update on application tracking.

I called them up and after 1 hour on hold, the person at the other end (sounded like he was sitting in a "sabji mandi" (market) much background noise) told me that they have received it and they will send it to consulate by end of the week. That didn't give me any confidence since he did not have any information about application(submit date, passport details etc) . It seemed like parrot canned reply.

Can anyone share their experience how long does it take for them to review additional document and forward it to SF consulate ?

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PIO card @ NY - no response yet 10/07/2014
I submitted my PIO card application by mail to CKGS on 10/7/2014
they submitted to embassy 10/8/2014
I never got a response from CKGS, I had to call them to get tracking number and its been more than 4 weeks since it reached embassy and I dont have the card yet.
I called them on Friday after waiting for an hour and they give me a standard response. It is very frustrating. How do I get any information from them? Do I cancel my PIO card application and apply for a visa? I am travelling next week - have a family situation to take care of... It is very frustrating dealing with these folks. I hope I get an answer soon.
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Hello All,

I am in same the boat as you are.
My return flight is on 21st of Nov and looks like I need to reschedule.

I have submitted my documents to CKGS on 27th of Oct for my 1 month old son and here is what I can see on their site:

Your application is in process. 11/04/2014
Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 11/04/2014

I called CKGS and they told me that they have sent my document to Indian consulate on Nov 10th and it will take 4 more week however tracking site is not yet updated.

Even If I withdraw my application it will take 3 working and then 2 week to get visa.

Is it possible to know how many people are ahead of my son PIO request in Indian Consulate NY and how many application get cleared in a day. Using this information I can calculate approximate days.

Thanks for all the help here since this is the only place where I get all required information for PIO.
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Pio chicago
Hello all, we submitted our son's application in Chicago. Below r details.
Still not approved and we r traveling internationally on nov 18.
We submitted passport withdrawal form on nov 10.

Anybody around same date whose pio is approved?
Anybody who submitted passport withdrawal ? How long did it take?

Feeling very nervous .

Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy for further processing. 10/17/2014
Your application is in process. Your tracking id is USAC70233914 10/16/2014
Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 10/16/2014
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PIO @ SFO Research
I am fed-up of the delayed communication from CKGS. I never received an email from CKGS. Calling several times and pleading for the application number - they finally gave me the application number over the phone, still no email.

Sent by USPS on 10-22, received 10-24 and submitted to embassy the same day. No further updates yet.

Tried checking with different application numbers to see the status. There were about 500 applications before me who finally had the PIO delivered. Their application was sent 10-16 and recieved 11-07. This shows that are receiving about hundreds of applications every day.

My travel planned the Thanksgiving week and I am not worried after my research! I will update my status and will stop inputting random application numbers in the form.

Most of us here are in IT. The entire PIO process is a major mess. In this day and age, automation of most of that crazy mess would eliminate a lot of erroneous applications (failure rate on my test sample was 2~3 every 10 applications - missing documents, notary issues, passport pages not sent, visa status not sent,...).

Don't get me started on the instructions! Send 2 copies? 4 photos - including those pasted on the application? Notary - multiple kinds of notary in CA, which is acceptable? Passport scans? Driver's? Lot of this is personal info and not sure what they do with all the excess paper. Do they even dispose it off properly?

It should be like US VISA application. Initiate online forms, fill them, print, ship/submit and receive. It will cut down on a lot of delays. Everything is digitally connected - do they not know the father's name/mother's name just by passport numbers? Don't they have access to their own databases? Why the unnecessary paperwork is beyond me.

I know it can be a complicated process but I think we can easily architect a much more efficient solution than this bunch of insert__your__word CKGS!

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PIO ATlanta
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Status of PIO @ Houston
I am afraid that the PIO card for my daughter may not come in time as I have plans to travel on Nov 22nd. Like some of the folks in this forum, I would also like to know if it is feasible to go down to the consulate in Houston, get the passport and apply for an expedited visa.
Status details
Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification - 10/14/2014
Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy for further processing - 10/22/2014

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